Name: windancer

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I have rated this boat as a 9 because as we all know there really is no perfect boat. I have 2 17' boats, a rotomolded Current Designs Storm and a fiberglass Seaward Tyee.

The CD Storm in my opinion is one of the best plastic boats around. It is a bit on the heavy side but a pleasure to paddle. It is fast and effortless to paddle and makes a great overnight boat. It has a good payload capacity and is roomy for all your gear. Because it is rotomolded can take lot of abuse in rockier areas where a fiber glass boat might not be appropriate.

I only rated this boat a nine because as we all know there is no perfect boat.
I have two 17' boats, a rotomolded Current Designs "Storm" and a Fiberglass Seaward Tyee. I find myself using the fiberglass Tyee almost exclusively, I just love paddling this boat.

The Seaward Tyee has a green-land upswept bow, incredible stability and a very high cargo capacity. It has a very comfortable cockpit and with the extra volume in the bow it allows for a dry ride even when heavily loaded for over night trips. The snug-fitting cockpit is easily fine-tuned. The seatback can be moved horizontally forward or backward by mounting it in either of two sets of predrilled holes, and then adjusted for tilt using a strap. The seat bottom is padded with mini-cell foam in a nylon cover.

It is a very responsive boat, it is quick and agile while tripping. It is Seaward's most stable kayak is also a quick and responsive cruiser. It is one of the most sought after kayaks by tour operators. It is a 17' boat with a long waterline means the Tyee is an excellent choice for photography or over night tripping. It is very easy to paddle and moves effortlessly through the water, handles rougher water with ease.
As a photographer, I appreciate it's stability for not only shooting images, but in keeping all my gear safe when paddling the boat.

I highly recommend the Seaward brand to anyone as the quality and service are second to none. The boat itself is very well constructed and well thought out, with it's new recessed deck fittings, flush hatches, and deck lines.

Bought this trailer last summer. I transport a 17' Current Designs Storm and a 17' Seaward Tyee and it works great. Have had full trailer on the Trans Canada at 70 mph and the kayaks are very secure. I keep the kayaks loaded on the trailer in my garage and can be on the road in 5 minutes. It's much easier than loading the kayaks on and off my vehicle each time I use them. Saves a lot of time and gives me no excuse not to go out kayaking.

In my case I bought the optional spare tire and storage box which in my opinion was well worth it. The storage box can be locked and holds all the necessary gear. It makes transporting the boats so much easier, especially as we get older.