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We got the Sky 10's on sale at REI and took them out for the first time. They are SUPER light weight - for this year's model they got the weight down to 32 lbs! Amazing. For such a short boat they were fast and tracked reasonably well. They are well made and, just as they promised, don't sink no matter what (yes, we fell over in them).

The problem we had is that we are small, kinda skinny people. The 26" width with no thigh braces meant we could not engage our legs to control the boats. This meant they felt tippier than they should. The secondary stability we felt was not so great, but the primary was affected by our size mismatch.

We figured we could retrofit and add the thigh braces after the fact. No such luck, as Eddyline informed us. They build these braces into the boat at the time of manufacture, so if you don't get it then, forget it. Who would have guessed THAT?!!! Doesn't make that point on the web site. The Rio, on the other hand, has the thigh braces as a default configuration.

If you do decide to get the Sky 10, GET THE BRACES AS AN OPTION WHEN YOU ORDER IT. It is a very, very nice little boat, but honestly, I don't see why they don't just put the braces in there to start with.

This is a very nice little boat. Light as a feather and well made. As the manufacturer promised, these boats won't sink no matter what. For such a short boat it tracks pretty well and is quite fast.

We would have given this boat an 8 if Eddyline had shipped them with thigh braces as a default like they do for the Rio. We discovered after buying them that they CANNOT add them after manufacture. You MUST order them with thigh braces or forget it. The representative said he has not heard of people adding padding for your legs successfully after market, but maybe some have found a way. He indicated the best solution is the braces they specifically design for the boat.

The problem we had was we are too small and skinny to use our legs to contact and control the boat. Therefore our experience was the boat seemed a bit tippy. I am sure if you fit the boat better OR had the thigh braces you would have a different experience with primary stability. The secondary stability was not so great - not sure if that would change much with a better fit, but maybe. We are going to return our boats and exchange for Rio's which have thigh braces already installed.

All in all, very nice boats and we would recommend them with the caveat that you need to fit them (26" wide). It is a puzzle as to why Eddyline leaves the braces off of this boat, and we almost surely would have kept them if they had had the braces built in.