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Browse and compare all youth kayaks available on the market. Read youth kayak reviews to ensure you find a safe and stable kayak for your next generation paddler!

Finding a Kayak for Kids

When it comes to finding a kayak for kids, safety is without a doubt the highest priority. So what's the first step in finding a kayak for our kids? Buy them a kids life jacket that fits. It is not suitable to throw an adult-sized life jacket on kids, they should have a proper size and fit. It is also important to instruct them on some kayak fundamentals like how to paddle, what to do if you tip, etc.

Once you've covered those bases, now it's time to look for a kayak. Many times, kids are kayaking on inland lakes or calm water and a sit on top kayak will suit them best. It'll be easy for them to get onto the kayak and they won't feel too constrained if it's their first time on one. You can choose a polyethylene plastic boat or an inflatable, both are going to provide the stability needed.

As they advance and become comfortable, there are some kids' whitewater kayaks and kids' touring kayaks, or sit in kayaks, for kids that have a proven interest, respect, and skill for the sport. Be sure to read the kids kayak reviews to see what other paddling parents have to say about their experience with these boats!