Name: Ballardgirl

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I tried the older , slightly heavier version of the 14' Swell SOT supper and liked it so much I recently purchased their newer , lighter model. I have had it for a couple weeks now and love it! Great tracking, effortlessly cuts through waves, glides smoothly across the water. I am using this at my salt water marina and out in the Puget Sound. Adjustable foot rests are easy to move, nice large covered storage compartment in front and smaller one at your fingertips for easy access. I do wish this smaller storage was moved up a bit as it rubs on my legs but I'm still playing around with foot rests and positioning. There is an option to add a rudder but I'm enjoying learning how to maneuver my turns without one and it's easy to do. The boat is very forgiving , letting me lean deep for turns without tipping me into the drink. I am super happy and trying not to cause too much wake as I speed through the marina, ha. I would recommend this for any level of kayaker experience. Stable, sleek and speedy.