Name: 24tesla

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I have the Sea Ghost 130. To give a little detail to understand where I come from in reviews, I am 6'3" at 300lbs. That being said, the Sea Ghost is one of the more stable kayaks I have paddled. I fish out of one, and have no issues with balance, or tipping. I can maneuver around and even move toward the front of the boat on the water and access my front hatch, without tipping.

A trip yesterday, in near freezing temps, and I realized I had forgot to insert my scupper plugs under my seat. This was going to make for a LONG cold day. I had my buddy paddle over, I placed my feet on the sidewalls, and hands behind the seat on the side walls and lifted myself up while he lifted my seat and inserted the plugs. This kayak did not even think of tipping. It handles my height and weight like it is nothing.

The boat paddles very easy, and tracking is very good, especially with the included rudder system. The boat is surprisingly fast as well. This is a GREAT boat for the price, and competes, in my opinion with much more expensive rigs.

If you are considering a fishing kayak, or even just a sit-on-top kayak, I strongly suggest the Vibe. Very well made, very reasonable on price, especially if you go for the package deal.

Being a fairly large fella, 6'3" at 305lb, I have to be careful of what Yak I choose due to stability. This kayak does the trick. I can sit off the edge with the opposite side of my seat almost pressing against my back and this thing still wont flip. (Not saying it cant flip, it will, but it has a lot of room before you reach that spot.)

The boat tracks very well for me, and actually handles the wind better than I expected, considering how high I sit above the boat. The built in features are excellent, leaving plenty of storage room for all my gear, plus some. The boat comes ready to fish, and little needs to be done to modify, but keep in mind, if you decide to add to it, a lot of this has been thought out ahead of time, and the indents, cutouts, etc already exist, all you do is install in the location already designed into the mold for the addition.

I would recommend this Kayak to anyone, from beginner to pro. Well thought out, well built.

Great seat for the price. Very comfortable, and I can paddle and fish all day. Plenty of back support, even for someone like me at 6'3" and almost 300 lbs.

Great little 'yak for the little one to go out and enjoy with the older paddlers. Boat is easy to use and paddle even for the smallest of kayakers. It is perfect for slow and calm water. If there is a current and you paddle against it, the boat is very slow.

Great paddle. Light weight, and with a slight oval on the right, makes indexing very easy. Bending Branches makes great products, and you can't go wrong with any of their paddles.

Great beginner Kayak. Turns and handles, but tracking is not as great. Was the wife's first Kayak, and great for her to learn, but now passing it down to my 11 year old, who handles it quite well.