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The Benefit of Using Guide Books

I turned 76 in September.  No matter, I continue to think—and largely feel—like I’m 29&hellip…

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Deck Storage

I have found every paddler has their own opinion as to where and how to store gear on the decks of their kayak…

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Why Pay To Play?

Why pay to play? Tamia posed that question last June, when she made the case for commercial outfitters and gui…

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Take a Tour

Let me begin by saying I am a big fan of "do it yourself." I enjoy exploring, problem solving and working out …

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The Search for Secret Waters

Some folks always need crowds around them, but most paddlers would probably like to be alone on the water, at …

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River Profiling

Let's say you are planning to canoe a river in northern Canada or Alaska. A trip guide, which you got off the …

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Plan Your Trip

We all want to get out there and start having fun. But a little bit of trip planning can really help you avoid…

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Finally - A Fishing Report

We've had conversations about my neck surgery. More slicings are probably on the distant horizon, but for now …

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Wanna get away?

Yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everyone's yard has something in it that flashes, manly pick…

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