Name: Jeb

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I bought a used 2020 Sky 10 this week and I am thrilled with this boat. I am 5'6" 240 lbs pants size 18, apple shaped, and I fit perfectly in this boat. It has very good initial stability with outstanding secondary stability. I had a Santee sport 120 before and the sky 10 tracks as well as that boat did, it has very little Flex to the material unlike the Santee. The center of gravity is lower than the Santee and perfect for me. The seat is comfortable. I only have a 28in inseam so I have plenty of room below for dry bag. I have used it against light current and light wind so far and it handled both very well. I got it up to 4MPH with very little effort. It backs up well and turns on a dime. Even with my short legs I can straddle the boat to get in easily. It is slightly difficult to get out of mainly because of my size, I cant turn sideways in it. I have used it for several hours on two trips one in the St Johns river near Volusia Blue springs and one at Alexander springs in Ocala National forest in Fl. I felt very safe and stable in this boat. It has no bottle or drink holder of any kind. It has two bulk heads but no plug to drain water out of the cock pit area. Simply rolling it over on land did empty the small amount of water I got in it. It is 32lbs and very easy to carry over one shoulder for a person of average strength. Overall I would say this boat performs at least as well as my longer Santee did. It is more durable and easier to maneuver. For inland waters I think it is a great little boat.

I got the 2020 and I loved it, light easy to carry, manuverable, fast. they only had the frame seat so that is the only version i can speak to. It was comfortable but I didnt like sitting up that high. On to the really bad news. The side braces don't go all the way down the boat and it has a great deal of flex to it. It cracked right where the brace ends after 6 months of moderate but gentel use. I took it back to Black Creek outfitters in Jacksonville Fl. They turned in a warrenty report for me sighting what I believe is a design flaw in the brace construction that allowed the crack to happen. Hurricane refused to replace the hull and denied it was a problem. the older models are not constructed this way and the new 12.6 boat they put out this year also has very impressive bracing. I have not seen the 2021 Santee so I dont know what it is built like. On the up side, Black Creek Outfitters replaced the boat and took my Santee back at no cost. I choose the 116 skimmer 2021 and I like it very much. I would not say don't buy a Hurricane boat just check the side braces very well and check the one you are looking at for the Flex on the sides before you buy. I am so disappointed because I was otherwise very happy with my Santee. I would not hesitate to buy another in the future if they improve the side bracing.

I got the 2021 116 skimmer last month and I am very satisfied with it. I am not fond of the frame seat though it is comfortable it does sit you up high off the water. It has fair primary stability and excellent secondary stability. It is not very fast but it does an OK job against heavy current and heavy wind. Not as well as the santee I had but good for a sit on top. It has Two small storage areas that seal very well -and an adequate dry storage area. Im 5'6" and 240 lbs and I fit in it very well. The seating area is designed to stay dry. It takes wake well.