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  • MPG460G - MicroSport Base Trailer

  • MPG460XT - MicroSport XT Trailer

  • MPG461B2 - MicroSport Package- Bunks

  • MPG461G2 - MicroSport Package - J-Racks

  • MPG461GS - MicroSport Package - MegaWings

  • MPG461GU - MicroSport Package - SaddleUp Pro

  • MPG461KB - MicroSport Kayak/Bike Trailer

  • MPG461SRP - MicroSport 4 Kayak Trailer Package

  • MPG462G2 - MicroSport 4 Kayak Package - J-Rack

    MicroSport Trailers Description

    Easy to assemble and use, each MicroSport trailer kit comes with detailed award-winning instructions, as well as pre-fitted electrical, mechanical, and hub assemblies. Five Year Limited Warranty on the trailer.

    MicroSport Trailers Specs and Features

    • Material Description: 11 gauge pre-galvanized steel construction for years of service

    Additional Attributes

    • Pre-assembled hubs for a clean and simple installation
    • 12" galvanized wheels with marine grade sealed bearings
    • Reinforced steel tongue can transport boats up to 20' in length
    • 78" steel rectangular load bars with D-ring tie-downs
    • 11 gauge pre-galvanized steel construction for years of service
    • Five Year Limited Warranty - Made in the USA

    Malone Auto Racks
    MicroSport Trailers Reviews

    Read reviews for the MicroSport Trailers by Malone Auto Racks as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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    I've always loaded my yaks…

    Submitted by: streamr on 12/3/2021

    I've always loaded my yaks on the roof of my car and never had a problem. I had shoulder replacement surgery and was told by my doctor to continue paddling but not to lift anything more than 35#s over my head. My yaks are over 50#s so I needed to look for an alternative. I did a lot of research on trailers and decided on the MicroSport for the size, quality build and looks. I wanted 12" wheels since I do a lot of highway traveling. I have the Yakima Bow Down cradles and they work great. I have it set up for two boats but I think I can squeeze a few more on with more J-cradles. I thought I'd have problems with it bouncing around because of the weight, but that has not been an issue. Loading and unloading couldn't be easier and I added the trunk to carry some lightweight items. I'm the wrong person to ask about the directions because I have never had a problem building things and don't always follow instructions anyway. Are there less expensive trailers out there? Sure. Are they built as well? Probably not. Looking forward to many years of towing this little thing around.


    Has worked great. I had the…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/26/2018

    Has worked great. I had the Malone downloaders plus the Telos load assist so I could load my 17' on top of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Jeep died and now I have a Tacoma pickup, with a hard tonneau. So no loading on top (plus it's new, I didn't care about banging up the 17 year-old Jeep!). I've wanted one of these forever, since it took 15-20 minutes to load up on top of the Jeep. It took a few hours for me and my husband to assemble. One of the hub caps was squashed, Malone sent a new one out, so we had to wait a week. The trailer rides great, plus I can detach it and push it around until I learn to back up with it. 5 minutes to load and tie it up!!!! I'll be taking it on a 7 hour drive in a few weeks, and don't anticipate any issues. Wish I'd had it years ago. I love it


    This trailer makes getting…

    Submitted by: Sklepley on 10/30/2016
    This trailer makes getting your yak in the water a snap. We have ours outfitted with 2 j-racks plus added the storage box for life jackets and other gear. It is light enough to move manually, yet sturdy enough for the interstate. So much easier than a roof rack to load and unload. Well designed, holds up to 4 kayaks.

    I purchased the malone micro…

    Submitted by: RANDYFOOTE on 6/20/2016
    I purchased the malone micro sport xt trailer after alot of research, I wanted a trailer that was both light yet could take abuse. My trailer has the removable tongue which nice for saving space in the garage. I have mine set up with a canoe in the center and long sea kayaks on each side of it using malone and thule j racks. i did add a 3 cross bar in front of the 2 existing crossbars for a wide support for my 18's. after 6 months of use, dozens of coastal and mountain trips. I give the malone trailer a 10. Saves gas, very easy to unload compared to top of car. I can even pull it behind a 4 cycle jeep in the mountain with no concern. It is so nice to leave the boats mounted, I can be hooked up and drive away from the house in 15 minutes. Don't forget to buy locks for trailer, trailer wheels and your boats. I highly recommend the Malone XT trailer.

    The trailer is great, light…

    Submitted by: Artandsusan on 5/9/2016
    The trailer is great, light weight and easy to load. The cost here in Canada makes the trailer expensive for what you get, but this is due to the lights are not up to DOT specifications and are exposed to the elements.

    The best bet is to run the wires through garden hose for protection.


    brought this trailer from…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/8/2015
    brought this trailer from Amazon Racks for All. took 5 days to receive all of the packages. it took 2 hours and 20 minutes to fully assemble the trailer and all 4 Malone j2pro cradles. Very easy to register and title in Virginia. I have it loaded with 5 boats in J cradles and another in the center. tows very well behind a Jeep Wrangler. my only complaint is exposed wiring and scotch lock connectors. I soldered and heat shrunk all of the wires. As noted i previous posts I placed wiring in wire loom and glue on wire tie supports purchased at a local auto parts store. the next day this took an additional hour

    The trailer is great... easy…

    Submitted by: paddler235685 on 7/3/2014
    The trailer is great... easy to assemble and makes traveling with kayaks a breeze. I have read some posts that they fully assembled it in 4 hours, I think that is a bit of a stretch as it took me at least 5, but still easy to assemble.

    The only reason I gave it an 8 and not a 10 is the electrical is showing. You absolutely want to cover these wires as they will wear out and than short. I bought a grey lawn hose and pushed the wires through it, this should insulate the wires well.

    Also, the customer service at Malone is second to none... I had a couple of questions and they answered them right away with a great knowledge of their product. I would recommend this company to everyone.


    I was very disappointed with…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2014
    I was very disappointed with this trailer. I bought the one with the retractable tongue figuring that was a nice option. The instructions for the assembly were awful. There was a separate booklet for the tongue that did not correlate with the other booklet. The pictures and instructions were very confusing. The worst thing about this trailer was the wiring. It was very flimsy and all the wires are exposed to the elements with plastic clips to barely hold the wires to the frame. That is a disaster waiting to happen. I could not get the electrical to work, shorted out my brake lights on my truck, and this had to be fixed by a trailer repair place right out of the box. There was a large part missing (U-Bolt)and had to be ordered from the factory.

    Overall, I would stay away from this product. I ended up selling mine at a $250 loss and bought the Yakima Rack and Roll which is a Cadillac vs. a Volkswagon in this scenario. You get what you pay for and for a few hundred bucks more go, with the best. I had a few restless nights with this disaster purchase but all is good now.


    Although the trailer is…

    Submitted by: RikJohnson on 5/5/2014
    Although the trailer is excellent, I DID have issues with registering the thing which took 4 months!!!
    Part of it was that I had purchased the trailer from a company in Vermont (I could not find a local dealer). And although Malone sent the trailer Fed-Ex for free from their factory, the seller failed to meet Arizona registration requirements. Talking to them on the phone (not Malone, their sub-contract dealer) and asking them to actually notarize the title and put their dealer number on the title elicited the response "I've never heard of that, Arizona is stupid!" Again, this comment was from the dealer, not Malone!

    So I would take the papers to the ADOT, be told that I needed 'x', 'y' and 'z', then I'd call Vermont and fight with them to get them to meet AZ rules (If you sell to AZ, you should meet AZ laws), then wait a month, then back to ADOT to learn that the dealer neglected to read and follow the instruction letter sent by ADOT. 4 months of this and I finally got the holes plugged.

    In the meantime, ADOT changed their rules at least three times:
    - January, no inspection needed for new trailers if I had a photo of the trailer. I showed them the one off the internet and they were happy.
    - February, all trailers need to be inspected. Also the title needs the name and occupational title of the actual person who signed the title.
    - March, you only need inspection of you, the owner, feels that the trailer needs an inspection??????
    - April 22, yes, I need inspection.
    - April 23, no, you do not need an inspection for a boat trailer.

    So, here is my advice.
    When you buy the trailer, and I strongly recommend this trailer, check with your local Motor Vehicle Division (whatever they call it) and get details on your local registration requirements.
    THEN, when you buy the trailer from an out-of-state dealer, explain your local requirements and have them meet your local laws so you can save months of fighting.

    Finally, Dee, the woman who recommended the Microsport, brought her Microsport to the lake last weekend. She showed me her own mods, some good and some bad. Fearing that the plastic license plate would break free, she moved the plate to the center of the trailer AWAY from the trailer light. With no light on the plate, any night driving will generate a traffic ticket. I solved that problem by buying a used metal plate holder and tossing the plastic one.
    She said that she DID wish that she had run her wires through a hose as did I. Vibration, shaking, etc caused her wires to move around and rub the insulation off, resulting in a short. Dee purchased the removable box option and leaves it home for fear it will be stolen. My bolting my own box to the frame was a thought she liked.

    Please contact me with your own comments, thoughts and suggestions


    FOLLOW-UP REVIEW After having taken the trailer from Tucson to Yuma (4 hours…

    Submitted by: RikJohnson on 2/20/2014
    After having taken the trailer from Tucson to Yuma (4 hours freeway) a couple times, I have a few additional comments to add to my previous review [2014-01-31].

    First trip was to Yuma via I-8, then along a rough road followed by a sand and grass path between the Indian reservation and Colorado River. Once at the put-in, I had to unhook the trailer, push it up a grassy slope and park it until I could turn the jeep around and reattach the trailer. No problem. Unloaded as it was, it moved easily.

    Last weekend, I repeated the basic trip but from Yuma it was 18 miles of poorly graded road to the Picacho Campground. The trailer towed so well on both trips I had to stop and check to be certain that it was still there. On the way home, we stopped to help a stranded motorist but the rough dirt road was too narrow to turn so again, I unhooked the loaded trailer (2 kayaks, camping and boating gear), pulled it over the washboard, turned the jeep around and reattached the trailer. No problems and I am NOT a young man anymore. With a high vehicle like the Jeep or Forerunner, the boats were below the rear window which made backing up tricky. Good thing I put a flag on my kayak stern.

    It seems that the version I bought had all the features people desired as standard. This includes running lights, easy-to-mount tail-lights and handle-on-the-tongue. I don't know if Malone read the reviews and fixed the complaints or what, but I got a bunch of freebees that earlier buyers had to pay for.

    I DID make a few changes that Malone may wish to address.

    1. I drilled a hole in the tongue near the front and installed an eye-bolt for a bow tie-down straps. I strongly suggest this as I had a woman fail to tie my kayak down properly and it slid out of the straps. A bow tie-down would have saved my boat.
    2. the rails are still too flimsy. Either replace them with stronger rails or slide a piece of #5 rebar inside for strength. The rebar option is cheaper.
    3. I drilled holes at the ends of each rail and ran an eye-bolt for my tie-down straps. ONLY at the end, never in the middle. That way I can hook the strap to the end-bolt, over the boat, around the rail, back over the bolt and to that eye-bolt again. Makes tieing down the boats easier and safer.
    4. Never enough tie-down points. Yes, there are holes all around the frame but... I ran a bunch of eye-bolts through these holes and now have plenty of tie-down points.
    5. I went to Harbor Freight and bought a sheet of deck-mat. this is corrugated rubber that people glue to steel stairs. I added it to the tongue in case I had to stand on the tongue to reach the top of the jeep.
    6. Wire hose. I distrust bare wires clipped to the trailer. The insulation ages or rabbits nibble at them and you have shorts. I ran my wires through an old garden hose to protect them.
    I made others but those were personal and the Microsport accepts mods easily. I added a large box above the axle with added angle-steel to hold it in place for my gear. Then a wood deck over the frame where I put a couple B2 bags with extra gear. Added a few ammo-boxes to the frame to hold tie-down straps, the usual. Even with all that extra weight, the trailer performed wonderfully!

    The standard rails easily held my wing-saddles and a J-rack between (3 boats) so I never saw the need to get the extended rails for a 4th boat. I have seen people with a Malone hauling 4 J-racks with no problems.

    I DO suggest getting the spare tire option. Last weekend I saw a number of trailers with missing tire and expensive boat along a deserted road. The victim of a flat where the owner had to leave his boat & trailer on the road while he drove into town to get the flat fixed. Anyone with a spare could easily upgrade to a free boat. So pay for the spare tire!

    Unless you are handy, like me, and have a box laying around, I would suggest that you buy the storage box option! At the least, you can put your PFD, painter, leash and other boat gear in the box and clear out the trunk and back-seat of the car. ALSO, I found tossing my wet gear and clothes into the box to be preferable to driving across the desert with my water-shoes and paddle clothes stinking up the car.

    For the price ($1169 free shipping) you cannot get anything better. In April, I will be doing a talk on Modifying your kayak at a kayak event and am considering showing off my Microsport. It's well worth the money.


    I decided to purchase a kayak…

    Submitted by: RikJohnson on 1/31/2014
    I decided to purchase a kayak trailer after someone at the lake smashed my home-made trailer. I chose the Malone Microsport because
    a) a fellow paddler had one and i liked the looks
    b) it was affordable when compared to what you get: highway tires and bearings. Decent load. Modifiable frame.

    I ordered the trailer on Saturday, 11 January and the order was sent to the manufacturer on Monday, 13 January. I had a trip planned for the 24th so was a bit worried. More so when I called Malone and they said it would go out FedEx. The tracking numbers on the FedEx site never changed, always saying "in route, delivered 20 Jan by noon" King Day, a holiday. It actually arrived at 11:53 am on king Day. So I called my daughter and we spent the day putting it together.

    PRAISE #1: The instruction book was EXCELLENT!
    COMPLAINT #1: the parts were scattered across 5 boxes.

    Praise #2: it went together easily!
    Complaint #2: for a trailer made in the US, all the nuts-&-bolts were in metric!

    Our only problem was when we started to modify it as we assembled. I hate bare wires so we ran an old garden hose and ran the lighting wires through that hose. I wanted a gear box but could not afford the box-kit so made a frame for a box I had. I mounted ammo boxes for my tie-down straps and the zinc-coating dulled a few bits.

    I finished the trailer and most of the mods by 4pm Friday. Odile and Maria arrives at 5pm and without even testing the lights, we took off across the desert.

    COMPLAINT #3: the load bars are thin aluminum.
    Solution: shove a piece of #5 rebar inside for strength.

    Eventually I had two saddles on the ends with a J-rack between and a wood deck between the tongue and box. When loading camping gear in my B-2 Bags, i was glad for the added deck.

    Ok, here is the good stuff!
    It tows like a dream! Yes the tongue is a bit long for a 14' kayak but that can be fixed when I decide how much to cut off. Still, freeway, in town, dirt road, sand, nothing phased that trailer. 4 1/4 hours to Yuma. Another half hour to the lake and back and the trailer still looks and acts wonderful!

    For their base-model, the Microsport is so good, why buy a better trailer.


    I have a Malone micro and…

    Submitted by: paddler234893 on 2/5/2013
    I have a Malone micro and love it. We have hauled 4 kayaks from NC to New Hampshire and from the Middle of NC to the ocean with no problems. We did have some problem with the hitch but with some adjustment it is working fine. I am about to get the bike racks to replace 2 of the kayak saddles. Highly recommended.

    Bought this trailer last…

    Submitted by: windancer on 12/26/2012
    Bought this trailer last summer. I transport a 17' Current Designs Storm and a 17' Seaward Tyee and it works great. Have had full trailer on the Trans Canada at 70 mph and the kayaks are very secure. I keep the kayaks loaded on the trailer in my garage and can be on the road in 5 minutes. It's much easier than loading the kayaks on and off my vehicle each time I use them. Saves a lot of time and gives me no excuse not to go out kayaking.

    In my case I bought the optional spare tire and storage box which in my opinion was well worth it. The storage box can be locked and holds all the necessary gear. It makes transporting the boats so much easier, especially as we get older.


    I bought this trailer, it is…

    Submitted by: paddler234468 on 3/26/2012
    I bought this trailer, it is a nice trailer, it holds four touring kayaks nicely. I would have given the trailer at 10 except I was missing a part, I have to contact them to see if they will send it to me. Also the cross bars are a little flimsy for my taste. I would hope that they would be a little more sturdy.

    Overall, the trailer is good, however, it does take a while to put together.... It took me an entire week of working at night after work. I agree with the criticism about the wiring, I too had to splice to make it reach. I did buy the optional box, that sits inside. It is a good custom fit, however, I am not sure how it attaches to the trailer. I am using a strap for now. The one nice thing about this trailer is is that is primarily constructed of galvanized steel which hopefully will make it last a long time.


    I love this trailer,…

    Submitted by: MRD on 9/25/2011
    I love this trailer, especially its removable tongue option, which allows me to store the trailer standing up against the wall in my garage, taking up less than 2' x 6' of floor space. And the optional cargo container accessory provides a place for all the paddling gear (well, except for the paddles), saving space in my SUV. And no more loading boats onto the roof of the SUV, either. With kayak saddles, the basic trailer handles two boats quite capably. And with a pair of stackers, I can get four boats on their edges onto the basic trailer. I am completely satisfied with my Malone Micro Sport trailer, and heartily recommend it.

    I give the Malone Sport…

    Submitted by: danielbickers on 7/29/2011
    I give the Malone Sport Trailer a complete thumbs up! Absolutely anyone can assemble this trailer. Everything was included right down to the last nut and washer. The directions were amazingly thorough and easy to understand and were even in print large enough for 56 year old eyes to read without reading glasses.

    All parts fit together as they should, I didn't have to force anything. The trailer tracks perfectly straight and does not bounce loaded or unloaded. The handle is now included in the basic package. The only thing I can say that is less than complimentary is that I had to splice in a piece of wire to make the ground wire long enough and the tail light wiring connections were a bit of a problem until I figured out that I could take the red lens off to gain access to the connectors.
    I highly recommend this product.


    Bought this trailer with 4…

    Submitted by: Big_Dave on 11/3/2010
    Bought this trailer with 4 Malone J-Style Autoloaders this summer. We transport 3 Pungo 120s and a Jackson Daytripper 120 and it works great(bigger boats would be no problem either). The trailer is easy to put together, has great instructions with lots of pictures, and if you need help of any kind, when you call the 800 Service number, you talk to a real person and usually one with the last name of Malone. I like that. Have had full trailer on the interstate at 65 mph and the kayaks are rock steady (I tie them off with a bow line in the front). Make sure and buy the optional Trailer Lift Handle for $9.99...you can tie the bow lines to it and it makes moving it around easy. I keep the yaks loaded on the trailer in my garage and can be on the road in 5 minutes. Just tighten the straps, hitch it to my vehicle and I'm off to our favorite river or lake. It's much better than putting on and off the top of my vehicle each time and then hoisting to the top of the garage ceiling for storage after each use. I wouldn't use the yaks nearly as much as I do now if I was still doing it that way. If you like to be ready to go on a moments notice, buy this setup and you'll be amazed at how much more you will use your yaks. And as you get older...you'll appreciate it even more.