Scupper 14

14' 1"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Scupper 14 Description

The world’s first sit-on-top with foot wells below waterline delivers an amazing combination of speed, comfort, safety and stability that makes long paddling trips easy. You get a smooth stroke that never hits your knees. Glide like you’ve never felt before. You get more miles, and longer days on the water. Featuring our patented “Scupper Valve” that drains the cockpit if you take water on. Got waves? The Scupper shreds them. No matter what your adventure-fishing, diving, touring, surfing, sailing or camping-the Scupper abides.

Scupper 14 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

Swell Watercraft
Scupper 14 Reviews

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I have owned numerous…

Submitted by: crmorlock on 9/26/2022

I have owned numerous sit-on-tops and a couple sit inside boats. This is my favorite. I am 6-3 and 240 pounds and I paddle in the lakes and rivers of NH and VT and do a couple several day trips each year to the Adirondacks and the Maine Island Trail. I have had the scupper 14 all summer now and love it. My requirements were a sit-on-top that is fast and stable enough for taking out fully loaded in most conditions. I would say this boat meets this criteria in 90% of the paddling conditions I encounter. I just sold my 17.5', 24" wide sea kayak last week and now use the scupper 14. The scupper 14 in most conditions can keep up with my friends in their greenland style 17 foot sea kayaks. The seating position is quite comfortable for a multi-hour paddle.

Just got back from a two night trip to Jewell Island in Maine. Paddled from north of Portland, 8 miles to the island weaving thru several other islands to get there. After we started, conditions immediately worsened to a 14 knot tail wind with gusts to 25 with choppy chaotic seas. The boat was loaded with I would estimate 60 pounds of gear (and firewood). The boat paddles fine with this load, however as other reviewers state, the boat does take on water in these conditions in the cockpit. If the cockpit filled with water to the level of the front scuppers (about 4 inches), then the boat got pretty squirrely and hard to handle (probably added another 30 pounds). Once I realized we were going downwind at a good clip, I deployed the scuppers and it took care of the water influx nicely and the boat stabilized. My boat does not have a rudder and it was hard to handle if you were heading off the wind much in these conditions. As my legs are long and I removed the foot pegs and used foam blocks instead, a rudder would not work for me, so I think I will install a skeg on the rear of the boat where the rudder attaches. I do carry bilge pump on deck so I can get water out of the cockpit during upwind legs where the scuppers will not function if you can't go fast enough. Return trip had much calmer seas and was a joy.

Most people who are lighter than me would not have the above issues. The stability due to the lower seating and leg position far outweighs the disadvantages.

No boat is perfect and Swell is still working out some kinks. My main criticisms are the carry handles are too long for the cutouts and screws loosen up. My solution was to shorten the length of the webbing by doubling over the ends of the webbing, poke a hole thru the webbing and reattaching the now shortened handles with a washer. The center oval hatch leaks badly. I would prefer a rear hatch rather than a well, but that is just me.

The hull design and seating position far outweigh any issues this boat has. I invested in this company!


Love this kayak. It's a true…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/3/2022

Love this kayak. It's a true bridge between sea kayak and a sot. Way faster than any other paddle sot I've owned or paddled. Very easy to keep a decent speed even with minimal effort paddling. A 10 mile paddle is not difficult with this kayak. I bought two one for my wife and myself. I'm 6'3" 230lbs my wife is 5'6" 120 lbs and it fits us both well. Also carries a 45lb 4 year old very well on the back. Seat is comfortable, I have back issues and I think the lowering of the footwell helps.


Similarly to another…

Submitted by: AlamedaNick on 3/14/2022

Similarly to another reviewer, I bought the Scupper 14 after searching the internet for the "fastest sit-on-top kayak" and ruling out those ultra-long fiberglass boats I sometimes see. I read a bunch of reviews, checked out all the information on the Swell Watercraft website, and pulled the trigger. I went with the basic package since I wear water shoes (so didn't feel like I needed the padding under the feet) and didn't need the extra hatch access from the adventure package. I also paddle a couple of other kayaks without rudders and, after noting that I could add a rudder pretty easily on my own, thought I'd test the kayak to see how it handled without a rudder. Jim over at Swell was really helpful and I got the boat delivered to me in Northern California very fast.

I have a couple of sit-inside kayaks, both of which I love paddling. They are both good sea kayaks - one skin on frame and incredibly light (Cape Falcon F1 - 14 feet long I think - a total joy to paddle!) and one older model plastic 16.5 foot sit-inside (P&H Capella 166) with a skeg. However, I wanted a boat I could keep on the dock at a local boat club where I could, spur of the moment, take it out for an hour or two before my workday starts. I wanted to be able, in those circumstances, to skip putting on a wetsuit (I paddle in the SF Bay Area, so the water is cold and sit-inside kayaks are higher risk for tipping unexpectedly in chop - and having to bail out and climb back in takes time if you are not able to execute a roll like me!) and spray deck, inflating flotation bags for my skin on frame boat, bringing along my pump and paddle float, etc. With the stability of the SOT boat, I felt comfortable just rolling on down to the club, putting on some appropriate fast-drying clothing and spray jacket if necessary (along with PFD, paddle and small dry bag for VHF radio, keys, phone, wallet, etc.), and heading out. Staying near the shore on relatively calm days, I feel safe enough with this arrangement - at least in the cozy confines of the bay near Alameda/Oakland.

The boat is hard to tip by accident for a paddler with some experience (even with significant chop coming at you from the side - nice low center of gravity), goes surprisingly fast with moderate paddling effort (averaged about 3.7 mph on my last paddle including a couple of brief breaks, which, in my experience, is a good clip for a SOT in particular), has great day hatch access, tons of storage for a longer journey, and is easy to turn without a rudder just by carving. I did have to compensate for currents and wind, generally having to sit to one side of the seat to keep the boat from wanting to turn in that direction, so will probably end up getting the rudder at some point.

The boat is very comfortable to paddle. Lots of room, a good seat, nice adjustable foot pegs, sturdy construction, easy access to your day hatch, good place to store a water bottle, etc.. Paddling is a breeze with the cutaways in the front (no bumping knuckles or holding the paddle up high to clear the sides). The scupper plugs take a little elbow grease at first, but using my heel I was able to push them down to drain the footwell areas. It's not light compared to my other boats, but it's pretty light for a full-featured plastic SOT of this length - about 64 lbs I think.

In any extended paddle, you will probably, as with all SOTs, get a little wet. Your legs will get a little damp just from water dripping off your paddle. If there's any significant chop, it will come in to the boat through the unplugged scupper holes up front and flow into the footwells (by design). If you like to carve your turns, water can come in over the sides in windy or choppy conditions. The boat is fine after taking on water - floats nice and high and remains maneuverable - even if the unsealed concave areas are filled with water. And the scupper plugs do work to drain the water slowly if you are paddling forward at a decent clip. This is inherently part of a SOT kayak; in this department, the Scupper 14 performs better than the others SOTs I've tried. On colder, windy days, I will probably wear wetsuit pants in addition to my warmer water shoes.

All in all, I heartily recommend this boat for anyone who wants a faster SOT kayak that is versatile enough for longer journeys, fast and nimble enough to be fun for experienced paddlers, and a convenient size for storage.


I have been absolutely…

Submitted by: paddler1829384 on 12/21/2021

I have been absolutely delighted with my Scupper 14. Primarily I paddle central Texas rivers and was looking for an SOT (it's too hot in here to have a rubber skirt) boat that could hand a variety of paddling conditions, haul a payload for multi day camping trips and make some time when I needed to cover distance. The Scupper is perfect for this. It's very stable, maneuverable and and can really haul quite a bit of gear. Also the YakAttack mounting system makes it great for attaching accessories.

If your debating on getting the retractable rudder I say go for it. It's not necessary for most of my paddling trips but the second trip out I was hit with a 15 mph wind on a particularly wide part of the Colorado river which was kicking up 1 to 2 foot chop the whole time. That rudder made keeping the boat on track so much easier. I'm eager to try it out on some coastal paddling now.

The Swell crew is very accessible. I've had lots of great exchanges with Jim at Swell and he was happy to talk to me and answer any questions I had about the boat. It's very evident that the folks at Swell are passionate and invested in the product and avid personal users of the Scupper.

I have zero regrets on purchasing the Scupper and look forward to having many adventures with it in the years to come.


Bought a used Scupper Pro…

Submitted by: armortodd on 12/2/2021

Bought a used Scupper Pro for my wife several years ago. It was her first boat. What a great way to start! Excellent speed, tracking and stability. We would still have it if not for the weight. Still, if this reimagined boat mimics that, it is a stellar kayak.


The Scupper 14 by Swell…

Submitted by: paddler1792424 on 11/30/2021

The Scupper 14 by Swell Watercraft is a reimagined and redesigned version of an immensely popular kayak from the ‘70’s - the Scupper Pro. I wanted a faster boat that still offered stability and comfort for long days on the water. I’m a senior but I still wanted something sleek, sexy, and versatile. I went from a 34 inch wide Malibu Two to a 25 inch wide Scupper 14 and I can stay in the custom seat hour after hour without a break. My center of gravity is much (maybe 4 inches) lower and it feels like I just slipped into a Corvette from a Buick - yet I feel completely comfortable and not confined. It’s really stunning the first time you drop into the seat. It’s so different; it’s almost scary - especially when your 50 lbs Australian Shepard hops in too. As I expected, the Scupper 14 doesn’t have the primary stability of the Malibu Two, but this helps me find the edge for quick turns. The secondary stability is great and after 3 days paddling with my Aussie and 1 day going alone - neither of us tipped into the water. Once you get to your desired speed - it’s easy to maintain that speed. I’d say, conservatively, it takes 20% less effort to glide 20% farther than my Malibu Two. You can put all the gear you’d ever wish to take in the bow or stern storage areas. My Aussie rides only in the rear. My Scupper 14 tracks beautifully and has been very steady in windy conditions - although I haven’t been out in anything more than 15 mph. I’m glad I didn’t order the optional rudder system. It’s not necessary for the conditions I experience in AZ. At about 64 lbs, this old boy can load this roto-molded, double-layered beauty alone. Yep, I’m definitely a Scupper 14 fan and so is everyone else lucky enough to own one. Catch one - if you can 😎.


Have been using the Scupper…

Submitted by: paddler1813306 on 11/30/2021

Have been using the Scupper 14 for over a year now. Very stable and swift in the water. The kayak has you sitting below the waterline with a haul very much like a sea kayak but with an open seating area like a SOT. Rotomold makes it very sturdy built. Much quicker in the water than any typical SOT that I have tried over the years.



track the water perfect ,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/18/2021

track the water perfect , hatches with plenty room for camping or fishing gear and great stability.


I’ve owned many different…

Submitted by: paddler1760008 on 10/12/2021

I’ve owned many different styles of kayaks in my life and I have to say the scupper is my favorite. They’ve Lowe’s the seating area to make it feel more like a sit-in and it gives you more control over the boat. It has a narrower body for a much faster paddle than your average sit on. Good tracking. Excellent amount of storage and great deck rigging. It has a great sized day hatch right in the cockpit which I love. All around great bot for day tripping or even some kayak camping. I definitely recommend.


I am happy with my…

Submitted by: paddler1334993 on 3/17/2021
I am happy with my purchase. The kayak responds is very good, stable and quite fast. For me is the new technology in kayak 2021.

It is a lot of fun and very…

Submitted by: dwightthefishman on 2/2/2021
It is a lot of fun and very fast. It is heavy and akward for me to carry, but I am 50 years old. Sandtrax cartwheels handle it nicely. I am 6'4", and have plenty of leg room with the foot pegs removed. I use it often on the puget sound, and it does just fine in four feet of choppy water. I don't have a rudder, since I don't use the foot pegs, and it does get hard to control direction in rough water. This is my second kayak. I've had it a year, and tried a kayak for the first time about 18 months ago. I am now on the water twice a week on average.

These are great boats! I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/18/2021
These are great boats! I purchased 2 Scupper 14s for paddling around Puget sound and area lakes. I previously had the ocean kayak sit in tops but wanted something that travelled through the water more easily but still sit on top style. The scupper 14s fit the bill perfectly. They are very efficient in the water and track much better than the old ocean kayaks, even without using the rudder. These are well built. The fit and finish of the boats is excellent and there were way more details that are incorporated into the design that I didn’t really appreciate until we got them; huge gear storage, the day hatch, gear brackets, seat folds down for car transport, bungees, etc. I would recommend this boat to anyone who likes the sit in top style and wants an efficient boat.

Really enjoying this boat for…

Submitted by: paddler886995 on 10/9/2020
Really enjoying this boat for fly fishing on the Texas Coast. Narrow hull allows me to sit up out of the well with my legs over the side. A little on the heavy side compared to my others but it's fast and stable. Very solid construction. It's going to last a long time.

I received the new updated…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/23/2020
I received the new updated model in August 2020 and have had it on several trips, mostly on rivers. It is so incredibly fun to paddle! I had a 10' SOT kayak previous, and while nice to paddle, wasn't very fast, had minimal storage, and I would hit my knees paddling. The Scupper has a ton of storage, and is fast! Stability is also excellent - although I have yet to fully put it to the test and purposefully lean until I tip over. It has great secondary stability. Even travelling parallel to white caps it stayed upright. If I had one nitpick it would be the scupper drains. They work fine, but so far seem very hard to push out to engage, albeit easier to pop back up. Perhaps they just need some breaking in to loosen up. I've added some Ram mounts for phone and water bottle, and will also use it to fish out of. Overall just a fantastic design. Tracks straight but retains the ability to be maneuverable, at least as well as a 14' kayak can be. It's the first kayak I've paddled that I get truly excited about getting on the water with.

I took my Swell Scupper 14…

Submitted by: KayakEric on 8/31/2020

I took my Swell Scupper 14 out for the first time since i received it. This kayak is like no other kayak I have ever paddled. It glides through the water like a hot knife through butter. I am a fisherman from my kayak and most fishing kayaks are flat bottom and feel like your paddling a barge and when you stop paddling they stop. That was not the case with the Swell Scupper 14, when you take an break from paddling it just continues to coast right along. As for stability, When I first got in it it felt a little different then what I was used to, but after 1-2 minutes and a few paddle strokes I was amazed, It is very stable. I would highly recommend the Swell Scupper 14 both for recreation and fishing. :-)


Meets all my needs, and then…

Submitted by: paddler860077 on 8/23/2020

Meets all my needs, and then some!

I’m a long-time sea kayaker (of the plastic-boat, 17’ long, 22” wide variety), but as I get older and (ahem) fatter and more arthritic, I find the prospect of getting in and out of the boats — especially a deep-water reentry — more daunting, and it’s been cutting back on my kayaking enthusiasm. That’s unacceptable.

A sit-on-top was an obvious solution, but aren’t all SOTs horrible top-heavy barges? I didn’t want a surf ski — while I race occasionally, I want a boat for touring and camping and dragging up on gravel beaches. So I googled “fastest sit-on-top kayak” and found the Swell Scupper. Honestly, watching the video on the Swell Watercraft site was all I needed to put in my order!

The Scupper is 14’ long but doesn’t feel like a short boat (other than its greater maneuverability). It’s 25.5" wide but doesn’t feel wide due to the narrow paddle entry. I use a wing paddle, and I haven’t had to adjust my paddle stroke in any way to accommodate the Scupper. I was worried that a SOT would feel “dumbed down” but the Scupper doesn’t feel at ALL like a step down from my sea kayaks in handling or speed, and it’s a step up in comfort.

I’ve seen some comments that the Scupper is a little tippy initially. I don’t notice that at all, but remember I’m coming from skinnier sea kayaks. It’s got a bit of initial wobble, but it never goes farther than that. To me, it just feels “alive” and not barge-like. I can sit in it sideways to get in and out (this is a major bonus point for those of us with non-functioning knees!!) and it doesn’t want to dump me out. Ignore that initial minor wobble and you’ll be just fine.

I’ve had the boat on flat water and on rivers with current. Handles power-boat wake with ease. My average flat-water touring speed (comparable effort to a medium-speed walk) is 4 mph. Easy peasy to keep up with my long-boat touring friends.

I car-top on a small SUV. I load the boat from the rear: put the bow on the back edge of the car roof, walk to the stern, lift up and slide the boat onto the racks. I haven’t perfected carrying the boat across the ground the way I carried a sea kayak with my shoulder inside the cockpit, but I have a set of wheels that work great for getting the boat from the put-in parking lot to the water.

The manufacture is very good: the boat is solid and stiff. Storage is immense, and the open rear deck is perfect for stowing garbage that you pick up on the water (sadly). The padded seat with adjustable backrest allows for upright posture. The below-waterline footwells make for comfortable sitting on long trips. I haven’t had the boat out in extreme conditions, but it’s been quite dry so far. Only a little water in the footwell, but my feet don’t come in contact with it.

I have the “Adventure Package” version with a rudder. The boat tracks well without the rudder, but I use it to stay on track when I’m coasting and using both hands to take pictures. The rudder-pedal tracks are on the outside of the footwells in this model, which make for a responsive rudder, but the end of the track poked into my shins. A thin piece of foam padding between the track and my leg solved that. I love the gear tracks for my GPS and GoPro.

Before I ordered the boat I exchanged several emails with Swell Watercraft, and he was delightful to work with. He took extra steps to get my boat to me after a COVID-19-related delay, for which I’m eternally grateful.

Enough writing — I’m off to paddle my Scupper!


I tried the older , slightly…

Submitted by: Ballardgirl on 8/18/2020
I tried the older , slightly heavier version of the 14' Swell SOT supper and liked it so much I recently purchased their newer , lighter model. I have had it for a couple weeks now and love it! Great tracking, effortlessly cuts through waves, glides smoothly across the water. I am using this at my salt water marina and out in the Puget Sound. Adjustable foot rests are easy to move, nice large covered storage compartment in front and smaller one at your fingertips for easy access. I do wish this smaller storage was moved up a bit as it rubs on my legs but I'm still playing around with foot rests and positioning. There is an option to add a rudder but I'm enjoying learning how to maneuver my turns without one and it's easy to do. The boat is very forgiving , letting me lean deep for turns without tipping me into the drink. I am super happy and trying not to cause too much wake as I speed through the marina, ha. I would recommend this for any level of kayaker experience. Stable, sleek and speedy.

We have been kayaking for the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/26/2020
We have been kayaking for the last five years, but never owned our own kayaks. We wanted a sit on top that was faster than traditional sit on tops, but also had lots of room for storage, as we do overnight trips that involve some gear. Our trips are mostly on rivers, so we were worried about maneuverability too. So far we have only had it on flat to choppy river waters and it maneuvers well. Other things we really like about the kayak: - Lots of storage. The front dry storage has a large hatch with straps that stayed watertight, even when we lost a fight with a large log in the river and overturned. The back has plenty of storage too, with bungee cords to tie everything down. The storage was well thought out. There is also a locking center hatch which is good for storing things you need in a hurry (gopro, camera, map) and also proves to be watertight. -The kayak is very narrow, making it faster than wider sit on tops. On our first trip with it we rented a kayak and took a Scupper 14. The Scupper had at least 50lbs of gear and cut through the water easily. It was actually hard to keep up with in the other kayak, which didn't have much on it. The only thing I would really change is the foot pedals, which are mounted to the inside of the footwells. As I understand this has been changed in the current revision of the Scupper, coming out July 2020. - Customer service. I have called Swell with questions, and Jim was happy to answer and discuss the kayak with me. Its nice to buy from a company who cares about their customers. We have done 32 miles in the kayak so far, and I would purchase again. We have placed an order for a second Scupper 14.

The 14' Swell Scupper is one…

Submitted by: paddler793719 on 6/8/2020
The 14' Swell Scupper is one of the more comfortable and fast sit on top's on the market. It's got bomber stability (I'm 6-5 / 220lbs), and you get a lot of power paddling it due to the lowered leg well, whereas in many sit on tops, your legs are nearly level with your seat. The scuppers suck the water out well and it's has great sea kayak like storage options for day or overnight trips. I hear the new 2020 boats have shed 10 lbs with a stiffer double layered new plastic.

Though my brother built a…

Submitted by: Kansas on 4/30/2020
Though my brother built a kayak from sticks and canvas in the '70s, my experience is pretty short. My wife and I retired, bought a cabin and my first kayak only 10 years ago, This is my experience: When you're retired, you have lots of time to paddle, winter/summer. The wind here can easily hit 45mph with decent waves, and so I found out early I didn't want a sit-inside, as the entire rear half of your kayak can go under water when riding aforementioned waves and this results, for me, in a flooded kayak. I didn't like bailing (nor using a skirt). We live on an opaque shallow lake with sandstone boulders which I found out pretty much rules out fiberglass etc. So, plastic, sit on top, that's what I need. So after several additional disasters, bought a RTM Tempo and wore it out. I recently bought a Scupper 14, and frankly I'm astonished. This is a quantum leap over anything I've ever tried. Bow to stern it is incredibly thought out. First off, you sit up at a great angle, comfortably (nice when approaching 70, in fact damn nice); a fantastic design when doing 15 or 20 miles. I was going to replace the included seat with an expensive one I used on the RTM, but I don't think I'm going to, the Scupper 14's is that nice. It's fast and stable. Obviously, plastic kayaks aren't racers, but this one would surprise you. Scupper Pro/RTM Tempo seem to generally be considered fast for plastic SOTs; this if faster. When I first sat in it, for a few seconds I thought it tippy, but as soon as I settled in, I found it very responsive with good primary stability and the secondary stability is just remarkable. I attribute this to the foot-well below the water line. Speaking of foot-well. There are genuine adjustable foot braces, easily adjustable on the fly by remote levers close to the seat, not various water collection divots for you heals. The console between the wells can be gripped with the legs for more control, and there are automatic drains for the below-level foot wells should you be out in the 45 mph gusts. They work, but you've got to paddle. maybe 4+mph. Because of the console, the wells don't hold much water anyway. There are hatches everywhere for everything if you desire, or you can buy it for less (I did) and add your own and there are molds in the deck, for each one, including fishing rod holders. If you buy the plain-Jane, it comes with a large bow hatch that lets no water in and you into the hold, and also a nice latch-able hatch on the console. I don't use one as I find it tracks well, but it is already drilled and tapped for a rudder. Two other things I forgot and I don't want to go back and fit them in. This is narrower than the already-narrow RTM, yet has more room in the seat well as the hull in narrower between the seat well and outer hull. this also results in being able to paddle more vertically than any other plastic SOT I've seen. That, and depending on which level you buy, it comes with, or is already drilled and tapped, for a skid plate. Oh, and the beagle likes it too. So, comfort, stability, speed, maneuverability, durability, and high end accoutrements; it's just a blast. An astonishing blast.

Picked one up on New Year’s…

Submitted by: paddler579802 on 1/24/2020

Picked one up on New Year’s directly from Jim. I had demoed one before and really liked it.

It’s 68 pounds which makes it somewhat heavier than some of the sit insides I’ve seen, but much lighter than the other SOT’s I’ve looked at. I can car top it on or Ford Escape easy enough. Was a little awkward putting in at the Seabeck Marina, but that is because there are no steps and there is a 4’ drop from the pavement to the water/beach, depending on the tide.

Jim warned me that the initial stability is not super great, and I thought I was going to swim for 1/10th of a second when situating myself in the boat initially, but the great secondary stability kicked in and I was cruising nicely straight away.

I chose a beautiful PNW rainy day for the initial paddle. I now know that this boat can make misery enjoyable. My goal was to paddle to Little Beef Creek. I knew I was pushing my time allotment given by the Mrs., but the speed at which I was able to cruise along at bought back much of the time I had lost filling up the vehicle.

The scupper Venturi valve deployed easily and as I cruised along, any water would be sucked down the hole via the Venturi effect. When I stopped, the occluder ball floated to the top of the plug and prevented further water entry. The only downside is forgetting to pull them up when hauling out. Tore off a piece of the flange on the pavement. Won’t affect function or aesthetics (its on the bottom of the boat), but my pride suffered a bit. I had actually convinced myself I’d remember, but t rain drops falling on my head had become a not so happy tune by then — I was cold and wet, not fault of the kayak.


I've worked in the…

Submitted by: paddler573497 on 12/30/2019

I've worked in the paddlesports industry for over 20 years and have paddled hundreds of kayaks, though I've never worked for a boat company. To my knowledge-this is the only sit on top kayak in the world that performs like a sea kayak. Fast, yet with enough rocker that you can turn it easily and play in the surf. Because you sit lower than normal sit on top kayaks, the width doesn't need to be absurd-the stability is like that of a normal sit-inside sea kayak. Historically my go-to sea kayak was a Current Designs Sirocco (or Prijon Seayak if you want to go way back). Both of these were in the 16-17' range with a lot of rocker so they were still pretty playful for a long boat. The Scupper is super quick and just as playful at 14', yet you aren't sitting inside a kayak roasting on hot summer days. Not to mention you can hop in and out of it in the water, and you don't have to bail water out because of the cool self-draining scupper plugs. And at 14' it fits in a lot of places my longer boats won't fit.

Great for big water, rivers, lakes, getting tan, and your significant other that feels trapped when sitting in a kayak. Most fun sea kayak I've ever paddled, this is now a staple in my arsenal.


So far so good. I replaced…

Submitted by: paddler528169 on 7/15/2019

So far so good.

I replaced an Old Town Dirigo Plus tandem kayak which was about a foot longer and 14 lbs heavier. My daughter didn't want to go kayaking anymore and the extra weight was a lot to lift onto my SUV. I also knew I wanted a sit on top kayak because my sit inside always concerned me a bit paddling on the SF Bay or coastal ocean areas.

Most of the sit on top options we either really short recreational kayaks which I knew would drive me nuts with their lack of tracking, or really slender ocean goers that might be less stable than I like. Then there are these other really wide and stable but extremely heavy types.

After some research I found that the Scupper design was modified by new owners Swell, and this kayak seemed to have everything I wanted. Lighter weight, stable, fast, and with room to bring cargo like a backpack (once waterproofed for transit).

Ordered one from the manufacturer and there was damage in shipping. They were extremely accommodating sending me a replacement immediately, and everything was good with that one.

The guys at Swell were also very responsive in offering me a suggestion for a rolling cart for their kayak design, and get a C Tug if you buy this kayak because it fits great into the front hatch, just as they suggested.

I've taken it out a few time in the bay and estuary near our home, and really enjoy it. It is indeed very stable, can get going plenty quick, glides easily when I'm not paddling very hard, and isn't too heavy to lift. I do struggle a bit dead lifting it into the new kayak rack I bought that takes the boat on its side on my SUV's roof, but that's the price of that rack not an issue with the kayak. Everything is very durable and well made. And I appreciated the areas on the either side the updated Scupper design cut off which make it less likely to bang your paddle against the side when paddling hard.

My only minor gripe is that the foot rests could be a little wider, and my feet in Tevas sort of bend around the edges of the foot rests. So I might jerry rig some sort of wider platforms.


I was in search of a fast…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/8/2019

I was in search of a fast SOT, checked online and the Swell scupper 14 came up. A month or so later I was at the paddle fest at Lake Sammamish and I was able to demo the Swell scupper 14. Right off this kayak handled like I was hoping. It felt and responded like a sit-in kayak, glides threw the water swiftly and can even bring it on edge for quick turns and riding waves. I was impressed so i bought it that day. The fallowing weekend I took it on a class II river and it performed excellent cruising threw the waves and traversing obstacles. I jumped off the yak to cool down and it was easy to climb back on. I've taken it out on the Puget Sound paddling 6+ miles and it is very comfortable and handles the rollers and chop great, it's becoming my "go to" boat. Getting ready to take it on a overnight camp trip. With the large front hatch well and the space behind the seat for a dry bag it shouldn't be a problem packing everything I need. Thanks Jim for being there that day. PADDLE ON! Ken ( Poulsbo Wa.)


I got my Swell Scupper a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/25/2019

I got my Swell Scupper a couple of months ago. I waited to post my review until I had a chance to take it out multiple times. Previously my kayaks were an ocean kayak trident 13 and a 13 Necky vector.

I kayak on flat water so can only address how the Scupper handles boat wakes and wind swells, etc. I am impressed with the stability of this boat as it handles wakes with ease. It does weather cock in high wind, so I'm glad I got mine with a rudder.

I was concerned that the narrower width would be an issue as I am not a small person. Since I purchased online without being able to demo, I was concerned that my wide hips would not fit in the cockpit (I weigh 300 lbs and the diameter of my hips is 60" if you want to compare how you might fit.) There is no issue at all and the ride is very comfortable. I was also able to move to a shorter paddle due to the narrower width.

The boat maneuvers well and I have no problems turning quickly using a combination of a sweep stroke and bow rudder stroke. As others have said, the Scupper tracks well and glides through the water. It takes noticeably less power to start the boat moving, and less energy to keep it moving. In my Necky, I could maintain 3 miles an hour without tiring, but in the Scupper I can maintain 4 mph for long periods.

I am thrilled with my purchase and highly recommend this kayak.


My wife and i recently…

Submitted by: paddler519604 on 6/24/2019

My wife and i recently bought 2 Scupper 14's after a lot of research. We had used many types of SitOnTops - through rentals; and had a 2 person Point 65 Modular Kayak previously. We were tired of kayaks that do not track well! We aren't hard core, but really enjoy exploring the rivers in NW Oregon.

The Scupper 14's track beautifully and are a joy to paddle! i can literally paddle 3x as far with the same effort as before as i no longer spend 80% of my effort trying to correct course. On the tandom we had, i seemed to spend all my time trying to keep the boar going in a straight line. Not so on these scuppers; they track arrow straight and go exactly where we want them to.

We have only used them in calm water as yet but the concerns about being a wet kayak do not apply to calm water whatsoever, we just keep the scupper valves up and leave them that way in calm water. My wife left them down on one trip and there was maybe 1/2 of water in the boat and after 3 hours paddling she got out completely dry still. We'll be taking them on rougher water next and i don't expect any issues at all.

The stability is good, better than i was expecting with the narrower boat (our point 65 was quite wide), and secondary stability is very good. But that narrowness itself is awesome, i'm 6`2", and would bang my knees and side of the boat with the paddle before; not so now, and i can stretch my legs out straight in this boat to relax even. Not banging my knees is a real plus, it was one of the few things that annoyed me padding before, not so now.

The storage on these SOT's is amazing as well, and even my wife's beach umbrella actually fits inside the boat as well!

The Service also was totally AWESOME. Jim Marsh spent time with us before we bought the boats via email, quickly answering all our questions, and after the sale CONTINUES to respond to questions immediately, i'm extremely happy with is direct support and his boats; i highly recommend them both!


Scupper 14 is the answer of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/25/2019

Scupper 14 is the answer of all my needs, stable , great acceleration , running waves is great lots of room, for all my camping gear , the. Scupper it's an eye catcher,,, I'm in the Caribbean so you know this kayak is on the water almost every week, definitely , they took time creating this kayak , is everything ready , if you are interested in fishing scuba , this kayak got fishing accessories and especially design to accommodate your scuba tank in the back . Great mashine . Definitely love this kayak , and proudly own one ..


AMAZING!!. ........ AFTER…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/18/2018



Best kayak I ever had! Size…

Submitted by: Angel-Burgos on 10/4/2018

Best kayak I ever had! Size and weight are on point. I have used it in the ocean and rivers. It is very stable, easy to get in and out of, tracks great in wide and narrow areas and plenty of room for your kayak gear and other outdoor accessories. It is perfectly designed for all types of uses. Use it for recreational kayaking and fishing. I can get good speed with this kayak while it's design cuts right through the surface. I am very happy to have it and look forward to many more adventures.


I purchased two scupper 14s…

Submitted by: paddler409404 on 10/2/2018

I purchased two scupper 14s with the initial launch of the product. The scupper 14 is exactly what i was hoping it would be. The kayak is a fast, stable, and efficient sit on top with good capacity. I was looking at composites at three times the price when I was told about the swell kayaks new scupper 14 from a shop owner in cal. A shop owner in Hawaii lamented the the discontinuation of the scupper pro and we did discuss that the scupper 14 could be a replacement for an off-shore fishing kayak. I am able to paddle faster than either my OC Prower 13 or my OC Trident 15 or my Delta 12.10 sit-inside. The boat has great secondary stability. The initial stability is less than the other boats i mentioned above but this is easy to get used to and the narrower hull provides that performance that is not available in any other sit on top I have tried. The acceleration and glide is great. I easily out paced a friend in his Eddyiline Caribbean 12 which is about four inches wider and two feet shorter..As with any sit on top there is some water accumulation from paddle drip and the forward raised scuppers do allow some water to enter the cockpit when paddling into chop. Scupper plugs in these holes do alleviate this. These raised forward scuppers do prevent the cockpit from swamping so I would not have the plugs in in really rough conditions. Scupper valves in the foot wells allow all but a little over an inch of water to drain out with a venture effect while under way should a lot of water enter the cockpit. These valves stay closed under normal conditions. The boat seems to be very durable and has good attention to detail. I find that it works while trolling with the rod holder in the track in the front of the boat. It performs very well in a head wind. I does weather cock with the wind off the stern but so do most boats. I could install a rudder but i don't feel this is necessary. The boat does respond to edging while turning or tracking in a tail wind.Another important reason I purchased the Scupper 14 is that Swell kalyaks is a small company in Washington and Jim the owner has been very responsive to my question in spite of being very busy with the launch of this new company and kayak.In summary if you are looking for a fast, stable and efficeint all purpose sit on top you will be happy with this kayak.


I love this kayak! Having…

Submitted by: paddler468989 on 10/2/2018

I love this kayak! Having owned 5 prior sit on top kayaks this is by far the best. It is very comfortable, fast, seaworthy and lighter than the competition. My prior favorite was the Scupper Pro TW but at5'10 and over 200 pounds the bucket was too tight especially with a wetsuit on. My other SoT boat is a composite surf ski so I was amazed how light and lively the Swell felt when on the water. Most plastic boats have a very sluggish feel. My last boat was a WS Tarpon 16 with rudder. The swell even though shorter is more responsive, has better glide, accelerates better and is faster. I really appreciate the way they tucked in the hull to allow for a comfortable and efficient stroke. No boat is perfect but my complaints are minor. The midship handles are better used as finger holds. If you wrap your hand around the handle the hull digs into your fingers. There is a sacrificial skid plate which is replaceable and prevents wear on the hull when dragging the boat. Because it concentrates all the weight on a small area it makes the boat hard to drag on sand or gravel. This is not a complaint because it is well worth the trade off but a caution because it gave a few friends the impression the swell was heavy when in fact it's 15 pounds lighter than their boats. My hull is a very early version and has the original scupper plugs. At times they would allow water to weep in. When I notice this it is easy enough to reach under the hull and push them flush while in the seat. Not sure if this is still an issue now that they have updated the scuppers but no big deal anyway.
Having owned over 20 paddle craft and currently owning 6 this has quickly become my go too boat! It is just low hassle fun so I strongly recommend it!

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