Sea Ghost 110

11' 6"
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Sea Ghost 110 Description

The Sea Ghost 110 stands out as the ultimate kayak for anglers seeking versatility and performance. This kayak includes a toe-controlled rudder, ensuring effortless navigation even in confined spaces. With access to secluded fishing spots beyond the reach of traditional boats, owners can embark on undisturbed angling escapades. Crafted as an adaptable fishing platform, the Sea Ghost 110 incorporates all the specialized features of the Sea Ghost 130 in a more nimble and lightweight design.


Integrated Fishing Features: Maintain kayak orderliness using incorporated slots for tackle trays, gear mounts, rod holders, and a magnetic lure catch-all.

Optimized Comfort and Sight Fishing: Experience comfort with the dual-position Vibe Hero Seat 2.0—breathable mesh fabric ensures quick drying and optimal support with adjustable straps. Enhance sight fishing with Summit Perch compatibility, offering two optimized seating positions in this quick-dry and plush seat.

Superior Functionality: The Versa Center Console includes watertight seals, hinged access, dual mini hatches with PVC cargo bags, a magnetic lure catch-all, cup holder, and two gear tracks.

Protected Transducer Port: Ensure optimal performance of your fishfinder's down imaging technology with a protected transducer port, equipped with mounting points and a lid for collision protection.

Accessible Rod Holders and Tackle Trays: Two rear flush-mount rod holders keep essential rods within quick reach, while two 3600 series tackle tray slots offer fast and secure tackle changes.

Durable Skid Plate: Safeguard your kayak's keel with a replaceable skid plate, providing protection against damage when navigating rough surfaces.

Abundant Cargo Solutions:Ample storage with a 20-inch front hatch and an 8-inch V Wave Deck Plate, accompanied by a PVC cargo bag to keep gear organized and dry.


Sea Ghost 110 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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I bought my Sea Ghost 110 in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/27/2023

I bought my Sea Ghost 110 in late November of 2020 for $899- a far cry from the current price of $1199.99 (as of April 2023). For $1200, there are far better options these days. For $899, it's not a bad kayak, but I'm going to be nit-picky for readers looking at the $1200 price tag.

The kayak is listed on here as 62 pounds, but that's the hull weight- I.E. just the bare plastic body of the kayak. Once you add in the handles, seat, hatch covers, rudder, etc., the weight is 84 pounds according to Vibe's website (I hope you don't plan on car topping this thing). If you add your own fishing gear, a cooler, and a small 3lb anchor, this kayak is nearly 100 pounds fully loaded for an 11'6" kayak. If you're anything like me, you keep as much gear on your kayak as possible so after a long day's work, so can slide your kayak into the bed of a truck and head for the nearest waterway as quickly as possible. Who wants to spend 20 minutes reattaching their seat to the kayak and loading up all your fishing stuff after a long day? With the kayak weight at a minimum of 84 pounds, you will want a cart to carry this from your vehicle to the water if you kayak by yourself.

I've paddled this kayak in lakes and rivers in my area and have much appreciated the included rudder. In fact, the rudder was a large consideration when I first purchased this kayak. I really like the rudder. When fishing, I can use my feet to help guide my kayak down a river and use both hands for casting. On a lake, the rudders helps keep the kayak pointing the right direction in the wind so I make more casts. The sea ghost tracks pretty straight when paddling across open water, so the rudder isn't necessary to use this kayak, but I do find it quite useful when fishing.

I have a love/hate relationship with the center console and cockpit of the sea ghost 110. I love that it has a little magnetic tray to hold lures so I can swap them out without having a treble hook slide off and inevitably find its way into my foot. I hate how the console divides the cockpit in half, making it more difficult to get in and out of the kayak without bumping the lid with your leg- which likes to unlatch itself from the hull because the stock latches come loose if you look at them wrong. I love the console's small hatches with built in dry storage to keep my phone and keys safe. I hate how the console takes up all the standing room and makes it harder to stand because there is a small lip right in front of the seat (look at pictures on Vibe's website). The console is handy, but I think I would have liked a console half as long much better so I had a little more standing room to make casts.

Don't get me wrong, this is a fun kayak. It has a high weight capacity (425lbs) so you can bring a huge cooler and a lot of gear and (hopefully) bag several fish on your next trip out. It's reasonably stable without feeling like an immovable barge. It paddles great and is reasonably fast for its size. It's an enjoyable boat on the water, but it's a fight getting it there. I know for myself the annoyance of loading and unloading this kayak has made me wonder if the hassle is worth it if I'm only going to be fishing for less than an hour or so.

I'll probably use this kayak for the remainder of this year, but I will likely sell it at the end of the season and get a lighter kayak like the Crescent LiteTackle II ($1200, 75 lbs) or the Crescent Shoalie ($1600, 77lbs), which are made in the USA to boot, unlike Vibe's China-made kayaks.


I've only owned this for…

Submitted by: Mmerle61 on 4/26/2021

I've only owned this for about 1 month and in that time I've used it about 10 times. I find that I want to love it and so far I do not. It has some great features, the rudder, the storage, I stay absolutely dry. My fish finder fits perfectly as does my anchor.. However, I find it to be wobbly, I cannot stand and fish which is very disappointing. I find the seat to be uncomfortable when seated for a few hours, and not being able to stand doesn't help. I'd gladly give up some storage for more stability.


I love this kayak. It’s…

Submitted by: calfish on 7/13/2020
I love this kayak. It’s stable, fishing friendly with the tracks on both sides to mount all of your gear. Has a rudder and is very affordable.

This is a great kayak. I…

Submitted by: paddler492507 on 9/4/2019

This is a great kayak. I have used it on numerous trips and tracks well, handles moderate waves and boat wakes and is fairly comfortable. My biggest gripe is that the center console is too long. It hinders the space in front of you and is a bit of a pain to open up when you are fishing and have rods, water, and other tools that need to be moved while on the water.


I've owned this kayak for…

Submitted by: Tony2962 on 6/6/2019

I've owned this kayak for almost a month, and been out at least half dozen times. I absolutely love it. I challenge anyone to find a better kayak in this price range (>$1k) . It's well built, one piece molded poly, (some screws may need to be tightened after transit). It's extremely stable, I'm 50+ 6' 1" 220lbs, never stood in a kayak before and did it first time out. Last time out I was fishing over one side with my legs hanging in the water. The features are where this kayak excels for the price; An extremely comfortable adjustable seat (High and low positions), toe controlled rudder system, hinged center console, Gear tracks everywhere, Transducer mounting port with cover, I could go on. Suffice to say this is a fishing kayak designed to get you out there without putting you in debt, that way you can spend more on tackle!


It's a solid entry level…

Submitted by: paddler502945 on 4/29/2019

It's a solid entry level kayak, but it's also extremely overrated by most review sites. My review is for the 2018 model.

Construction: It's rotomolded polyethylene. The bottom seems to be a reasonable thickness. I added keel guards because I launch from beaches a lot, but I've also hit a few oyster beds with the unprotected areas and it's handled it fine. I wish the bottom thickness carried through to the top, because the top feels paper thin. There's huge amounts of flex where the footrests are located, which is really noticeable when you use the rudder controls. I've also noticed bubbles and pin sized holes in the top plastic. The kayak will flex when you carry it using a single side handle.

The front hatch is garbage. The latches aren't flush with the lid, which means your paddle hits them every time you use the paddle park on the nose of the kayak. The latches will eventually break because of this. One of mine broke the first time I took the kayak out. After 2 months of ownership the front hatch is already warped and is no longer water tight. The rear hatch seems fine. The middle console seemed cool when I bought it but it's pretty useless on the water because of the way it opens. A $40 hinge kit solves this problem, but Vibe should have given this more thought. The front hatch and console were replaced on the 2019 models because of all of the complaints.

The rudder works well, but isn't really necessary as the kayak already tracks straight. The rudder feels spongy due to the flex in the side walls and the choice to use paracord. I've been told they replaced the paracord on the 2019 models with something with less stretch.

The stability is pretty average. I can stand and paddle/cast on mine, but it doesn't inspire confidence. I can also twist and access things behind me pretty easily. There are more stable kayaks in this price range with more open decks if sight fishing is important to you.

The seat is very comfortable. I've had no issues with it on 8 hour trips. I do wish that it was easier to adjust between the two heights on the water though. Once the seat is bungied into place you can't adjust it, and it's not easy to undo the bungies while inside the kayak.

Overall I think it's a good value if you can get the 2018 at the year end sales price. At full price for the 2019 I think there are better kayaks for the money.


A kayak fisherman's…

Submitted by: paddler491184 on 2/25/2019

A kayak fisherman's dream.This kayak has it all. Very well thought out product. Excellent customer service. Timely shipping arrived in perfect condition and packaged with felt and a layer of heavy bubble wrap, not a scratch or ding. Thank you Vibe. My buddies are going to be envious at this fair priced item...can't wait for ice out...


As a newbie to kayaking, I…

Submitted by: paddler470953 on 10/2/2018

As a newbie to kayaking, I was looking for my own kayak with the most bang for my buck regarding quality, comfort, functionality, dry storage, stability, accessories, and looks. This Vibe Sea Ghost 110 covered all bases for me! Going thru many different kayak reviews and cost/feature ratios, The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 had, for me, the best ratio! My maiden voyage went incredibly smooth and was very enjoyable. Before I knew it, 4 hours had flown, well paddled, by! The chair was very comfortable and my SG110 very stable in the mildly choppy waters. The many dry storage locations were great...especially the large, long center console! Having a rudder and paddle included in the package made my initial investment even more rewarding. As I was with an experience kayaker, who was on a different make/model, I was able ask questions and receive experienced answers regarding my new ride and handling different paddling situations. I encourage anyone looking for their first, second, or whatever number kayak to not go any further than the Vibe Sea Ghost 110 or Vibe Sea Ghost 130...depending on your specific need. My purpose at this time is purely recreational. However, this is the kayak to have for fishing as well! I would also like to mention Oscar of Fancy Fin Pro Shop (Vibe dealer in San Antonio) for his time and experience with my new purchase! He is veteran friendly! Thank you!


I've had this boat since…

Submitted by: Larry-W on 7/31/2018

I've had this boat since March on both lakes and rivers in Southwest Missouri. I don't know what Vibe could change to make this a better boat. Its very stable, even for a 62 year old. It has every option I could ask for. They are properly positioned and designed for function and durability. My paddling group took a float down the beautiful Eleven Point River last weekend and of all the SOT kayaks, my SeaGhost and I were the only ones to make it without a flip. Its not made for that, just an added bonus. It holds all of my fishing equipment, is easily modified for more equipment and it allows you to put what you need, where you need it. There is no need to pay hundreds more for an excellent fishing kayak. Your search should end here.


Been out twice in a week.…

Submitted by: paddler456078 on 7/25/2018

Been out twice in a week. This is my 4th kayak for me but my 6th for my family. I've owned Acend SIK & SOT, Jackson Cussa, Predator 13, Old Town Vapor SIK and Wilderness Ride 115. Other then the Cussa which I rolled and my cousin rolled I have never felt less uncertain then the Vibe. I always feel like Im leaning to one side or another very hard for me to get centered. Even though there his high low seating the high isn't really that high. Im 5 ' 8 230 but muscular and somewhat flexible and I couldn't get up safely on my own. I ordered the strap assist after first trip and used it the second trip. Stood up looked around and sat back down I didn't want to risk falling it where I was at so Ill have to try again. The center hatch is pointless to use it you have to really stretch out to unbuckle it then pull it up and hold on too it. Get what you need and the carefully secure back down. I saw a youtube video of a guy making a hinge for it so I made the hinge and my strut just came in so Ill be installing it soon this allows for one hand lifting with strut assist. They rudder rail where the pedals are seem a little flimsy when I use the rudder pedal I can see the side walls of the kayak flexing almost like it should of been a little stronger there.

For me I love to stand up and fish and I probably should of purchased the Sea Ghost 130. Vibes customer service is pretty good and ship fast. Kayak delivered with some damage and they refunded me $100 immediately and that took care of the shipping charge. Over good for someone a little lighter that doesn't mind fishing while sitting, storage is good put three rods in it. Seat is for about 3 hours then I'm fidgeting around. The boat sais 62 pound but feels allot heavier but I will say it is evenly weighted. I can pick it up from handles over my head and its perfectly level not fighting the kayak trying to keep it level.


my husband and I just…

Submitted by: paddler450512 on 7/16/2018

my husband and I just started the kayak fishing and this is the perfect starter kayak. I've shopped around and this quality for the money can't be beat. The kayak is stable and rides evenly, love it.


after using my vibe sea…

Submitted by: mlyons389 on 6/19/2018

after using my vibe sea ghost 110 for the last six months I had enjoyed it very much. it is a very good beginners fishing yak that come fully equipped with everything you will need from plenty of storage, a decent rutter system, two rod holders and plenty of gear tracks and options for customization. for the price I would deffinitly recommend this yak for beginners that don't want to spend $1000 dollars on a take that doesn't even come with all the bells and whistles.


Above all, the value for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/19/2018

Above all, the value for your dollar is unbelievable. The Sea Ghost has great stability, tracks very well and crazy comfortable. 8+ hours on the water is a joy. One minor warranty claim, may or may not have been my fault, was taken care of within 24 hours, part was delivered in 36. I'd highly recommend Vibe, any of their products. Great company, great products.


This was meant to be my…

Submitted by: NCKayakian on 6/11/2018

This was meant to be my upgrade from a lower-end fishing Kayak I purchased a few years ago. At one point I was looking at the 130 model but finally settled on the 110.

What can I say. I've been in love with this kayak from day one. Having one craft up North I use a ton on fresh water rivers and lakes, I didn't want to haul it to Florida every year, so we bought this Sea Ghost 110 for my fishing on the SW coast of Florida.

I'm an avid Spotted Sea Trout fisherman and amongst that species, I also do a ton of snook and red fish fishing, along with Amber jack and anything else I can get on the line.

So I believe I made the right choice here. While I do more touring on salt water in touring kayaks, they tend to be a little less appropriate for my salt water fishing. This Kayak meets my needs perfectly.

First if all, its comfortable. All day long. I enjoy being able to stand, but also the seat is extremely comfortable, so sitting all day isn't impossible. Especially on rougher waters. Although very stable when you stand, I do however like to sit on heavier chop.

The storage is great and so far, without hindering my time, I've found my gear easy to access and tackle quickly put to use. So when I hit a good spot, In not wasting time reaching for tackle in poorly placed storage. Which is one of my major dislikes about my fishing Kayak I keep up north. Although there's plenty of storage space, getting to it is a hassle in that kayak, in this one, everything is at my fingertips.

So far, I've really loved my last 4 outings and did great nailing some spotted trout. All in all, this Kayak is worth the money. No disappointment whatsoever. Just a great investment.