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Bought this trailer with 4 Malone J-Style Autoloaders this summer. We transport 3 Pungo 120s and a Jackson Daytripper 120 and it works great(bigger boats would be no problem either). The trailer is easy to put together, has great instructions with lots of pictures, and if you need help of any kind, when you call the 800 Service number, you talk to a real person and usually one with the last name of Malone. I like that. Have had full trailer on the interstate at 65 mph and the kayaks are rock steady (I tie them off with a bow line in the front). Make sure and buy the optional Trailer Lift Handle for $ can tie the bow lines to it and it makes moving it around easy. I keep the yaks loaded on the trailer in my garage and can be on the road in 5 minutes. Just tighten the straps, hitch it to my vehicle and I'm off to our favorite river or lake. It's much better than putting on and off the top of my vehicle each time and then hoisting to the top of the garage ceiling for storage after each use. I wouldn't use the yaks nearly as much as I do now if I was still doing it that way. If you like to be ready to go on a moments notice, buy this setup and you'll be amazed at how much more you will use your yaks. And as you get'll appreciate it even more.

I THRASH my gear... I use my Camano at work as a guide…

I THRASH my gear...
I use my Camano at work as a guide in the Marlborough Sounds, NZ, and it's still going strong after 5 years of paddling at least 175 days a year, towing loaded doubles in chop and strong winds, being loaded in the trailer and rattling round with the rental paddles, and getting stood on by moron customers.

The ferrule wore out, so I glued it together at 35deg, then the ferrule pulled out the carbon weave from the inside of the shaft so I mixed up some epoxy and glued that back in, that was a year ago and the only problem I've had.

I have the crank shaft, which I believe helped clear up some tendinitis in my wrist and definitely helps out my stroke.

I'm extremely happy with this stick, and when I inevitably lose or break it I will buy another one despite the huge price tag.