Name: Jim-C

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Makes loading 12' kayak easier. No longer need to heft the boat up the side of the SUV. With the Malone SS Combo I can slide it right up into the seawing racks with the stinger guiding the boat up into place. Have only used it a couple of times , and so far so good. It comes with all the straps and tie downs needed to be into the weather without having to buy more stuff. The only improvement would be to the the stinger guide be a adjustable widths and angles. That way I could have match the underside form of my boat. I use with Malone aerobar cross bars and also have their jrack loader racks.

Easy to install, 10 minutes. Hardest part was cleaning out the garage to have 12' cleared, 7 hours :-). Screwed supplied bolts into rafters, clipped on the straps w/ provided carabineers, then loaded the boats into the straps Top boat was a bit awkward for a single person to load. A second set of hands makes it a whole lot easier.. Then figured to use and hold 5 gallon pail to hold the lower boat while I put the straps on. Made it a whole lot easier. Maybe if I try 2 pails I could get the top one loaded easier.. I will load a video of that if it's a tragic fail...... :-) I will post an update in a year let you know how it survives, good or Bad..

Great boat for experienced, intermediate or beginner. I liked the boat so much I bought a second one.. I have used on still to quick rivers, ocean inlets, bays and rivers. I even had it out in the open ocean (on a very calm day). Tracks very well without a rudder, Pleanty of cockpit room for supplies/ drybags and asoare paddle. Sealed compartment allows storage of small cooler and more supplies that need to stay dry.. seat is pretty comfortable for 3-4 hour adventures, longer than that I have additional pad that helps extend time on the water without your butt going numb.. :-) Only 4 stars because I would like to have seen more accessories specific to the Manatee (or Perception) models..