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Sky 10 Description

The Sky 10 is a recreational sized kayak that provide the safety and comfort features and performance of full-fledged sea kayaks. Weighing only 32 pounds, the Sky 10 is one of the best paddling 10 foot recreational kayaks available anywhere. With standard dual bulkheads bow and stern, you won’t sacrifice safety and storage capacity for size and ease of transport.

Sky 10 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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I love this little kayak. I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/27/2023

I love this little kayak. I have a longer, much heavier ocean kayak for touring and paddling in the ocean but this little kayak is great for impromptu paddles on local lakes. I'm a 5'2" 72 year old woman and I can handle this on my own using my Thule Hullavators. Two friends have also bought this model kayak and they love theirs too.


The biggest reason that I…

Submitted by: paddler2758288 on 12/27/2023

The biggest reason that I got this boat was its very low weight. For reference, I am a 53 yr old 5'6" woman who weighs 135lbs. I have fairly severe degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis that I take medication for. I am sharing this because I had started to feel like my physical challenges were limiting what I could do - especially what I could do on my own. I am divorced and my kids will be going to college in a year or two. I had kayaked a few times, but the only boat I had ever owned was a used Old Time Loon that weighs over 50lbs, and that's just too heavy for me to be able to pick up and store easily by myself. When I read about the Sky 10 and that it only weighed just over 30lbs, I was pretty excited. It took a while to find one, since this was during COVID and I don't think Eddyline was making the normal amount of boats. I finally found one at REI and bought it on the spot, and haven't looked back since! I have had this boat in 2' Atlantic Ocean waves and it has handled very well. I am able to hoist it onto one shoulder and walk around with it there comfortably. There aren't many "official" put-in spots where I live so it's important for me to be able to lug the thing easily. At first it felt like it didn't have that "unsinkable" feeling that the broader-beamed and flat-bottomed Loon has, but I soon realized this was just the difference between how it feels to be in a heavy boat vs. what a very light and nimble boat feels like. The boat itself is very stable, and because it is so light I can use my body weight as ballast very effectively (just stretching my legs flat and using the foot rests is usually enough to get the level of stability I want). And the thing really can turn on a dime! I love this boat because it makes it easy for me to get onto the water - and so I am getting onto the water more often, which was the goal in the first place!


My newest favorite! I have a…

Submitted by: imbecilia on 1/17/2023

My newest favorite! I have a Eddyline Rio, Eddyline Fathom LV and Riot Intrigue. The little sky 10 takes barely any effort to throw it on top of the car or in the bed of the pickup. I thought I would be disappointed with performance but the Sky 10 keeps up very well and is quite maneuverable. It's really stable and the cockpit is comfortable. Although it is intended for smaller paddlers, it also accommodates heavier and shorter men. I take a lot of road trips and am a sixty 2 year old 5 ft 110 woman and I can travel easily with my kayak in top of my crosstrek with no problems putting it up or taking it off. A great buy. Glad I did it!


My newest favorite! I have a…

Submitted by: imbecilia on 1/17/2023

My newest favorite! I have a Eddyline Rio, Eddyline Fathom LV and Riot Intrigue. The little sky 10 takes barely any effort to throw it on top of the car or in the bed of the pickup. I thought I would be disappointed with performance but the Sky 10 keeps up very well and is quite maneuverable. It's really stable and the cockpit is comfortable. Although it is intended for smaller paddlers, it also accommodates heavier and shorter men. I take a lot of road trips and am a sixty 2 year old 5 ft 110 woman and I can travel easily with my kayak in top of my crosstrek with no problems putting it up or taking it off. A great buy. Glad I did it!


I bought my Sky10 - 10 years…

Submitted by: paddler1690478 on 9/2/2021

I bought my Sky10 - 10 years ago. I needed a Kayak that I could reliably put on and off my car, but did not want to compromise quality or good tracking. Since my purchase 4 other kayaking friends have followed suit. I love my Sky 10.


You want adventure? Eddyline…

Submitted by: paddler1696469 on 9/2/2021

You want adventure? Eddyline Kayaks will take you there. Well worth the price. Stability, functionality and style, its gots it all! Was soo happy with my Eddyline 10, we ordered an identical one for hubby. We are well on our way to ADVENTURE!


The PERFECT kayak for a…

Submitted by: paddler1687717 on 8/30/2021

The PERFECT kayak for a woman who wants adventure (sometimes) but needs a stable, easy to control kayak. It is comfortable, functional and looks good with me in the water


Amazing. Gets me on the…

Submitted by: paddler1688017 on 8/30/2021

Amazing. Gets me on the water and outdoors. So grateful I own this kayak.


love the light weight and…

Submitted by: paddler1689658 on 8/30/2021

love the light weight and maneuverability.


I have a 12ft that LOVE!…

Submitted by: paddler1691155 on 8/30/2021

I have a 12ft that LOVE!
since I won’t let anyone else in the family use mine, a 10ft would be perfect for my son!


I bought a used 2020 Sky 10…

Submitted by: Jeb on 8/16/2021

I bought a used 2020 Sky 10 this week and I am thrilled with this boat. I am 5'6" 240 lbs pants size 18, apple shaped, and I fit perfectly in this boat. It has very good initial stability with outstanding secondary stability. I had a Santee sport 120 before and the sky 10 tracks as well as that boat did, it has very little Flex to the material unlike the Santee. The center of gravity is lower than the Santee and perfect for me. The seat is comfortable. I only have a 28in inseam so I have plenty of room below for dry bag. I have used it against light current and light wind so far and it handled both very well. I got it up to 4MPH with very little effort. It backs up well and turns on a dime. Even with my short legs I can straddle the boat to get in easily. It is slightly difficult to get out of mainly because of my size, I cant turn sideways in it. I have used it for several hours on two trips one in the St Johns river near Volusia Blue springs and one at Alexander springs in Ocala National forest in Fl. I felt very safe and stable in this boat. It has no bottle or drink holder of any kind. It has two bulk heads but no plug to drain water out of the cock pit area. Simply rolling it over on land did empty the small amount of water I got in it. It is 32lbs and very easy to carry over one shoulder for a person of average strength. Overall I would say this boat performs at least as well as my longer Santee did. It is more durable and easier to maneuver. For inland waters I think it is a great little boat.


I've really enjoyed the…

Submitted by: Jackalope on 8/9/2021

I've really enjoyed the Eddyline Sky10 for remote smaller water. I own a nice long 17'-7" touring kayak for big water down on the coast. This little 10-footer has been ideal for smaller spring-fed rivers with difficult access. Hey, it only weighs 30-some pounds, so a 1/2-mile hike to the river access is no big deal. I love its maneuverability. Highly recommend this as a boat that you will use all the time.


I've had my Sky10 for three…

Submitted by: mariank on 7/28/2021

I've had my Sky10 for three years. As a female solo paddler, I wanted to get a kayak that I knew I could lift and carry without help from anyone else. At 32 lbs, the Sky10 is the right one. Recently retired, I wanted to make sure I was set up for some adventures so I wouldn't end up sitting around my house wondering what to do. The Sky10 has fit in well with camping and biking to round out my adventures. It's a well made, beautiful kayak that's easy to use. What more could a person ask for (oh yeah, and it keeps up with the bigger guys too).


This kayak glides through the…

Submitted by: paddler823401 on 7/29/2020
This kayak glides through the water effortlessly. What a difference between this new kayak and my old 9 foot one. I can lift this myself even as an older woman! I go kayaking several times a week by myself now and don't have to wait for the weekends to have my husband help me. I also purchased a lightweight paddle to replace my older heavier one. That is making a difference in my paddling ease also. I highly recommend this kayak!

Love this Kayak! I was used…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/27/2020
Love this Kayak! I was used to a 12 foot or longer kayak and was concerned about the tracking, especially in wind. The Sky 10 did great. It’s light weight enough for me to carry alone and load on my suv.

I'm loving my new Eddyline…

Submitted by: Jilski on 7/24/2020
I'm loving my new Eddyline Sky10. I sold my longer kayak as I found it too difficult to lift and carry. Well, this 71 year old woman has no trouble with the Sky 10. The kayak is only 32 lbs, seat is very comfortable, it's quite stable and most of all it tracks great. Okay...it looks pretty swell, too! I highly recommend the Sky 10...especially for us aging gals with lots of steam left!

Sleek, light - this the…

Submitted by: paddler826060 on 7/17/2020
Sleek, light - this the equivalent of cruising around town in a Miata. I am constantly stopped and asked about my Eddy - its sleek lines, its amazing light carry weight, its durability. She is a sweet ride on rivers, ponds and coastal waters.

Amazing tracking and…

Submitted by: paddler823401 on 7/14/2020
Amazing tracking and extremely lightweight!

What a perfect kayak for me!…

Submitted by: paddler820945 on 7/13/2020
What a perfect kayak for me! It's light enough to carry myself at 32 pounds, it's nimble in the water, and looks stylish and hip. The seat is adjustable and very comfy for long paddles. It gives me a good feel for the water I am in, and responds well to my paddle strokes. I am 61 years old, 5' 6" tall, active and happy with this little boat!

Love it! Great quality,…

Submitted by: paddler781875 on 5/24/2020
Love it! Great quality, lightweight, comfortable, fast, and nimble.

This kayak changed my life. I…

Submitted by: paddler780485 on 5/23/2020
This kayak changed my life. I went from a sit in chair Grandma to an Outdoor Adventurer. It's lightweight, but rugged construction allows me to kayak all over Florida, and some neighboring states,.mostly by myself. It is quick maneuvering and special ballast allows me to navigate in ocean waves, chop, as well as swift river currents. This boat is my most prized possession.

Much lighter than my previous…

Submitted by: sal6342 on 5/22/2020
Much lighter than my previous plastic kayaks. Easier to get in the car and in the water. This kayak tracks extremely well for a shorter recreational kayak.

A great recreational kayak.…

Submitted by: paddler780153 on 5/22/2020

A great recreational kayak. Light, easy to maneuver, tracks well, and a joy to own. Great beginner kayak for lakes, streams, and rivers.


It is light for car topping,…

Submitted by: paddler780167 on 5/22/2020
It is light for car topping, stable and fast I love it Customer service is also excellent

I love my kayak, very sturdy…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/22/2020
I love my kayak, very sturdy but not too heavy!

One Great Little Kayak!I…

Submitted by: paddler578955 on 5/22/2020
One Great Little Kayak! I decided to purchase the Eddyline Sky 10, after one out recently on a local lake. I already have an Eddyline Sandpiper 12, a Stellar S-14, and a Huki Surf-ski. So why did I want another boat? Well, I'm an avid paddler. Any day that's not raining, or blowing over 20 knots, I can be found out on local lakes or rivers, for fitness and fun. My boats need to be light, but durable, easy to load and unload, and offer enough enjoyment and excitement once I'm on the water that I'll be motivated to get out there. Here's what I love about the Sky 10: Performance It is very light weight (just 32 lbs) and responsive. Playful and lively, it tracks surprisingly well, yet turns easily, with or without edging. My second day out on the boat I encountered 15-20 knot breezes, with 1-foot wind waves and chop. My ride was fairly dry, using a half-skirt, and I felt completely confident and secure. And no problem maintaining a heading, regardless of the direction I chose (no skeg or rudder needed). Comfort and Ease The generous cockpit opening makes the boat easy to enter and exit. And the seat is one of the best I've found at any price level. Excellent back support. Design and Build Quality Like my Sandpiper, it is superbly crafted, with excellent materials and workmanship. The design and contours are functional and aesthetic. Carbonlite 2000 (ABS) is durable, light, and beautiful. So, if I want to go fast, and catch swells, I'll be on my Huki. If I want to have some speed, with a fair amount of comfort, I'll take my Stellar. But when I just feel like some good clean fun, relaxing, and enjoying the scenery in all-day comfort, I'll be in my Sky 10. It is truly a delightful little boat.

I have had my Eddyline Sky 10…

Submitted by: paddler780239 on 5/22/2020
I have had my Eddyline Sky 10 kayak for 8 years. I bought it when I retired in 2012 and absolutely love it. It's the perfect size and weight for me to handle by myself. The seat is comfortable and the kayak glides really well in the lakes and rivers of Central Oregon. I have no problem kayaking with friends that have bigger or longer kayaks. I actually think the Sky 10 maneuvers better than many other kayaks. I had tested several kayaks before I made my purchase. The first time I used the Sky 10 I quit looking and immediately knew it was the correct kayak for me. I can't wait to get out on the lakes and rivers.

I'm really happy with this…

Submitted by: paddler780155 on 5/22/2020
I'm really happy with this kayak because it is lightweight making it easy to load on my suv, has dual bulkheads for safety, and is sleek and fast in the water. I got it in the bright yellow color so it can easily be seen, decreasing the chance of a collision with a motor boat.

I love my kayak. It’s…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/22/2020
I love my kayak. It’s lightweight so I can carry it to the water from my car by myself. I paddle on lakes and streams. It’s nimble and maneuverable.

This kayak has proved to…

Submitted by: Lkats on 5/22/2020
This kayak has proved to totally worth it's price! I've had it for just over a year and I can honestly say that I love it! It handles so smoothly on the water, it's light enough for me to carry alone, and it has more than enough leg room for me (my little 18 lb dog can even sit between my legs)! I went from a big, plastic Costco kayak to this sleek Eddyline Sky 10. I paddle on flat-water only. It's been perfect so far!

excellent handing/tracking…

Submitted by: paddler780157 on 5/22/2020
excellent handing/tracking for a small lightweight kayak

Excellent lightweight 10ft…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/22/2020
Excellent lightweight 10ft kayak. Tracks well, very responsive and maneuverable and surprisingly stable considering its 32 lb weight. Cockpit is adequate for 5' 11", 170lbs.

High quality products. Very…

Submitted by: paddler780165 on 5/22/2020
High quality products. Very stable and fast.

Great for Lake paddling

Submitted by: potto44 on 5/4/2020

Great for Lake paddling


If there’s a better kayak…

Submitted by: valsdad on 12/16/2019

If there’s a better kayak out there for running creeks and small streams than Eddyline's Sky 10, I’d like to know about it. Some adjectives I’d apply to the Sky 10: light (32 pounds), nimble, tough, responsive, even comfortable. The Sky tracks remarkably well and is surprisingly fast for a 10-foot boat with a 26-inch beam. For two years now I’ve paddled this little boat over all manner of stumps, fallen trees and through virtually impassable backwaters. I have a roll of Gorilla tape in one of my drybags for the inevitable puncture or crack that has yet to come. Did I say “tough” already? My boat has thigh braces, which I really like. Not sure if they are still available, but Eddyline would do well to make them standard. My other creek boat, the Eddyline Rio, is more svelte with its 24-inch beam and lower deck (for low volume paddlers) and faster with its 11’9” length, but it’s not nearly as maneuverable, stable or comfortable as the Sky 10.


Total independence and total…

Submitted by: paddler550701 on 9/4/2019

Total independence and total confidence - that is what I love most about my Eddyline Sky 10.

I am a novice kayaker (61 yrs old, 5’5” and 160lbs). I purchased my Sky 10 three weeks ago and have paddled five different lakes for a total of seven trips. At 32 lbs. and 10’, this boat is a breeze to load (with roller) on top of my Subaru hatchback. This means I have the freedom to paddle when I want (weather and work allowing!).

Primary and secondary stability has been great. The Sky 10 is easy to get into with a roomie, confortable cockpit. It remains stable while paddling across small lakes or along the shoreline of larger lakes. I have paddled in light winds (up to 10mph), with some small speedboat wake. This kayak is very stable during paddle float re-entry practice. The sealed bulkheads fore and aft definitely contribute to this stability, buoyancy, and ease of re-entry. I am unable to compare tracking to larger kayaks, but this boat goes straight as it glides through calm water. As my paddling skills improve, so has tracking!

I highly recommend the Eddyline Sky 10 for paddlers who want a light, stable, fun kayak that turns on a dime and looks great!


Wonderful boat. Light weight…

Submitted by: paddler545688 on 8/20/2019

Wonderful boat. Light weight and stears excellently.. Much better than the Eddyline Skylark, even though it's 2 feet longer. The Sky 10 is not for ocean traveling but very good for strong current rivers, like the Potomac here in DC. The material used is not the cheap plastic. Boat is ideal for those weighing under 180 lbs.


Great boat for all around…

Submitted by: sherrill24 on 6/25/2018

Great boat for all around paddling. Nice wide cockpit allows my dog to tag along. Tracks well and easy to paddle. Light weight and fits in the back of my pickup for easy transport to all paddling venues.


I have had my Eddyline Sky…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2018

I have had my Eddyline Sky 10 Kayak for 2 years. All of my paddling with this kayak has been in lakes all over Ohio. I originally purchased the Eddyline because of weight and size. It is a bit over 10 feet long and very light weight. This makes it much easier to get on a rack on the car and short enrough to fit in a Outback for quick trips to the lake.

For a shorter kayak it tracks very well and is very stable when initially getting in the kayak as well as secondary stability. Overall I have enjoyed the Eddyline very much and it is a great balance between weight and cost,where the carbon boats are much more money.


Smaller kayak for smaller…

Submitted by: Kentl2121 on 8/10/2016
Smaller kayak for smaller (100 lbs) paddler. Light weight yet very stable. Great for flat water. Tracks well and can keep up with longer touring kayaks. Highly recommend.

I bought a Sky 10 last…

Submitted by: patamaran on 5/4/2016
I bought a Sky 10 last summer. I chose the shorter length because ease of handling is important to me. I needed to be able to load it by myself because I often go kayaking alone. It only weighs 35 lbs., and with the use of a roller, I can easily load it on top of my car. I find it to be very stable and it tracks well in the water in spite of its shorter length.

The closed bulkheads allow for dry storage of whatever you bring with you. I am a beginning kayaker who paddles on lakes and streams and my Sky has performed well in those conditions. I tried several different kayaks before choosing this one. The vendor told me that most of the Sky 10s they have sold have gone to women. I am 5ft. 3 in., so a big person would probably prefer the 12 foot version (Skylark). Eddyline boats are made from their exclusive Carbonite 2000 material. My boat has not sustained any damage, but supposedly this material is easily repairable.

I absolutely love this boat and can't wait to get out on the water this spring! I enthusiastically recommend it, especially for women paddlers who need a lightweight boat for handling purposes. By the way, I am 67 years old and this is my first kayak.


This is my second review of…

Submitted by: davidmichael on 8/5/2015
This is my second review of the Sky 10 now that I have used it for several months. Overall, it is a great boat for our purposes since we moved into an apartment in Eugene with no garage. I love the low weight of 32 pounds. Awesome. Great to use on small lakes, ponds, and streams. Added a Ram Mount with suction cup for fishing. Works great!

Not so good in any heavy waters with large waves. Rather than cutting through them, the kayak rides on top and becomes less stable and a bit tipsy. I've yet to try it on Class 2 rapids in a river environment but would be a bit concerned in rough water. And, with such a short length, it just doesn't have the glide necessary for large bodies of water.

We have owned a Necky Manatu 14 for the past eight years while RVing around the country. Fabulous kayak and my all around choice for most bodies of water. But...the Sky 10 is just lots of fun in the smaller lakes and streams.

They clean up easily with soap and water. For us (age 78) they work because we store them in our apartment. We are now converting a cargo van into a camper to hold the kayaks inside to make for fast getaways. Not having a garage provides storage challenges with any kayak. Leaving them on top of the car or van for storage invites theft, unfortunately.

So, in summary, a great kayak for the urban dweller near small streams, ponds, and lakes.


We got the Sky 10's on sale…

Submitted by: GaiusGracchus on 7/7/2015
We got the Sky 10's on sale at REI and took them out for the first time. They are SUPER light weight - for this year's model they got the weight down to 32 lbs! Amazing. For such a short boat they were fast and tracked reasonably well. They are well made and, just as they promised, don't sink no matter what (yes, we fell over in them).

The problem we had is that we are small, kinda skinny people. The 26" width with no thigh braces meant we could not engage our legs to control the boats. This meant they felt tippier than they should. The secondary stability we felt was not so great, but the primary was affected by our size mismatch.

We figured we could retrofit and add the thigh braces after the fact. No such luck, as Eddyline informed us. They build these braces into the boat at the time of manufacture, so if you don't get it then, forget it. Who would have guessed THAT?!!! Doesn't make that point on the web site. The Rio, on the other hand, has the thigh braces as a default configuration.

If you do decide to get the Sky 10, GET THE BRACES AS AN OPTION WHEN YOU ORDER IT. It is a very, very nice little boat, but honestly, I don't see why they don't just put the braces in there to start with.


This is a very nice little…

Submitted by: GaiusGracchus on 7/6/2015
This is a very nice little boat. Light as a feather and well made. As the manufacturer promised, these boats won't sink no matter what. For such a short boat it tracks pretty well and is quite fast.

We would have given this boat an 8 if Eddyline had shipped them with thigh braces as a default like they do for the Rio. We discovered after buying them that they CANNOT add them after manufacture. You MUST order them with thigh braces or forget it. The representative said he has not heard of people adding padding for your legs successfully after market, but maybe some have found a way. He indicated the best solution is the braces they specifically design for the boat.

The problem we had was we are too small and skinny to use our legs to contact and control the boat. Therefore our experience was the boat seemed a bit tippy. I am sure if you fit the boat better OR had the thigh braces you would have a different experience with primary stability. The secondary stability was not so great - not sure if that would change much with a better fit, but maybe. We are going to return our boats and exchange for Rio's which have thigh braces already installed.

All in all, very nice boats and we would recommend them with the caveat that you need to fit them (26" wide). It is a puzzle as to why Eddyline leaves the braces off of this boat, and we almost surely would have kept them if they had had the braces built in.


Just went up to the Bend,OR…

Submitted by: davidmichael on 5/7/2015
Just went up to the Bend,OR Paddlefest at Tumalo Creek Kayak. Great time trying out lots of kayaks. Have owned five previous yaks (Necky) over the past 20 years and three canoes (Old Town). We kayak in all sorts of water including lakes, rivers, ocean bays and creeks.

We have had two Necky Manatu Kayaks (14.4 ft) on our RV while exploring the USA and Canada full time for the past seven years. But...nearing age 80, we decided to settle down for part of the year with renting an apartment in our home town of Eugene. Life is all together different now. Decided to sell our RV and larger kayaks to select smaller ones to fit inside a converted cargo camping van or the apt. Thought we would get the Pyranha Fusion 30 or Jackson Rogue as a crossover boat for rivers and lakes. But...so, so unstable! Too much work and definitely wouldn't use them for relaxing outings, photography or fishing. In all, tried about ten kayaks before my wife pointed out the Eddyline Sky 10 for her. With a great seat and cockpit area, I found it easy to get in and out. Going across the river, against the current, it was incredibly stable yet faster than all of the boats I tried (Perception, Necky, etc). Couldn't believe it! So easy and comfortable. At 32 pounds it's perfect for car topping.

To make a long story short, we bought two and now have them inside the apt until our van is finished. I'll be trying them on our local Willamette and McKenzie Rivers soon and will report how they handle in Class One and Two rapids, small streams and creeks. In my opinion, these are great, great kayaks suitable for beginner or advanced paddler. And, they are very stable and classy looking.


It's a great little kayak.…

Submitted by: beerwidow on 8/23/2014
It's a great little kayak. This is the first personal kayak I've owned. Have been in several rentals & friends kayaks. Couldn't be happier with this one.

• Super stable so far, have only been on flat water with slight wind chop.
• Tracks nice & straight (no rudder) and moves smoothly.
• Easy to get in/ out of.
• Love the watertight hatches in front/ back.
• Seat is comfortable and foot pegs are easily adjustable.
• Best part, for me, is the weight - only 35 lbs! This means I can load the kayak on top of the car and carry it by myself.
Highly recommended!