Kayak Kits & Plans

Ready to DIY and build your own kayak? Find kayak kits and kayak plans from brands Chesapeake Light Craft. If you want to build your own, choose a kayak kit. If you want to source your own materials, choose kayak plans. There's nothing more rewarding than paddling your own handiwork!

Building Your Own Kayak

Nothing compares to the pride you get from building and then paddling your own wooden kayak. Kayak kits and kayak plans are simple and straightforward to follow. Those characteristics make them the perfect winter or off-season project . But if you run stuck, there are plenty of helpful resources and happy folks to lend advice when needed. You'll learn the stitch and glue fundamentals of bringing these wooden dreams to life.

Wooden Kayak Kit Reviews

We've collected wooden kayak kit reviews for over twenty years. When you read them through, it is evident that very few ever regret the decision to get one. Not only are they one of the most beautiful kayaks to display, they track well. And since you built it, you understand every component to that kayak.

When you're done, first take a step back and admire your handiwork. Second, go paddle it! Finally, be sure to submit a review and share your kayak kit experience with the next curious paddler!

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