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I've always loaded my yaks on the roof of my car and never had a problem. I had shoulder replacement surgery and was told by my doctor to continue paddling but not to lift anything more than 35#s over my head. My yaks are over 50#s so I needed to look for an alternative. I did a lot of research on trailers and decided on the MicroSport for the size, quality build and looks. I wanted 12" wheels since I do a lot of highway traveling. I have the Yakima Bow Down cradles and they work great. I have it set up for two boats but I think I can squeeze a few more on with more J-cradles. I thought I'd have problems with it bouncing around because of the weight, but that has not been an issue. Loading and unloading couldn't be easier and I added the trunk to carry some lightweight items. I'm the wrong person to ask about the directions because I have never had a problem building things and don't always follow instructions anyway. Are there less expensive trailers out there? Sure. Are they built as well? Probably not. Looking forward to many years of towing this little thing around.