Pedal Kayaks

Pedal Kayak Gear Guide

Browse all of the latest and greatest pedal kayaks made available by the likes of Hobie, Native Watercraft, and Pelican. Transforming the way we used to go kayaking, a pedal kayak brings a whole new experience of pedal-driven maneuverability, range, and comfort out on the water.

Pedal Kayak Reviews

The paddling community has been pedaling, testing, and reviewing pedal kayaks since day one. Written by your fellow paddlers, recreational and expert alike, you'll glean information on the overall experience and value of a pedal kayak. You will also be able to answer questions like: how do others transport a pedal kayak? Are they heavy? Do they even bring a paddle? You'll also learn something new about pedal kayaks- that some have full 360 degree turn capability or that most are delighted with how easy it is to load one up on the top of an SUV or truck.

Read through the many pedal kayak reviews before you make your purchase, get out and try one if you can, and then be sure to share your pedal drive kayak experience with the rest of us!