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One Great Little Kayak! I decided to purchase the Eddyline Sky 10, after one out recently on a local lake. I already have an Eddyline Sandpiper 12, a Stellar S-14, and a Huki Surf-ski. So why did I want another boat? Well, I'm an avid paddler. Any day that's not raining, or blowing over 20 knots, I can be found out on local lakes or rivers, for fitness and fun. My boats need to be light, but durable, easy to load and unload, and offer enough enjoyment and excitement once I'm on the water that I'll be motivated to get out there. Here's what I love about the Sky 10: Performance It is very light weight (just 32 lbs) and responsive. Playful and lively, it tracks surprisingly well, yet turns easily, with or without edging. My second day out on the boat I encountered 15-20 knot breezes, with 1-foot wind waves and chop. My ride was fairly dry, using a half-skirt, and I felt completely confident and secure. And no problem maintaining a heading, regardless of the direction I chose (no skeg or rudder needed). Comfort and Ease The generous cockpit opening makes the boat easy to enter and exit. And the seat is one of the best I've found at any price level. Excellent back support. Design and Build Quality Like my Sandpiper, it is superbly crafted, with excellent materials and workmanship. The design and contours are functional and aesthetic. Carbonlite 2000 (ABS) is durable, light, and beautiful. So, if I want to go fast, and catch swells, I'll be on my Huki. If I want to have some speed, with a fair amount of comfort, I'll take my Stellar. But when I just feel like some good clean fun, relaxing, and enjoying the scenery in all-day comfort, I'll be in my Sky 10. It is truly a delightful little boat.

The Eddyline Sandpiper was my first "expensive" kayak. I've since acquired faster, more expensive boats: a Stellar S-14, and a Huki surf-ski. But I still love my Sandpiper. Here's why: 1. The build quality. It is very well-crafted, of light-weight (38lbs) but durable materials*, and built here in the U.S.A. (*The ABS, or what Eddyline calls "thermoformed Carbonlite 2000" offers a great strength-to-weight ratio: much lighter, yet stronger than roto-molded polyethylene, with excellent stiffness and abrasion resistance.) 2. Fun factor. Because of the Sandpiper's design, it is very stable and comfortable. Somewhat beamy, at 28", and with a generous cockpit opening, it is easy to enter and exit the boat from a dock. The seat is very supportive. And due to the hull shape, it is playful and easy to turn, but tracks surprisingly well, even in windy conditions. 3. Safety. The two sealed bulkheads, for dry storage and floatation, plus the excellent stability of the boat inspire confidence. 4. Aesthetics. The boat is really good-looking, with its sculpted deck design and brilliant color (mine is yellow). Compared to my other two boats, the Sandpiper is less expensive, more durable, and not as fast. The Stellar and Huki are longer, narrower, and even lighter, at 36lbs and 28lbs. But the Eddyline holds its own in my fleet, as a great all-day recreational boat that's user-friendly and fun to paddle. Highly recommended!

This Stellar S-14 (Advantage layup) kayak is my first made of fiberglass/composite. I'd previously owned/paddled an Ocean Kayak rotomolded boat and an Eddyline Sandpiper. The Stellar is my favorite of the three by far. Here's why... First, this boat is light enough for me to place on my vehicle and paddle 3-7 times per week. Weighing in at just 36 lbs., I can easily transport it on my Toyota Landcruiser (Hullevator rack) or Honda Accord (Yakima/Thule SUP Taxi rack). Second, the combination of lightness and stiffness makes it a very nimble, responsive, and quick boat. With the drop-down skeg all the way up, the boat is quite playful; with it all the way down it tracks straight, even in wind and waves. Positioned in between, you can fine tune the skeg depth to get the best of both characteristics. And while this kayak comes pre-fitted for a rudder, I doubt that I'll ever need one. Now for aesthetics: this is a very beautiful kayak. The fit and finish is excellent. And so far the gelcoat appears to be quite durable. Mine is brilliant red, with grey accent stripe down the middle. Now for two caveats: The boat is a bit narrow, at 23 1/2", so for some it may feel unstable when getting into and out of the boat, especially at a dock. But once you are settled down into the cockpit, and start to paddle, the stability of the boat is excellent. Because of the materials used in its construction, it is not ideal to launch or retrieve from gravely shallows, unless you don't mind scratching the slick hull. I do mind, so when I launch from a bank, I do so in water deep enough to float the boat with our the hull scraping the bottom. I paddle in lakes and coastal bays. For those environments, this boat is completely satisfying: easy to transport, fast, lively, and a whole lot of fun. Note: I originally posted this review anonymously, but wanted to edit slightly. Sorry for the duplication...