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I purchased two scupper 14s with the initial launch of the product. The scupper 14 is exactly what i was hoping it would be. The kayak is a fast, stable, and efficient sit on top with good capacity. I was looking at composites at three times the price when I was told about the swell kayaks new scupper 14 from a shop owner in cal. A shop owner in Hawaii lamented the the discontinuation of the scupper pro and we did discuss that the scupper 14 could be a replacement for an off-shore fishing kayak. I am able to paddle faster than either my OC Prower 13 or my OC Trident 15 or my Delta 12.10 sit-inside. The boat has great secondary stability. The initial stability is less than the other boats i mentioned above but this is easy to get used to and the narrower hull provides that performance that is not available in any other sit on top I have tried. The acceleration and glide is great. I easily out paced a friend in his Eddyiline Caribbean 12 which is about four inches wider and two feet shorter..As with any sit on top there is some water accumulation from paddle drip and the forward raised scuppers do allow some water to enter the cockpit when paddling into chop. Scupper plugs in these holes do alleviate this. These raised forward scuppers do prevent the cockpit from swamping so I would not have the plugs in in really rough conditions. Scupper valves in the foot wells allow all but a little over an inch of water to drain out with a venture effect while under way should a lot of water enter the cockpit. These valves stay closed under normal conditions. The boat seems to be very durable and has good attention to detail. I find that it works while trolling with the rod holder in the track in the front of the boat. It performs very well in a head wind. I does weather cock with the wind off the stern but so do most boats. I could install a rudder but i don't feel this is necessary. The boat does respond to edging while turning or tracking in a tail wind.Another important reason I purchased the Scupper 14 is that Swell kalyaks is a small company in Washington and Jim the owner has been very responsive to my question in spite of being very busy with the launch of this new company and kayak.In summary if you are looking for a fast, stable and efficeint all purpose sit on top you will be happy with this kayak.