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Pros: fast, super aggressive handling, low volume, massive hatches, triple-thickness bulkheads, easy to roll, smooth skegbox. Very dry ride on Lake Michigan with no weathercocking or slap.

Cons: Had issues with the coaming but that was repaired by the dealer. Purchased at Canoecopia 2016 as a discontinued model The seat is uncomfortable- the backband, that is. Adding an aftermarket one seemed to make it much more pleasant. Small keyhole cockpit may not accommodate all size paddlers, especially over 5'10" or who have big feet. Fine with me lol- nobody can borrow this boat.

Other boats owned- Necky Zoar, Point65 Whisky, Hurricane Santee, Valley Nordkapp (stolen), an assortment of Tupperware boats for rivers and WW. Paddled with an Epic large blade touring paddle and a Greenland paddle my dad made me :)

This was given to me as a gift, so I will try to be nice. It is certainly not what I would have purchased for myself. It is VERY heavy- I lived near New Orleans when I got it, and it made my 'yak like a sauna. I am in Wisconsin now, and the warmth is nice, but it is just too heavy. I am 5 ft 8 and 145 pounds, so getting back into by boat in the middle of the Gulf or Lake Michigan is a pain in the arse. Once I wrestle it on, I can roll and it is watertight. I do not like the feeling of being trapped in a boat- this is too excessive for my likes. It has a neoprene waist, very little "give" and is more trouble than it's worth, really. I have borrowed a lighter skirt and was happier with it. I use it on a Necky Zoar Sport, which is a really dry boat anyway, and a Point65 Whisky that I bought an Ultra-Lite skirt for. Night and day difference! If you live in a warm climate like New Orleans and don't go out in super rough seas, I would get something lighter. Even up here in WI I would not buy this for myself.

This is an ok carrier, but not Thule quality. I hauled my 14 footer on my mid sized wagon from Biloxi, MS to Milwaukee and I was stopping quite often to adjust things. The Sea Wing has a lot of flex. I like the J-style cradles much better. The process of strapping the boat into this thing for long trips was a hassle. I am thinking of putting it on the classifieds, as I bought a new car up here and this will not work well with a subcompact and 2 bike racks. Going back to a Thule product.

Just picked up my Whisky 16 after demo-ing one last fall for 3 days and taking a few day trips in a borrowed boat, and I am very excited. Had ordered it in March. I had been looking at Hurricane Kakays Cat 5, a Necky Looksha Elite, and I Necky Eliza composite. Price wise, it fell in the middle of the 2 Necky boats, came with a compass, and the seat is much more comfy than the Neckys. I do own a Necky boat already- so the seat thing is already an issue with me lol. The Cat 5 is more of a flat water boat and does not have a front bulkhead or storage for extended trips.

Footpegs are easily adjusted and feel secure. Will report back if that is not the case when I use the (optional) rudder. They did an incredible job putting this boat together!!!

I have the fiberglass layup, in a turquoise green color and it has a deep sheen and nice gel coat. I like the little hatch in the front, and the fact that it is so fun to paddle. I used it with my AB Carbon Surge, also new, and my old BB Journey.

This is my first skeg boat, but I don't thing I will need rudder much, unless things get dicey. It IS a little wobbly on the get-go, but very solid on secondary stabilty. I believe it is 57 lbs. My other boat is rotomold and about the same weight, but bulkier, so it seems harder to load than the Whisky.


I got a really good deal with a carbon fiber paddle and Ultra- Lite Spray skirt as a package with my boat. Being a female, loading and unloading are always a concern, but I was able to get it on the car and get it home in one piece and unload it pretty easily.

It is my third decent boat, and I am very happy I got it. Will report back if any of this changes.

Bought my 2008 Zoar Sport in late 2007. I have logged many, many miles in this boat, and I have enjoyed 99% of them. The only complaints I have are that thigh braces should be standard (you can buy Necky brand braces and DIY), and the Extrasport seat can be a little trying on long trips.

It is an awesome boat for a 3-5 day trip, and I have had no leaks with the rubber hatch covers. I prefer these to the beret-style with plastic covers and cross straps. Stability is amazing- I can see why an Angler version of this boat was made. With this much stability, it is not a super-quick handling boat unless you have some skills at bracing and good paddle technique (which I do hee hee). I have paddled it on slick bayous and rivers and in wicked chop and surf and like to deploy the rudder in chop, as it improves tracking.

I don't think the rudder is standard anymore, so if you are buying this boat, I would suggest having a rudder installed and thigh braces. I am 5 ft 8 and 145 pounds, so I definitely need thigh braces in this boat to maximize the fun. I may be insane, but I have paddled this baby in 4-6 ft seas without a spray skirt and stayed pretty dry. Only time I came out of the boat was due to my own stupidity- lots of chop, no skirt, and heavy winds in the Gulf of Mexico. I was cutting up in the waves and zigged when I should have zagged. Re-entry is easy using cowgirl/cowboy method and paddle as an outrigger. Even when I had to deliberately do wet exits WITH a skirt, the rear deck is ample enough to get you back on board fairly easily.

The boat is roto-molded poly and mine is the sunrise fade- colors are still beautiful and all the fittings are like new- even after salt-water use. There is a neat little spot to install a compass on the front deck and I did put one on.

I would definitely recommend this boat to anyone with a $1K budget. I will ALWAYS keep this boat, but I am a fairly advanced paddler, so my next 'yak will be something more along the lines of the Looksha Elite or Eliza Composite- something faster and more agile in heavy surf. I have been using a Bending Branches Journey paddle with my boat, have a basic Aquabound paddle as a back-up, and a Surge Carbon. I prefer the BB for touring and the Surge is brand new, so I am excited to get out on Lake Michigan and see how that works out.