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Dane Jackson Paddles the Zambezi River

I wasn't sure what travel was going to look like this winter, if there would be any travel at all. Luckily Zambia's borders were still open, allowing for us to make it back to the Zambezi once again. Deciding that we wanted to not be bouncing country to country like usual, we decided to make this a longer trip and simply stay in one location, the Zam.

Zambezi Day 1 - "So stoked to be back!!!"

The rains had started earlier than usual, pretty much raining every day, bringing water levels up every day. So the first day was already much higher than we had ended the last trip with, which already made it feel like a new river as I hadn't been there this high since 2006. Being back on the Zambezi with the boys was everything I wanted and more, and I can't wait for the next few months on the water here. It's going to be ALL TIME!

Zambezi Day 2 - "Felt so good to finally get some freestyle!"

After a bit of contemplation I decided to go ahead and bring both my Antix and my freestyle boat, since we knew there would be some sick features while the water was on the rise. After getting a sweet ride on the wave in rapid #8 on the first day, we decided to go ahead and bring the freestylers in the second day. With a few play waves on the way down, and sweet session on the wave, it was already worth the hustle bringing 2 boats out here. Now just gotta wait for more features to come in including the barrel wave!

Zambezi Dual Shred - "So sick being able to do both!"

As the level keeps rising and we continue to wait for #11 to start to barrel, we noticed the shoulder of #11 looked like it could be sick with the freestyle boats. So we decided to do our first dual shred day, starting off with the half slices, then switching over to the freestyle boats for a session at #11. It's been so sick to see features change progressively as the levels continue to rise. Although one of the main goals of this trip is to get the barrel at #11, which hopefully will be prime any day now. It's sick to se that even before #11 delivers some dope freestyle. The first of the dual shred days, and looking forward to many more to come!

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