Racing Kayaks

Choosing a racing kayak is different for everyone. Whether you are just looking for performance, or speed, or to compete, finding the fastest kayak is going to be personalized for you, your physique, abilities, and skills. Browse all available racing kayaks below from the most trusted racing kayak brands below.

Types of Racing Kayaks

Racing kayaks are a bit like golf. If you are teeing off, you'd reach for a driver. If you're in the bunker, a sand wedge. On the green, a putter (or sand wedge again, if it's one of those days!). The point is: you don't use the same club for every stroke. The same goes for racing kayaks. Depending on the race or course, you pick a slightly different boat. Racing kayaks can be thought of in two camps: sprint racing kayaks and marathon racing kayaks.

Sprint racing kayaks are long, flat, and designed to go fast and straight. Maneuverability is not a concern as you need only get from Point A to Point B.
Marathon racing kayaks still need speed, but must also be able to turn. Sprint and marathon kayaks are very similar and sometimes interchangeable. If the course or race requires, you may opt for a boat that exchanges sheer speed for maneuverability. Many racing kayaks will be surf ski kayaks.

Beyond that, you've got K1 kayaks for singles, K2 kayaks for pairs, K4 for four-person teams, and even some K3.

Racing Kayak Reviews

See racing kayaks by manufacturer below. Or read racing kayak reviews from other kayakers. It will be no surprise that all race boats fulfill their promise of speed. Reviews will educate you on other important characteristics like stability, weight, and comfort.

Remember, the best racing kayak is the one that works best for YOU!