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I have owned numerous sit-on-tops and a couple sit inside boats. This is my favorite. I am 6-3 and 240 pounds and I paddle in the lakes and rivers of NH and VT and do a couple several day trips each year to the Adirondacks and the Maine Island Trail. I have had the scupper 14 all summer now and love it. My requirements were a sit-on-top that is fast and stable enough for taking out fully loaded in most conditions. I would say this boat meets this criteria in 90% of the paddling conditions I encounter. I just sold my 17.5', 24" wide sea kayak last week and now use the scupper 14. The scupper 14 in most conditions can keep up with my friends in their greenland style 17 foot sea kayaks. The seating position is quite comfortable for a multi-hour paddle.

Just got back from a two night trip to Jewell Island in Maine. Paddled from north of Portland, 8 miles to the island weaving thru several other islands to get there. After we started, conditions immediately worsened to a 14 knot tail wind with gusts to 25 with choppy chaotic seas. The boat was loaded with I would estimate 60 pounds of gear (and firewood). The boat paddles fine with this load, however as other reviewers state, the boat does take on water in these conditions in the cockpit. If the cockpit filled with water to the level of the front scuppers (about 4 inches), then the boat got pretty squirrely and hard to handle (probably added another 30 pounds). Once I realized we were going downwind at a good clip, I deployed the scuppers and it took care of the water influx nicely and the boat stabilized. My boat does not have a rudder and it was hard to handle if you were heading off the wind much in these conditions. As my legs are long and I removed the foot pegs and used foam blocks instead, a rudder would not work for me, so I think I will install a skeg on the rear of the boat where the rudder attaches. I do carry bilge pump on deck so I can get water out of the cockpit during upwind legs where the scuppers will not function if you can't go fast enough. Return trip had much calmer seas and was a joy.

Most people who are lighter than me would not have the above issues. The stability due to the lower seating and leg position far outweighs the disadvantages.

No boat is perfect and Swell is still working out some kinks. My main criticisms are the carry handles are too long for the cutouts and screws loosen up. My solution was to shorten the length of the webbing by doubling over the ends of the webbing, poke a hole thru the webbing and reattaching the now shortened handles with a washer. The center oval hatch leaks badly. I would prefer a rear hatch rather than a well, but that is just me.

The hull design and seating position far outweigh any issues this boat has. I invested in this company!