Name: danielbickers

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I paddled my Expedition 140 extensively all last year and found it to be a real joy. Very good balance of tracking, maneuverability, stability and glide. No leakage at all. I've been in chop large enough to break over the bow but took no water in the cockpit. The appearance after a coat of automotive wax can only be described as striking.

I give it a 9 because of one shortcoming for me, the seat. At 5'9" and 160 lbs. my bony butt hurts after 2-3 hours. Don't have this problem in other brands. The addition of a YakPad solved the problem. I recommend this kayak.

I give the Malone Sport Trailer a complete thumbs up! Absolutely anyone can assemble this trailer. Everything was included right down to the last nut and washer. The directions were amazingly thorough and easy to understand and were even in print large enough for 56 year old eyes to read without reading glasses.

All parts fit together as they should, I didn't have to force anything. The trailer tracks perfectly straight and does not bounce loaded or unloaded. The handle is now included in the basic package. The only thing I can say that is less than complimentary is that I had to splice in a piece of wire to make the ground wire long enough and the tail light wiring connections were a bit of a problem until I figured out that I could take the red lens off to gain access to the connectors.
I highly recommend this product.