Name: Bryn_Dhir

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Purchased the Malone Aero Cross Rails for the Honda Passport to haul kayaks on the Malone Sea wings. The Cross Rails were very easy to install, very secure and come with a key lock. However, the black end caps at the end of the rails are loose, and may fall out so we have to conscientiously check to make sure they are still in place. The rails also seem to whistle from the wind while driving even though the rubber fillers were inserted in between the rails to suppress noise. Over all the cross rails have tremendous value, and are half the cost of any other quality solution on the market, and definitely would recommend the Malone Cross Rails to others.

The Malone Paddle Carriers are excellent quality, very easy to use and secure. They fit inbetween two Malone sea wings carrying recreational kayaks. They do not create any noise, such as whistling sounds while driving and can easily hold 2 paddles, perhaps more. Very happy with this purchase and highly recommended.

Got 2 sets of these to use on the Honda Passport for hauling recreational and sea kayaks. They are durable, easy to set up, and come with high quality cam straps. The sea wings lock securely on the cross rails and have not required constant re-tightening or re-adjustments. The straps alone are able to keep the kayak secure, but we secured the front and backs of the kayaks down for longer trips. The sea wing style is convenient for two people to load, as well as individual loading (there are videos on a single - person loading system using the cam strap) which is easy to do. Highly recommended the Malone SeaWings for quality, cost effectiveness and safety.

This PFD is marketed as a women's fit however after half a dozen paddling trips, it has not measured up to what I had expected. For women with chest sizes over a B cup, the PFD will not provide full coverage on the sides (which is an awkward fit). It could be improved with a longer fit on the torso as well as it rides up while kayaking. The shoulder straps are comfortable, and pocket space in the front is enough for a wallet, phone, car keys, compass, PLB, and a cliff bar. I will be looking for a proper women's PFD.

Overall this kayak is stable, durable, tracks very well in flat water to class II waves. Have only used it for recreational kayaking trips rather than fishing, and think that is has tremendous value for the price point and overall enjoyment. Very happy with this recreational kayak! Pros: - Very durable construction - Twin arched multi-chine hull is excellent for stability - Drain plugs are a great feature. They are a bit tight to take out and put back in for the first few times, but work very well. - The seat is moderately comfortable, but can be adjusted with purchasing an additional seat rest. - The rubber kneepads on either side of the cockpit adds comfort, and the kayak comes with a handly pre-installed bungee cord over the tank well. - Carrying toggles at either ends are great to get into launch sites and carry out - There are a few durable footrests (nonadjustable, but have come pre-set) which work well (better than not having any). - The kayak has a bungee chord which the manufacturer indicates is a smart phone holder, however I find that is most effective for strapping a waterbottle into it. Cons: - As expected with recreational kayaks, there are no bulk heads but the manufacturer has inserted foam behind the cockpit seat to act as one, however water will still move from one end of the kayak to the other. - The black storage cases ("exopods") were removed after the first paddling trip because they are not waterproof or space efficient. Instead, tethering dry bags into the tank wells works extremely well. - The front deck storage hatch is not very useful. Water enters the shallow hatch very easily.

I have used this paddle on flat water, in lakes, rivers, and in the ocean for sea kayaking. This recreational paddle has a sleek design and is fun to use. It is an overall strong paddle and can take a bit of beating with pushing off rocks for beginner paddlers. Although the aluminium shaft is thick, it is smooth and allows for a tight grip. The button lock system is very reliable and easy to snap into place. The plastic blades come in many bright colors and overall gives for efficient strokes. Two negatives are that the paddle weighs approximately 39 ounces and can start to feel a bit heavy after a long day out on the water (after an 11 mile paddle you will defiantly start looking for lighter paddles), and the rubber stoppers on the paddle are not as effective with preventing water dripping into your boat. Another helpful note is that the manufacturer website gives tips on sizing according to your height and boat width which I think is pretty accurate. I would recommend this paddle.