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I've worked in the paddlesports industry for over 20 years and have paddled hundreds of kayaks, though I've never worked for a boat company. To my knowledge-this is the only sit on top kayak in the world that performs like a sea kayak. Fast, yet with enough rocker that you can turn it easily and play in the surf. Because you sit lower than normal sit on top kayaks, the width doesn't need to be absurd-the stability is like that of a normal sit-inside sea kayak. Historically my go-to sea kayak was a Current Designs Sirocco (or Prijon Seayak if you want to go way back). Both of these were in the 16-17' range with a lot of rocker so they were still pretty playful for a long boat. The Scupper is super quick and just as playful at 14', yet you aren't sitting inside a kayak roasting on hot summer days. Not to mention you can hop in and out of it in the water, and you don't have to bail water out because of the cool self-draining scupper plugs. And at 14' it fits in a lot of places my longer boats won't fit.

Great for big water, rivers, lakes, getting tan, and your significant other that feels trapped when sitting in a kayak. Most fun sea kayak I've ever paddled, this is now a staple in my arsenal.