Name: moduckgal

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I love this boat. I have currently logged more than 500 miles in this boat. I am currently entered into the MR340 and can not wait to take this thing across the State of Missouri. I am a larger woman and the Tsunami fits me with ease. It is a little sluggish maneuvering it, but to be expected in this style of boat as far as I am concerned. I have only had one thing happen that I am trying to get fixed. One of the thigh pads pulled loose by cracking where the nut sits in the plastic.

I would recommend this boat for anyone who wants to take a long haul. Plenty of storage space for several nights.
Great Job; Love this Kayak

This was my first Kayak and I love it. This one is great to use if I do not want to take my 17 1/2 footer out. The storage in this boat is very adequate and you could last several nights on an outing. I put a rudder on it without any problems. The rudder ready feature on this made it very easy.

I have used the Aqua Bound Eagle Ray Hybrid for the last year. This has been a great paddle for my style. I tend to be a lower angle paddler and this one works great. The snap-lock has worked without problems and is not rusting or causing problems.

Recently I noticed when getting ready to go out on the river that the right side had some water in it. When I lifted the paddle it sloshed back and forth. I contacted the company and they were very eager to help. They said they took that very seriously and said they would send me another paddle out right away. I had only asked them how to get the water and extra weight out of it. So this was a very pleasant surprise.

I purchased two sets of these Sea Wings and put them on my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition. They are great carriers. They are easy to load into because they are bigger than other carriers I have seen. You do not have to be as precise putting them up. I have carried two Kayaks over the length of 16.6 feet without any movement. I would purchase these again if I needed more of them.