Name: CarolinaRed

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So far so good... The boat is reasonably stable and responsive for the size and type it is. The seat is very comfortable and the overall layout suites my purposes. I did notice that water comes right to the top of the scupper holes, something I want to check out a little closer. One thing I am not crazy about are the rod holders-they are behind the seat, molded in and somewhat shallow. I would recommend securing anything you put in them. I have only been out a few times and will update later in the season. For comparison, I am 5'-10", 190 lbs. I also own a 2015 Vibe Sea Ghost which I feel is a bit more solid and heavier. I was able to get the Pescador 12 Angler on sale for $725 at REI otherwise I would have looked closer at the 2016 Vibe Sea Ghost.

I am very happy with my Sea Ghost 130. It is a very stable and functional fishing kayak and as expected maybe not as fast as other boats, specifically the non-angling yaks. For fishing, it is a trade off most of us accept. I do wish I would have ordered the Kingfisher Seat as the standard deluxe seat is a bit thin and after sitting for a few hours, I am anxious to get out of the seat.

Originally I thought the rudder system was going to be "more stuff" in the way, but after battling currents and wind, I am so happy this is standard equipment. The only thing that I would change is the seating, the AirPro Max Seat by Wilderness Systems looks awfully appealing, although I have not tried one to compare and for the price difference I do not expect to. I have no doubt the Kingfisher Seat or comparable will fit my needs. I have no desire to add electronics so that is not a consideration for me. I am planning on adding an anchor trolley in the near future (already ordered.)

For some perspective, I am 50 years old, 5'-10", 190 lbs; have been fishing forever, new to kayaking. I fish primarily marshes, and shallow backwater - hence a depth finder has no value in my boat. The boat is solid, I have only been out five or six times now but the quality seems very good. As of today, I would buy this boat all over again.