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Nomads of the Sea - A Sea Kayaker's Response to the Pandemic

In 2020 we had big plans.

Several expeditions and trainings were in the making, I wanted to start my BCU education to become a sea kayak guide, there were lots of ideas for new films in the pipeline, a full 2020 schedule.

Unfortunately all came different, all plans were cancelled or at least put on hold, especially for friends with businesses that are struggling.

But, as sea kayakers, we are used to being resilient. We never bust our heads in the sand!

With this film, me and my friends from Moryak Premium Sea Kayaking, Expedition Paddler and ISKGA, want to encourage everyone to stay optimistic, make plans and concentrate on what can be done!

Take online classes, plan your next expedition, reach out to friends and support your community, read books, learn something new, be creative!

A Sea Kayaker's Perspective

We choose adventure over comforts. We choose to trade our home for the wild. Breathing in the unexpected, facing fear. We choose being free, roaming the world, breathing that salty ocean air.

We choose to pause our modern life for the endlessly repeating cycle: Paddle, eat, sleep, repeat. Okay, sometimes hike and maybe set up camp. We choose to go on that expedition. And the next one. We choose to resign on our privileges for a certain period of time. With our regular life in sight, just in case. But as you've probably noticed, we choose. And suddenly something happens far beyond our scope of control and suddenly there is no choice. Suddenly we’re stuck. Home. Like a cage. No flight. No train. No ferry. No bus. All expeditions and opportunities gone.

The desired progress postponed until further notice. So we wait- pausing our adventurous life for the endlessly repeating cycle: Work, eat, sleep, repeat. And washing your hands. A lot. Grieving for the version of ourselves that was connected to the wild side of nature. From a time when all we needed was a kayak and tent, being nomads of the sea. Grieving for the version of ourselves we wanted to be by end of this year. But we won’t. And then, we remember. We chose adventure over comfort. We chose the unexpected. We chose fear. Giving up our privileges for a certain time. It is a question of perspective! On all those past expeditions we've pushed our limits and crossed boundaries. We've been brave. We've been resilient. We grew with every single setback we faced. So we remember the friends we've made. We reach out. We reconnect. We support each other. And most importantly, we plan ahead. It is a question of perspective and it is a question of time until we go on with our journey together.

We hope everyone is doing well out there, and we cannot wait to get back on the waters with you!

Tom Vetterl Adventure Film Making: https://tomvetterl.com

Moryak Premium Sea Kayaking: https://moryak.ch

Expedition Paddler: https://www.expeditionpaddler.com

International Sea Kayak Guide Association (ISKGA): http://www.iskga.com

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