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I recently got a chance to try this paddle out and was pleasantly surprised. The weight was balanced and not too heavy, but not as light as I usually prefer. Still it is a decent low angle paddle at a reasonable price. I tried the 230 cm in a straight shaft. It was easy to pull the paddle apart to store. It is fiberglass and carbon blend on the shaft and the blade also had fiberglass. I don't know how well the blade would hold up if you spent the day pushing off of rocks but it will be a good open water paddle.

I got these shoes after slicing my toe open on an oyster shell while saltwater kayaking. These are comfortable enough to wear all day. The toes are covered so no worries about stepping out in oyster shells. They dry quickly enough and can be cleaned with a quick rinse. They also don't seem to hold any odors in them. I wear these all summer and love them.

I used to take a rain poncho in my kayak for sudden showers, but the wind would whip the poncho up and I would get soaked. I tried regular raincoats and they were hot and sticky. I was happy to find this jacket.

It is soft and breathable and lighter weight than a typical raincoat. It is also more comfortable and softer than some other rain jackets I tried that were supposed to be breathable. The zipper cover and Velcro fasteners on the front prevent blowing rain from getting in the front zipper. The front zipper comes all the way up to cover the lower part of your face and the hood draws tight and has a slight bill on the front to help keep rain out of your face and eyes. It has large pockets with zipper closures and flaps over them to keep the rain out. It is also good to wear as a light jacket or windbreaker on gusty days.

I bought a size larger so it will fit over my PFD. The best thing about this jacket is that it's packable and can easily be stored in a hatch or dry bag.

This is a light weight comfortable shirt that will protect you from the sun and keep you cool. I was buying these type of fishing shirts in the store brand but they were not very comfortable and were also not very cool. I picked up this shirt and there is a big difference in comfort, the shirt is ventilated and keeps you cooler than some other brands. I have recommended these to friends who also love them.

This has to be the most comfortable shirt I own. It is cool and light weight. I kayaked all day in temperatures exceeding 95 degrees and this shirt did not get drenched in sweat. It also has a rating of UPF 5o so sun exposure was minimized. This shirt dries quickly and is a loose fit so very comfortable for summer kayaking. I will buy some long sleeve Tees for more sun protection. These also seem to keep the mosquitos away, at least I only had to use mosquito repellent on my legs. I recommend these to all my friends.

We picked up a Tarpon 120 for my 12 year old nephew to use. It is an easy paddling boat with great tracking and glide. Plenty of room for storage and maneuvers quickly. It performed pretty much the same whether it had his 100 pounds plus gear or my 220 lbs. It's faster with his lighter weight of course. He insisted on getting a rudder. But the boat has mostly been paddled without using the rudder. A great all around boat.

I had been thinking about getting a Big Tuna to add to my fleet of plastic boats. I finally got to try one out at a local demo days. I found that while paddling with 2 people the boat was fairly stable, but I also noticed a lot of drifting to the side and the boat did not track as well as other boats I have paddled. The accessories and options available are awesome, but I found it too difficult to maneuver for my liking.

I love the Slayer Line from Native Watercraft, they are stable well laid out boats. I was excited to finally have an opportunity to try out the Propel and I found it to perform every bit as good as paddle version Slayer. It was easy to peddle and easy to steer. It reacted quickly on turns and did not have a lot of side drift. You need to raise the propel drive when you enter into shallow or rocky areas and this was easy to do. The kayak paddles well too. However, to have the luxury of a pedal drive you do give up quite a bit of room in the cockpit area.

Overall, the boat performs well, has comfortable high low seating and peddles easily. If you feel the need to cover a lot of distance quickly then this is the perfect yak. My only problem was with my own short stature, it was a little difficult to get the peddles adjusted comfortably, I was either peddling tippy toed, or knocking my knees into my teeth. The seat is easy to adjust though so it didn't take long for me to find a happy medium. It's a well thought out boat and performs good

I was able to try the 14 foot Cuda out right after paddling the Cuda 12. Again a good stable boat with excellent stability, speed and tracking, Lots of stuff included. Lots of storage and the same comfortable High low seating as the 12 foot Cuda. However I felt like the 12 foot was a little easier to maneuver than the 14 foot. I didn't notice any discernible speed difference between the 12 and 14 footers, but I am sure the 14 foot will be a little faster. It is a good decent Yak and comes ready to fish. You can't go wrong with either the 14 or the 12 footer. Paddle both and pick the one that will handle best for you.

The Ultimate FX 15 Tandem is a vast improvement over the previous Ultimate 14 tandem. The seats are easily adjusted to high or low position. The initial and secondary stability is excellent. I only paddled this tandem so I can't comment on the solo configuration, but for tandem there was more room for the front passenger than in the older model. Also the seats now sit in a pan that can easily be moved.

My old Ultimate 14 tandem was hard to adjust the seats and they had to be blocked up with foam bricks. The FX is more user friendly from the new seats to the groove track accessory tracks and the improved yokes, there are a lot of places to store gear and add accessories.

This is an excellent kayak for someone who is looking for the roominess of a canoe but the stability of a kayak.