by Adrian Meissner

Remember when you bought your first car? Or maybe it was a bike. You may have chosen it for its color, or other non-functional features and realized later that you bought it for all the wrong reasons. Don’t make the same mistake with your first canoe. Before you go shopping, there are a few things you need to figure out.

Answer 4 questions about water type, water temperature, air temperature, and weather forecast to instantly check what you should wear before going paddling!

Dan of Headwaters Kayak shares the 5 most common mistakes new paddlers make, and how to fix them to make your time better on the water.

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My fiberglass Cetus is looking pretty gross inside, dark scary things are probably growing, it is certainly discolored. I’m guessing I can put some bleach/water mixture in there.... Good idea? Bad idea? Anything better?

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Great for one or two paddlers. I take it out solo all the time and have no issues paddling it.

I love the colors! Picked one up on sale at West Marine the kids love it. Took it to the beach and the kids and their friends had a blast jumping…
The Bending Branches Whisper paddle is a solid, no frills, aluminum 2 piece paddle. Though a bit heavy, the oval shaped aluminum shaft is easy to…

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Find kayaking trips in Virginia for every level of kayaker. Whether you're looking for a guided trip, kayak rentals, self-guided, day trip, multi-day trip, or anything in between, there's a kayaking trip in Virginia for you.

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You may have seen the tagline of “Instagram vs. Reality” circulating on the internet. People post two photos simultaneously: a flawless photo and a blooper photo, to show the truth of what we perceive to be real. Here is the “Instagram vs. Reality” of paddling with dogs.

Treading water three miles offshore is no place for a wrong number. Christian Nelson didn’t know the trouble he was in. He was three miles out from Gulf Shores Alabama when the kayak he was trolling from developed a 9-inch crack between the scupper holes.

by Tom Watson

For the casual sun-worshipper, sunlight has a high vanity factor for those seeking the ultimate glowing tans of summer. For others, it's enjoying the simple pleasures of a healthy, invigorating wash of warmth. But there's an evil side to this golden wash of sunshine - the unseen ultraviolet rays. For most sunny day paddlers (or even those under cloud cover), exposure to the sun warrants the same level of safety awareness we have towards wearing a PFD.

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Erik Sjöstedt - Mellbystrand, Halland, Sweden

Each week a winning photo will be selected from the many pictures that have been submitted by paddlers around the world!

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Any experienced SUP paddler will tell you the same thing: once you've inflated it even a time or two with the manual pump, you're over it. It's the most exhausting part of the day! So unless you're really in it for the cardio and shoulder workout, it would be a big step up to consider an Electric Paddle Board Pump.

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The key to tandem canoeing is to understand your role at whichever end of the boat you are paddling in. A canoe is essentially an elongated oval with a lever on each end. The cool thing is those levers can work at an infinite number of angles, their speed and strength can change on a dime and their reach can be adjusted for maximum efficiency.

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I experienced a broken leaf spring on my trailer while on the annual summer drive from Ohio to Maine. I thought I’d post some details on the experience as it might be useful to other trailer users.
Hi, I live in a normal humidity area and leaving the kayak outside to dry doesn’t seem to work. It should not be packed wet (even a little wet). How does one dry the thing? Inflated? Deflated?
I’m just starting down the kayak path (or should I say stream) and could really use some solid advice on which type/brand of inflatable kayak to purchase. I’m looking for a single seat model and plan on slow moving river use mostly. I’m average height and weight and have basic paddling experience.

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Getting back on your sit-on-top kayak isn't that hard - if you know how. That's why it's a great idea to take a paddling safety class BEFORE you flip.

So, you’ve got your new kayak this season. You figured out how to transport it. Figured out how to pack it with gear. Most importantly, you figured out how to paddle it. Now, what about storing it? Hopefully some of these tips may help when putting your water companion away until the next adventure.

This video shows an example of why you should never drink and paddle.

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I have used/own several Aire Inflatable kayaks for day use and multi-day float trips, e.g. the Escalante, Big Horn Canyon, and the Owyhee. My…
I've been using the V-eight for a couple of years. My previous review was accurate concerning using a kayak paddle with my solo canoe. I switched to…
Wow… originally thought it was a tad expensive but made a last minute decision to acquire two sets (for spouse & me). We both love them! Highly…

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by Allyson Saunders

The word portage loosely translates to “carrying heavy sh*t” and it is a time when most of us grit our teeth, lather ourselves in bug spray, and pray that we only have to carry one load. But when push comes to shove, you cannot get to the beautiful, isolated spots without a little blood, sweat and tears. It’s worth it, and to make it a little bit easier, here are 5 Tips for Becoming a Keener Portager.

Body Glove

Our Expert's Review

This is about as thick a wetsuit as we’d want for paddling. Everything but the arms is lined in the namesake Red Cell thermal insulation, including the hood. It’s like snuggling into a microfleece blanket, and really helps getting it on and off. We looked hard for defects and didn’t find any. There’s good reinforcement in high-stress areas, like the corner of the hood attachment. If you’re expecting to be in cold water a lot—surfing, portaging, running rapids, or exposed to spray—we’d choose this wetsuit!

The use of campfires, once a necessity for cooking and warmth, is steeped in history and tradition. Some people would not think of camping without a campfire. Campfire building is also an important skill for every camper. Yet, the natural appearance of many areas has been degraded by the overuse of fires and an increasing demand for firewood.

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Dan of Headwaters Kayak shares the 5 most common mistakes new paddlers make, and how to fix them to make…

Remember when you bought your first car? Or maybe it was a bike. You may have chosen it for its color,…

Honey the River Dog. Photo by Allyson Saunders We are all guilty of scrolling mindlessly through our…

A frame grab from Sally Wallick’s video camera captures her rescue of a struggling and hypothermic…