Surf Ski Kayaks

A surf ski kayak is a type of kayak that is most known for being very long, narrow kayaks that are built for speed, performance, and racing. Typically carbon fiber, kevlar, or some combination of the two, their sleek, efficient shape design allows paddlers to maximize performance.

Why Paddle Surf Ski?

While known for being fast racing boats, surf skis are extremely versatile and can also be used by intermediate paddlers to enhance the touring kayak experience. Surf skis can be paddled on oceans, lakes, and rivers alike. 

Due to the narrow design, beginners often worry about a surf ski being "tippy". Like riding a bike, you certainly want to practice your paddling technique and bracing technique before you take it out on choppy water, but many have found that after some practice, staying balanced and stable on a surf ski gets easier. 

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