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Name: bigmoebbq

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I recently purchased a SG130 after doing a demo with one of the Sponsored fishing team members. My main purpose was to find a boat that could handle my weight of Previously 400lb. I had no intention of fishing, just wanted one for fun and to add to my exercise routine.

I have had this boat for about 3 months. I have been out somewhere each weekend since. Met some amazing people along the way. Could not be more pleased, Tracks amazing, Floats nice, Not hard to paddle, Rudder was a great help in a crosswind. I upgraded the seat with my original purchase. Since then I also bought the better Evolve paddle. For me the nicer paddle was better on lakes and rivers. Lighter, and longer, I wanted a 250+cm paddle. Longer paddle helped with fatigue on longer runs. I could make a more shallow stroke.

Now I have the whole family going kayaking. New sport with new adventures. I have since lost 60lbs. I cannot thank the Vibe team enough for helping me get back in shape.