by Kayak Hipster

How often do we go all out on our first day back on a wave, or playing in current, or in a rolling session? For the first time I did the smart thing and built up over three surf sessions instead of going all out on the first day.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of being flipped upside down in the water, that likely stems from a lack of confidence in your roll. Watch this tutorial to gain confidence in your roll.

by Tom Watson

Of all the safety gear used by those who enjoy on-water sports, none should be scrutinized more than the family of life jackets/PFDs available. And, speaking of family, those devices designed for infants and youth are the most critical.

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I would appreciate to hear what others are doing to add lighting to your kayaks for evening paddles. I also find myself out late in the afternoon and am concerned about getting caught out after dark. I am looking for temporary solutions.

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An absolute must-paddle destination for canoeists! Beautiful Wisconsin is blessed with many water types and over 84,000 miles of rivers!

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Bending Branches
I had purchased this paddle just the other day July 2,2020. I bought a 220 cm as I paddle a tsunami 125 and was finding the 230 cm I had was to…

Mission 100

Pelican International
Purchased at Costco, just spent 4 hours taking it out last week. My favorite thing about this kayak is its simplicity. I've owned longer and heavier…
Easy to inflate with hand pump, sturdy, durable, holds myself (130 Lbs) along with my two pups (gsd 90 lbs, and lab, 50 lbs) along with cooler…

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Once you've inflated your SUP a time or two with the manual pump, you realize that's the most exhausting part. So unless you want the extra workout, it would be a big step up to consider an Electric SUP Pump.

by I. Herbert Gordon
Part of the planning of a paddling trip entails knowing what to expect on your trip. This is not so difficult to figure out when you are paddling on a lake. For paddling on a river, however, you should learn about the ratings given to rapids, water level, and even canoeists.

by Tom Watson

There was a time not too long ago when kayakers didn't have fancy neo' nylon stuff sacks, front bulkheads and spiffy deck bags into which copious amounts of nonessential gear could be stored. Time and materials have changed but not some of the old-fashion tricks of kayak packing.

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Susan Sommer - Portage Lake, Alaska

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by Ken Whiting

Recreational kayaks and touring kayaks are typically designed to paddle in a straight line. This means that some kayaks can be very difficult to turn. In this video, we look at the quickest and most efficient way to turn any recreational or touring kayak.

“After a year of Covid restrictions, boaters are out on the water in force, soaking up plenty of sun and fun,” said Water Sports Foundation Executive Director Jim Emmons. ”With the addition of 415,000 new, first-time registered boat owners since 2020 who are now enjoying their first full season, we felt it was especially important to welcome them to the water and to share important safe boating strategies as we approach the busy holiday weekend.”

Follow a couple paddlers as they explore the frozen Alaskan landscape while paddling through glacial rivers and around major icebergs.

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I keep hesitating before clicking the ‘purchase’ button, so hoping you all will convince me this a worthwhile investment. I currently have a paddle that I have generally been happy with...
In 1987 I went on a group backpack through Paria Canyon, on the Utah-Arizona border... I made a few blunders, but we survived I had so much fun you could almost say it changed my life because shortly after that I bought my first canoe and started my life in canoeing and kayaking.
I’m looking for the most secure option to stash an electronic key fob... Anybody have any input on keeping a key fob safe if you must take it with you on the water IN YOUR PFD POCKET? NOT LOOKING FOR STORAGE IN HATCH OR COCKPIT.

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by Kayak Hipster

For a long time I wondered about kayak fishing. Our new family location gives us easy access to coastal paddling, creeks, marshes, so it felt like the perfect time to give it a try. This is a look back at my first couple of times out as I learn to love kayak fishing.

Walmart selling Ozark Trail Stadium seat that fits perfectly! No drilling, no base required, held in place by the inflated tubes...

by Ken Whiting
In this video, we're going to look at the best way to re-enter a sit-on-top kayak in the event that you've fallen off, jumped off, or capsized. One of the huge advantages of sit-on-top kayaks over sit-inside kayaks is they're relatively easy to get back onto from the water.

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Explorer 380x

Sea Eagle Inflatables
We bought this product last year (2020) and have now taken it out about 25 times. We are thrilled. Some posters mentioned it did not come with a…

OR Light Canoe Paddle

Zaveral Racing Equipment
I'm not actually sure which Zaveral paddle I have used for about 25 years, both in races and in recreational paddling. The weight I remember is 8.5…
I've used this suit on a 5 day trip on the west coast of Vancouver Island, and for 2 hour training sessions. The single zipper is brilliant - easy…

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by Kayak Hipster

This is a favorite topic of mine- linking strokes and how you combine movements, maneuvers, and strokes. Your goal here is to link different strokes or maneuvers so that your movements are seamless and you are wasting as little energy as possible as you go from stroke to stroke.

by Ken Whiting

The shoulder dislocation is to kayaking what a blown ACL is to skiing. So we're going to look at a couple of rules on how to keep your shoulders safe.

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