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I love this kayak! Having owned 5 prior sit on top kayaks this is by far the best. It is very comfortable, fast, seaworthy and lighter than the competition. My prior favorite was the Scupper Pro TW but at5'10 and over 200 pounds the bucket was too tight especially with a wetsuit on. My other SoT boat is a composite surf ski so I was amazed how light and lively the Swell felt when on the water. Most plastic boats have a very sluggish feel. My last boat was a WS Tarpon 16 with rudder. The swell even though shorter is more responsive, has better glide, accelerates better and is faster. I really appreciate the way they tucked in the hull to allow for a comfortable and efficient stroke. No boat is perfect but my complaints are minor. The midship handles are better used as finger holds. If you wrap your hand around the handle the hull digs into your fingers. There is a sacrificial skid plate which is replaceable and prevents wear on the hull when dragging the boat. Because it concentrates all the weight on a small area it makes the boat hard to drag on sand or gravel. This is not a complaint because it is well worth the trade off but a caution because it gave a few friends the impression the swell was heavy when in fact it's 15 pounds lighter than their boats. My hull is a very early version and has the original scupper plugs. At times they would allow water to weep in. When I notice this it is easy enough to reach under the hull and push them flush while in the seat. Not sure if this is still an issue now that they have updated the scuppers but no big deal anyway.
Having owned over 20 paddle craft and currently owning 6 this has quickly become my go too boat! It is just low hassle fun so I strongly recommend it!