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Name: Nimrod1010

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My first Kayak. Very good choice. Some of the things that stand out compared to other Kayaks I researched. Stable, 33” wide hull. I’m 250 pounds and a novice. 550 lb. weight capacity. Gives me a lot of confidence paddling the Indian River Lagoon in Florida. Installed Rudder Kit, still learning my paddling skill set, probably best to get that down before I use the rudder. Nonetheless, rudder noticeably helps my novice skills turn. Not all Kayaks come with rudder. Replaceable skid plate, Sea Ghost 130 is pretty heavy, 75 lbs., it’s nice having the skid plate. Put some wear and tear on the back part of Kayak while accessing the water. Not all Kayaks have a replaceable Skid plate. Those are just a few of the things that standout for me with this purchase. Obviously many more things to talk about, Comfort, Gear Mounting, Cargo, Construction but the topics I covered came to mind first. Only issue, my rudder cable, to activate (Drop / Pull Up) broke on about the tenth pull. Inconceivable that could happen, We just knotted up the end of the remaining cable and still works fine. I’ve heard some people upgrade these cables before they hit the water, not in my skill set. Great Value, Good Looking Kayak. Zero Buyer Remorse.