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I just bought my wife a Astral V Eight PFD 3 months ago. She has now worn it about a dozen times and she couldn't be happier. My wife loves to canoe and kayak, but there is a comfort threshold for her. The higher the comfort the more likely she is to enjoy the on water experience. I am beginning to understand that point better the older that I get. She has tried numerous vests and owns a couple of top rated ones. But she relays to me that the Astral is the most comfortable and by far the coolest temperature vest that she has ever worn. She also loves the the high back, because she is only 5'4" and canoe/kayak backs are have always been an issue. This vest helped that problem. The vest is also curved for a female in the front which relives the common tightness issues in the chest area. And she raves about feeling a little airflow through the mesh, which is found all over the vest in the right places.

Good job Astral for designing a well designed and crafted light vest.

I do a lot of research/reflection before buying most of my gear. I don't mind spending a little more money, if I can see that a product is well designed, the craftsmanship is high and the product makes sense within my personal use. Usually this time researching saves me money in the end because it results in more use, comfort and the product just lasts longer. The Helinox Sunset Chair fall into this area. A couple of years ago i purchased the Helinox one chair which is lighter and used it alot, great chair super light and tuff. I was really impressed by it. Well along came the Helinox Sunset chair, it is a little heavier, (not much), but not for backpacking, but it has comfort in spades. The chair is a little higher off the ground and has a higher back, which I can say is close to perfection in the way the body fits into it. It is now my favorite chair the take canoeing/kayaking, or car camping. Yes it is expensive compared to regular outdoor folding chairs, but just sit in it or carry its super light weight and you will see that this chair is light years better than the rest. Enjoy.

I recently added a Kokatat SeaO2 Hybrid PFD life vest to my collection, I wanted a lighter vest with a higher back. Yet I didn't want to sacifice, safety, comfort or quality. I was and am still leary of the total inflatable life vests. I wanted something that some traditional foam in it. I have tried and own my styles and brands of vests, Kokatat is my favorite brand. I also own the Kokatat Ronin Pro Kayak Rescue Lifejacket to compare the SeaO2 to. both are great vests. They are both comfortable, the SeaO2 is lighter and cooler, the Ronin is a bar none hard core pro vest. Technical wise the SeaO2 performs perfectly, and it does hold me afloat without adding extra air. I am 190#. Kokatat makes great products and the SeaO2 life vest has proven itself.

I purchased the malone micro sport xt trailer after alot of research, I wanted a trailer that was both light yet could take abuse. My trailer has the removable tongue which nice for saving space in the garage. I have mine set up with a canoe in the center and long sea kayaks on each side of it using malone and thule j racks. i did add a 3 cross bar in front of the 2 existing crossbars for a wide support for my 18's. after 6 months of use, dozens of coastal and mountain trips. I give the malone trailer a 10. Saves gas, very easy to unload compared to top of car. I can even pull it behind a 4 cycle jeep in the mountain with no concern. It is so nice to leave the boats mounted, I can be hooked up and drive away from the house in 15 minutes. Don't forget to buy locks for trailer, trailer wheels and your boats. I highly recommend the Malone XT trailer.

I just hit 60, after canoeing and kayaking since the age of 10, I decided to reward myself and push my kayak limit/skills. I have owned many boats throughout the years rec, british and american designs. I decided on a kelvar Solstice GT. I have always been a Current Designs/Wenonah fan. My wife loves the Kestrel series. I own a Spirit 2 canoe and the Gulfstream. The Solstice GT fits me like a glove, 5'10", 190#, shoe 10#. It is fast, light, and tracks extremely well. Craftsmanship is outstanding. I use this boat when I want to go far and fast. The stability is much higher than my Gulfstream, but they are very different boats. The Solstice is a design that has been tested, refined and proven over time, I just love this boat.

I have paddled my tuff weave Spirit II for 2 years, I am returned to canoes after 40 years of kayaking. I find the craftmanship of the Spirit II outstanding. It is a very stable boat without giving up alot of speed or tracking. I use it mostly in lakes and 2-3 day river treks. I have the kevlar bow and stern layups. This is a very well rounded canoe.

If you're looking for the perfect ultra lite canoe paddle, take a look at the Nessmuk from Sanborn Canoe Company. This small company from Minnesota is making its mark through a blend of solid craftsmanship, superior design and topnotch customer service. The Nessmuk is a work of art; wood paddle with a layer of carbon on one side of the blade. It feels natural, warm, silent and and fast in all strokes. Perfect balance and at about 14oz(52") very light. It has now become my preferred paddle ahead of my BB Sunburst and Black Jack carbon paddles

After decades in ocean kayaks, I added a canoe to the fleet. After growing up in MN. where I cut my teeth on canoes. 60 years old, I wanted a boat that I could get the wife and dogs out onto the water without giving up to much to performance. After much research, I bought a Wenonah spirit 2 in tuff weave, kevlar ends and bucket seat. After a summer's use (2015). I am totally happy with the boat. It's is tough, light (under 60lbs.), stable yet glides well.

My wife wanted to move into a better 12 foot kayak, she tried Old Town, Perception, Widerness System and Necky, but went with the Kestrel poly 12'. She is extremely happy, the Kestral is light, stiff and tracks like a dream. She commented about the great glide the kayak has. I also tried the boat and she is right on. GREAT DESIGN!

This paddle is a piece of art, do not mistake it for its more inexpensive eagle ray brothers made of partial CF or fiberglass.This is an all-carbon paddle that is extremely well made with attention given to the details.I have abused many CF and fiberglass Werner and Aquabound paddles in the past,and can now qualify this all-carbon paddle as one of the best.It has almost perfect balance end to end, no blade flutter, tight connection, superior finish,low 20's wt. and a competitive price.