Name: Sklepley

Most Recent Reviews

This trailer makes getting your yak in the water a snap. We have ours outfitted with 2 j-racks plus added the storage box for life jackets and other gear. It is light enough to move manually, yet sturdy enough for the interstate. So much easier than a roof rack to load and unload. Well designed, holds up to 4 kayaks.

After trying many kayaks, I settled on purchasing the Hurricane Skimmer 116. At 42 lbs, this little beauty is perfect for me. I am a 55 year old female who loves the outdoors. I wanted a yak light enough that I could handle by myself, yet stable enough to fish from. I can car top it easily, carry to the beach or lake with little effort, and secure a milk crate on the back deck with my fishing gear. It glides easily through the water and I love the way it handles.

The seat provides all day paddling comfort. As a woman looking for a kayak, this one is a great fit for me. It also has a 300 lb. weight limit, unlike other lighter kayaks, so sharing it with my husband loaded up with cooler and fishing gear is not a problem.