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7 Products for Winter Storage & Fitness

Whether you are done paddling for the season yet or not, one thing is inevitable, you are going to need to store your boat at some point. So here are 7 storage solutions and ways to get in shape for next year, so you never skip a beat and your transition to paddling in the spring is seamless.

1. Speedstroke Gym Ergometer

Speedstroke Gym Ergometer

by: KayakPro USA LLC

Stay fit in the offseason by using the Speedstroke Ergometer to keep your stroke strong and your stoke high to be ready next season! Or check out all training & fitness products.

2. Boat/Board Covers

Boat/Board Covers

by Danuu Paddle Gear

Keep your boat or board clean in the winter by using a cover that saves you from scratches, dust/dirt and animals so your first paddle next year can be seamless and effortless. 

3. Solution Road Trip Neoprene

Solution Road Trip Neoprene

by Sea to Summit

If you opt out of a full boat cover, make sure you at least get a cockpit cover to keep out unwanted dirt, animals and water so you boat can stay pristine for next year.

4. Ceiling Storage

Ceiling Storage 

by Harken

You can save time and space with a hoist system from Harken by storing your boat or board well out of the way, saving your boat from potential scrapes and dings. Or see other ceiling storage options.

5. Wall Racks

Universal Flat Wall Mount Racks

by: Suspenz

Keep your boat off the ground and out of the way by storing it on any of your walls, inside or out, with Suspenz Storage.

6. Free Standing Rack

Free Standing Rack

by Sparehand Paddlesports

Store your boat securely off the ground but still have the option of maneuverability with this multi boat rack from Sparehand. See all free-standing racks.

7. Locks & Cables

Locks & Cables

by Lasso Security Cables

Keep your boat safe and secure with Locks & Cables over the winter to ensure that you have a boat to paddle when spring hits!

Still Paddling in the Cold?

If you're not quite yet done paddling for the year, check out 7 Cold-Weather Paddling Products to get you through cold temps safe and sound. Always dress for immersion!

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