SeaWing™ Description

The SeaWing is Malone's signature design that is easy to install and works with most recreational and sea kayaks. There is no requirement to lift the entire kayak at any time. Simply position the front of the kayak on the rear of the vehicle; move to the rear of the kayak and push it up to load. To better protect the vehicle and kayak, the optional MPG350 Stinger Kayak Load Assist is sold separately. Constructed with non-corrosive molded frame engineering that assures a rust free and long life cycle. Features include universal fit mounting hardware and Lifetime Limited Warranty.

SeaWing™ Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Corrosion resistant nylon construction

Additional Attributes

  • Universal fit Jawz mounting hardware
  • 50mm and 60mm mounting bolts (Note: Longer bolts available in Accessories / Hardware & Mounting Kits)
  • Cam style load straps with buckle protectors
  • Low profile design for garage clearance
  • Corrosion resistant nylon construction
  • Simple "no tools" installation
  • Bow & stern safety tie-downs
  • 27.5" x 6" x 4.5" high
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Where to Buy the SeaWing™

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SeaWing™ Reviews

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10 yrs later this rack is…

Submitted by: Flowers1 on 3/14/2022

10 yrs later this rack is still going strong, I have the slidder piece on back which makes loading my 15' sea kayak on my Outback a breeze, (as a woman on my own). Also, I like hauling my boat in this position to keep wind resistance lower. Thanks Malone!


Removed doubt of having…

Submitted by: paddler1874846 on 2/22/2022

Removed doubt of having kayak fall off. Those J racks just seem idiot and like sails to catch wind. The smaller plastic or metals sleeves means I would need 8 to hold my two kayaks. So I got the seawing and really like it. The seating bracket width doesn’t fit into my rack but I’m able to still bolt it onto top. I leave them on all season but at times I will remove the straps as those can create whistling (hint if you create a twist in the strap it helps remove this noise). It would have been kool if the saddle folded flat when not in use but whatever. Since my racks on my Grand Jeep Cherokee don’t come close enough to back of vehicle I can’t slide on without it riding on top of my car first so I lift from side ( being 6’4 helps). The provided straps are long enough to optionally secure underneath to the rack but I suck the rack will fail before the Seawing would. Given the cost of this, I wish there was a way to lock it down so I may invest in a short and thin cable wire lock set.


Makes loading 12' kayak…

Submitted by: Jim-C on 5/8/2020
Makes loading 12' kayak easier. No longer need to heft the boat up the side of the SUV. With the Malone SS Combo I can slide it right up into the seawing racks with the stinger guiding the boat up into place. Have only used it a couple of times , and so far so good. It comes with all the straps and tie downs needed to be into the weather without having to buy more stuff. The only improvement would be to the the stinger guide be a adjustable widths and angles. That way I could have match the underside form of my boat. I use with Malone aerobar cross bars and also have their jrack loader racks.

I bought the Malone SeaWing…

Submitted by: paddler510226 on 9/4/2019

I bought the Malone SeaWing saddle style car rack to go on top of my Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland and it works awesome! I can load and unload my kayak by myself with this rack! I use a mat to protect my Jeep and just slide it right up and onto the rack! Love it!


Got 2 sets of these to use…

Submitted by: Bryn_Dhir on 8/1/2019

Got 2 sets of these to use on the Honda Passport for hauling recreational and sea kayaks. They are durable, easy to set up, and come with high quality cam straps. The sea wings lock securely on the cross rails and have not required constant re-tightening or re-adjustments. The straps alone are able to keep the kayak secure, but we secured the front and backs of the kayaks down for longer trips. The sea wing style is convenient for two people to load, as well as individual loading (there are videos on a single - person loading system using the cam strap) which is easy to do. Highly recommended the Malone SeaWings for quality, cost effectiveness and safety.


I've had my Seawing carriers…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/30/2018

I've had my Seawing carriers for almost 2 years and they work great for me. I carry a pair of Hurricane Skimmer 128s on top of a Tundra. One problem I'm experiencing is the rubber strips are coming unglued. Is there a DIY fix for that? I don't want to use something that is bad for the plastic cradles.


SO much better than…

Submitted by: Angie_O_Plasty on 8/24/2018

SO much better than J-cradles for the combination of short person/tall car/heavy boat...I made the mistake of initially getting J-cradles (since they were the less expensive option) and soon realized they didn't work very well for solo loading which I do frequently. These allow for sliding the boat into position from the rear (with a mat protecting the back of the car) and not having to either lift the full weight or try to roll the boat into the proper position and have it fall down. Installation was very easy and did not require tools which was nice. Minor gripes: the included straps seem a bit flimsy and don't have good "buckle bumpers" for safely tossing them over the car; threading the straps through each side of the carrier is fussier than the process with J-cradles; and the ridged rubber surface collects sand like crazy if there was any on the boat. Still, this seems to be a good product overall and is a much safer loading process for my situation.


After using Malone seawings…

Submitted by: danallen on 10/22/2016
After using Malone seawings for years I finally had a problem with one, which had developed a hairline crack. I am sure that bouncing on a utility trailer that I converted to kayak use was the problem. The trailer bounced terribly on rough roads ( I must address that problem ), and when loaded with full fish equipped tarpon 16's the load must be terrible.

As long as I have had the seawings and as many miles as I have used them I am still going to give them a 10. The rough roads I was trailering on and the loads involved almost bordered on abuse. I called the company and talked to a very polite and knowledgeable lady who instructed to take a picture of the seawind and email it to her along with a mailing address,( no questions ask) which i promptly did. This was on a Monday morning and by Thursday morning a new seawing was at my door.
Customer service doesn't get any better than that.


I own a number of kayak…

Submitted by: clansweeney on 6/16/2016

I own a number of kayak racks . . . each has their own advantages, but overall, the SeaWing seems to have the greatest flexibility to handle boats of different hull and materials. If I'd started with a SeaWing it's possible I wouldn't own my 'menagerie' of different rack types.

My 'daily boat' is extremely light and my car is not tall . . . with the SeaWing profile, I can on/off load over the side of the car. For my heavier boats, and on days after a long paddle where even 'light is not light enough' have the option to load over the rear is the only workable option.

I paddle where afternoon winds can really howl, and have had a boat blown off my car before I could strap it. The 'V' seems deep enough and the surface seems 'grippy' enough to hold on to a boat for those critical moments after loading.

One issue that I was concerned about, but saw no prior reviews: Threading the straps through the 'inboard' wing is NOT a problem because the rack can be placed at the very edge of the roof.

On minor complaint: The straps on this rack are shorter than Malone straps from prior purchases . . . and are approaching too short if you secure the boat to the cross bars and not simply to the wings.


Michigan is windy, and my…

Submitted by: Aventer21 on 12/14/2015
Michigan is windy, and my j-style carrier combination with a Wilderness Systems Tsunami made me nervous on the highway and so I compared the Malone Seawing with the Great Lakes Kayak Wing. Both are very similar designs, at least they use the same basic principle of a v-shaped holder. Both works equally well in keeping my kayak safely attached to the roof at highway speeds. Both allows me to keep the carrier installed on my Subaru Forester and park in my standard garage. Both offer different combinations of advantages and disadvantages so that it was a difficult choice about which to keep. The Malone Seawing is made out of rubbery plastic and seems like it would be more durable. This aspect is further underscored by the lifetime warranty, rather than the 5 year warranty of the Great Lakes Kayak Wing.

The Malone Seawing is a lot faster to install than the Kayak Wing. This is because the Malone uses only two fasteners per wing rather than the 4 with the Great Lakes model. Also the oblong wing nuts on the Malone is much easier to tighten than the nubbly nut on the Great Lakes model. The Great Lakes model has a velvet covering, which allows the Kayak to slide easily onto the roof which is a plus.

My only real gripe with the Malone is that it whistles when you drive with them without a kayak loaded even at moderate speeds. All in all its a bit of a toss-up, and i couldn't really pick one over the other. My recommendation would be that if you want to keep the carrier attached to your car for the season, then the GreatLakes would be better despite the harder install because of the whistling of the Malone,. But if you want to frequently install and take down the carrier, go with the easier to install Malone.


I have had 2 sets of Seawings…

Submitted by: paddler236434 on 8/16/2015
I have had 2 sets of Seawings for a few years, but have only recently started using them and I wish I had used them sooner. I love the large contact points they have with my boats and that it is no big deal if I carry my boats upside down. The only nit I have is the mounting system makes it too easy for the wing to pivot on a round rack, but I also find that I get a better fit this way when my boat is upside down. Otherwise, a quality product all around.

I purchased two sets of…

Submitted by: danallen on 7/13/2015
I purchased two sets of seawings for use with both Tarpon 16's and sea kayaks. What attracted we about them was the ability to carry two kayaks on a small compact car that traditional carriers wold not allow. I do depart from their instructions and loop the straps around the bars on both sides. As I am no longer a kid I use the stinger attachments which were designed for use on SUV type vehicles. As I drive a sedan I extend the stinger and place bean bag under it for support and use a rubber backed floor mat on the trunk. Malone offers devises for this purpose but I have yet to figure out how to use them for pillows after loading the kayaks(dual purpose appeals to me).

Malone makes good products and stand behind them better than any manufacturer than any other company I have ever dealt with. I ask them if any one had ever had problems with marking on the hull of thermolded kayaks and they immediately offered to replace the seawings, an offer I felt was not needed but truly appreciated. Great company.


Just recently purchased the…

Submitted by: paddler236334 on 7/7/2015
Just recently purchased the Malone SeaWing. This is the model without Stinger load assist module. I find I don't have any problem loading it without the load assist. I'm using it for my Tsunami 145 and so far it works wonderfully. It is so much easier to load than the J style carriers. I'm a little bit iffy on how long it will last as it is made of a heavy plastic material that flexes when the kayak is loaded on it. I've never had good luck with plastic in the outdoors environment, but at least the SeaWing does have a lifetime warranty.

Great product, easy to use…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/7/2015
Great product, easy to use and install. I throw a rubber backed bath mat on the back of the car, or SUV if that's the vehicle we are using. Then simply slide the kayak up and it lands right in the wings, same as coming down just reverse. Makes loading long or heavy boats a simple one person job, as opposed to the J cradles I used to use. Also Malone uses a single center mount for the racks, as opposed to two mounts like many other systems. This takes up less room on the crossbars which means I can put two kayaks side by side on a Hyundai Elantra. The kayaks stay secure, but I do use bow and stern tie downs. Forget about the straps that come with it, they frayed after a couple of uses, but this would not deter me from recommending this product,it has worked great for me and my old muscles.

I purchased two sets of these…

Submitted by: moduckgal on 7/1/2015
I purchased two sets of these Sea Wings and put them on my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition. They are great carriers. They are easy to load into because they are bigger than other carriers I have seen. You do not have to be as precise putting them up. I have carried two Kayaks over the length of 16.6 feet without any movement. I would purchase these again if I needed more of them.

I was looking for some kayak…

Submitted by: gofishtx on 8/7/2014
I was looking for some kayak saddles that were inexpensive and could fit side by side on my Trac Rac. I chose the Sea Wings mostly because they are sold in sets, so 1 set will hold 1 kayak, where other companies sell a pair for the front of the boat and then you have to buy a pair separately for the back of the boat.

The Sea Wings can be used on a variety of bar sizes and shapes. Even with heavy use over the past year they are still in excellent condition. They hold my kayak firmly and are easy to change between different vehicle rack systems. Your kayak will also slide easily into the saddles without the side by side adjustments needed on single saddles.

A great buy on a great product.


I've been using the Malone…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/14/2013
I've been using the Malone Sea Wing along with the Malone Stinger Loader Module for several years. My previous car is a Honda CRV and my new car is a Subaru Outback... works great with both. This system allows me to self load long kayaks, like the Tahe Marine Greenland without any stress on my back or the kayak! The wings do weaken and flatten after a while so care has to be taken that the kayak doesn't slide sideways during loading. But, with care, works great!

Seawings with Stinger Attachment: Small ladies take a close look at…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/10/2013
Seawings with Stinger Attachment:
Small ladies take a close look at this one since it makes loading very easy. My wife is quite petite and can easily use the stinger attachment to load her boat on top of our minivan (still needs a ladder for the straps). I've transported my Delta 18.5 as well as Tsunami SP's and P&H Scorpios over 1500KM at highway speeds without issue or excessive road noise as listed by others. The racks are also quite quiet when empty; obviously there is some noise with something bolted to your roof but they don't howl.

I'm not sure how the stinger would work with a flat rec boat but for a sea kayak with V Shaped ends it's fantastic. There is no comparison between loading my Delta 18.5 overhead sideways by myself onto the van and shooting it up on the stinger. The only downfall I can think of is the factory crossbar flexes when rotated from the load caused by the stinger. That would be the minivans fault though and not the rack.

We initially only bought one stinger to test it out. It's easy to move the boats from one rack to another once on the roof. For convenience though I am going to order a second stinger attachment. They also go on an off easily without tools once you figure it out. I just bought another set for my truck.


Not great for sea kayaks.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/12/2011
Not great for sea kayaks. Doesn't cradle them properly. Plastic boats start to "oil can" whether or not a bow strap is used.

I have mounted these on both…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/21/2011
I have mounted these on both the factory crossbars on my RAV4 and on Yakima bars on the RAV4 and Dodge mini van. They fit most boats either right side up or upside down. The boats are held securely. The Seawings go on easily and fit right next to the rail support so there is a wide variety of places to mount them.

I have one complaint: No matter how I strap the boats down the carriers howl like crazy. It is almost impossible to hold a conversation at highway speeds. I have tried a variety of ways to attach the straps and have even tried ropes, to no avail. I think the howling is coming from the space between the kayak and the carrier. I have used them with both my Hurricane Tampico 135L and my Dagger Blackwater 12.5, and have experienced the same problem with both boats. I have not had this problem with my Yakima cradles, J-cradles, or Malone J cradles.


My rack had it's second…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/20/2011
My rack had it's second outing this weekend and performed great! Over bumpy gravel roads, serious cross-winds and highway speeds. Loading and unloading is getting easier (but would be impossible without it). I'm a gal who isn't a wimp but certainly can't lift a 60 pound kayak onto the roof of a van either. This was the ticket as the price was affordable and it fits fairly well on my van's crossbars but getting parts to fit every variety of roof rack cross bars out there is probably impossible.

I did take the suggestions of many and put a rubber bottom bath mat on the back window of the van to protect it and that too worked like a dream. Easy with the double doors and stepping on the back bumper to get everything strapped down. Put it on my 2004 Chevy Venture and it carries my 12' Old Town Vapor.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy loading option that isn't going to set you back $600. Got mine off Amazon and have ordered spare parts directly from Malone (I didn't tighten down one of the T knobs and it is now lost forever).


This is an ok carrier, but…

Submitted by: wasabi11 on 5/8/2011
This is an ok carrier, but not Thule quality. I hauled my 14 footer on my mid sized wagon from Biloxi, MS to Milwaukee and I was stopping quite often to adjust things. The Sea Wing has a lot of flex. I like the J-style cradles much better. The process of strapping the boat into this thing for long trips was a hassle. I am thinking of putting it on the classifieds, as I bought a new car up here and this will not work well with a subcompact and 2 bike racks. Going back to a Thule product.

I have had my Seawings since…

Submitted by: paddler233317 on 10/9/2009
I have had my Seawings since June. They work great, but the rubber is coming off. When I took them back to the store the guy there said the rubber came off his too. I am waiting to see what Malone is going to do...

Malone is replacing my Seawings. That is very quick service.


We've been using the Malone…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/21/2008
We've been using the Malone Seawings since March 2004. Two round trips to Dawson City, Yukon Territory from Dallas, TX 15,000+ miles. Multiple other trips and local paddles add another 90,000+ miles. From highway speeds of 90 mph to bouncing down a rutted dirt road to the put-in, these cradles have been carefree and solid as a rock.
We have carried Prijon Kodiaks (24" beam), a Q700 (21" beam) and a Necky Amaruk (29" beam) on these cradles with no problems.
We are buying another set tomorrow for our FJ Cruiser. We opted for a Gobi Stealth rack instead of the factory rack.

Only been using them for a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/5/2007
Only been using them for a couple of months, but so far so good. They come with a special wrench to attach them to your rack, but I wish there was some kind of way to lock them. I've had four different models of kayak racks (Thule 835, Thule Top-decks, Rhode Gear by Yakima and the Malones)... The Malones work the best on my factory roof rack and hold the kayak the tightest. They're relatively cheap and work for me.