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I got the Seaghost 130 at the beginning of the summer and have enjoyed ever minute on the water in this kayak. It handles rivers and current with ease tracks well and has held up great with the standard wear one would see on a boat running into rocks. In the ocean it tracks great and the rudder is a big help on drifts for catching flounder.

My boat also came with the early handles that had too much flex, I called Vibe and their warranty guy Walt sent me a new pair within two days. Finally an affordable kayak company with serious dedication to customer service! Customer for life!

I recently purchased the GI Jackson colored Werner Shuna Hooked paddle. In recent trips I have used a Bending Branches Scout angler and the stock Hobie carbon shafted paddle.

As soon as I put the paddle in my hands I could feel the difference. Lightweight and yet comparing it to the started Bending Branches paddle the Fiberglass blade was solid and has almost no flex at all. After paddling my yak around the lake and river several times searching I can honestly say it is one of the best purchases I have made for my time on the water. Now at the end of my trip when I've been paddling my shoulders feel fine and wrists are not sore from constantly readjusting my position. The Smart-View Ferrule system let me easily put the paddle into an offset while maintaining the solid 1 piece feel. Do yourself a favor and pick up this paddle just to feel its weight and swing. I guarantee you'll be impressed!