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Articles by Kevin Callan

Dealing With Strainers & Sweepers

I had the unfortunate job the other day to inform listeners on Canada’s National Radio how a paddler was kille…

Tags: strainers, Safety

How to Forecast the Weather

Becoming an accurate weather forecaster while on a trip will certainly get you respect. The only danger of cou…

Tags: Weather, Safety

The J-Stroke and Canadian Stroke

Kyla, my 10-year-old, took position in the stern on our last canoe trip. Her friend, who tagged along, took th…

Tags: Paddles, Canoe, Strokes

6 Quick Tips for Canoe Camping

One of the best parts about meeting up with a group of fellow paddlers is gaining some extra tips and tricks. …

Tags: Canoe, camping, gear, Sleeping Bags

What Is Canoecopia?

I call it the "Star Trek Convention" for paddlers. Except the attendees are wearing Tiley hats and various…

Tags: Canoe, Kayak, Urban Kayaking, Urban Paddling

Footwear for Camp & Trail

American paddler, Cliff Jacobson, and I love to debate about camp tips and gear. It's what we do while hanging…

Tags: Clothing, gear, camping

Late Season Layering

Kevin Callan offers some tips (and a video!) on layering and suggestions on what to wear, and what to avoi…

Tags: Clothing, Canoe, Kayak, Safety

Late Season Canoe Fishing

Sometimes I think my desire to go bass fishing days before the lakes freeze over may be simply because I just …

Tags: Canoe, Fishing

Camp Kitchen Etiquette

Kevin Callan gives some sage advice on cleaning up cooking pots and pans at camp, including where to clean…

Tags: Video, Canoe

Choosing Rain Gear

Hi, I'm Kevin Callan and today on Body Gear we're gonna talk about rain gear. Rubber, it's not that bad but if…

Tags: Kevin Callan, gear, Weather

Lost and Spotted

I just recently had a group of college students out in the woods for a few days, working on team building init…

Tags: Safety

Bivy Bags

I have to admit, it took some time getting used to a bivy bag. The first time I ever used one was last year on…

Tags: Video, Sleeping Bags
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