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Fitting in the range of stable (18' x 22" wide) composite surf skis such as the Epic V6, the Cruze is a light 28 lbs and has two storage hatches, one with enough storage for a multi-day trip. Yet it surfs (downwind / coastal) like a narrow performance ski, is fast, yet has solid secondary stability making it hard to capsize. With a 32" inseam (I'm 6'-5"), I fit in the cockpit comfortably and am still able to use leg drive. So far, I've paddled it in 30kt downwinding conditions, large freighter/tug waves (4-5') and in tidal rapids. I am stoked by the performance of the ski. Broached by a breaking wave it held without a capsize and I found it easy to catch and sustain long rides on waves. The cockpit empties well with the two bullet ventrulis. The foot rests and cockpit are comfortable. I'm loving the rail grab handles for carrying and/or quick lifting up on beaches with shore break. The ski has two bow/stern handles which also double for securing to a bumper if needed - or attaching a bow line if parked on a beach. Unlike many skis, the bow has less volume this catches less beam winds but has enough to prevent pearling. Overall the ski is not only a beginner level ski, but one that is a stable option for rough water such as downwinding and surf. And also a great touring ski for full day or overnight trips. I gave up paddling traditional sea kayaks for this type of sit on top which is super light to carry and super fun to paddle. Compared to the V6, the Cruze actually fits my 32" inseam, feels lighter to carry and has less volume overall, thus feels more like a ski than a kayak.

The Fly has a clean catch, strong power through the stroke and has a super comfortable feel on the shaft. The level lock adjustment makes it easy to adjust both length and blade angle. I've had fun using the Fly for surfing, downwinding, boat wake surf and flat water sprints.

A friend referred me to the Joystick Paddles 'Fly' wing paddle. I'm glad I took their advice. The super light Fly has a clean catch with solid power when needed. The adjustable ferrule was a cinch to use and it kept solid through the session. I tested the paddle in downwinding, small surf and surfing boat wakes, it was a pleasure to use for each!

The 14' Swell Scupper is one of the more comfortable and fast sit on top's on the market. It's got bomber stability (I'm 6-5 / 220lbs), and you get a lot of power paddling it due to the lowered leg well, whereas in many sit on tops, your legs are nearly level with your seat. The scuppers suck the water out well and it's has great sea kayak like storage options for day or overnight trips. I hear the new 2020 boats have shed 10 lbs with a stiffer double layered new plastic.