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After using Malone seawings for years I finally had a problem with one, which had developed a hairline crack. I am sure that bouncing on a utility trailer that I converted to kayak use was the problem. The trailer bounced terribly on rough roads ( I must address that problem ), and when loaded with full fish equipped tarpon 16's the load must be terrible.

As long as I have had the seawings and as many miles as I have used them I am still going to give them a 10. The rough roads I was trailering on and the loads involved almost bordered on abuse. I called the company and talked to a very polite and knowledgeable lady who instructed to take a picture of the seawind and email it to her along with a mailing address,( no questions ask) which i promptly did. This was on a Monday morning and by Thursday morning a new seawing was at my door.
Customer service doesn't get any better than that.

I purchased two sets of seawings for use with both Tarpon 16's and sea kayaks. What attracted we about them was the ability to carry two kayaks on a small compact car that traditional carriers wold not allow. I do depart from their instructions and loop the straps around the bars on both sides. As I am no longer a kid I use the stinger attachments which were designed for use on SUV type vehicles. As I drive a sedan I extend the stinger and place bean bag under it for support and use a rubber backed floor mat on the trunk. Malone offers devises for this purpose but I have yet to figure out how to use them for pillows after loading the kayaks(dual purpose appeals to me).

Malone makes good products and stand behind them better than any manufacturer than any other company I have ever dealt with. I ask them if any one had ever had problems with marking on the hull of thermolded kayaks and they immediately offered to replace the seawings, an offer I felt was not needed but truly appreciated. Great company.

I purchased a Valley Aquanaut (composite) for use on the larger lakes and rivers in our area. I stepped up from a Tarpon 16 into the Valley expecting to have trouble keeping the cockpit side up was pleasantly surprised at how user friendly it was. I have hundreds and hundreds of mile on the Tarpon but the Valley was my first proper sea kayak. With no instruction locally available, books and videos and the Kayak itself has been my teacher. Primary stability and sea kindness has allowed me to gradually push the limits of what I am comfortable with. A great kayak for learning which I will probably never outgrow. I only hope that it's replacement has the same attributes.