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SUP Touring - What To Pack

Check out the gear Fiona Quinn will take with her on a SUP journey the length of Britain, from Lands End …

7 Products for Winter Storage & Fitness

Whether you are done paddling for the season yet or not, one thing is inevitable, you are going to need to sto…

Make a Tumpline for Your Pack & Canoe

Canadians love tumplines. Americans generally consider them torture devices, largely because they've never tri…

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Towing Canoes

What do you do if your canoe trip begins or ends with a long open water crossing? You can paddle the big water…

Tags: Canoe, transport, towing

The Float Plane Experience

In this video, wilderness adventurer Jim Baird documents his float plane ride into the wilderness to Lac Fonte…

Tags: Video, Canoe, float plane

10 Pieces of Gear Worthy of Your Tax Refund

Spring is here and (hopefully) you've got your tax returns completed by now. If you find yourself with a refun…

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Kayak Beach Slide

In July 2015, I went backpacking probably for the last time in my life. My plan was to join my friend Tom for …

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Carrying a Sea Kayak Alone

The best way to carry a single sea kayak is with two or more people. However, sooner or later you will end up …

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Smart Storage Keeps Boats Healthy

For some of us, storing our canoe or kayak is as simple as dropping it off alongside the garage or outbuilding…

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