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I bought a Sky 10 last summer. I chose the shorter length because ease of handling is important to me. I needed to be able to load it by myself because I often go kayaking alone. It only weighs 35 lbs., and with the use of a roller, I can easily load it on top of my car. I find it to be very stable and it tracks well in the water in spite of its shorter length.

The closed bulkheads allow for dry storage of whatever you bring with you. I am a beginning kayaker who paddles on lakes and streams and my Sky has performed well in those conditions. I tried several different kayaks before choosing this one. The vendor told me that most of the Sky 10s they have sold have gone to women. I am 5ft. 3 in., so a big person would probably prefer the 12 foot version (Skylark). Eddyline boats are made from their exclusive Carbonite 2000 material. My boat has not sustained any damage, but supposedly this material is easily repairable.

I absolutely love this boat and can't wait to get out on the water this spring! I enthusiastically recommend it, especially for women paddlers who need a lightweight boat for handling purposes. By the way, I am 67 years old and this is my first kayak.