Carolina 14.0

Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Carolina 14.0 Description

Added length over the 12.0 means added speed and storage; while Zone DLX outfitting means ultimate comfort when cruising.

A little more can take you a long way in this 14 foot Carolina. More speed and even better tracking compliments the added storage space for longer distances or extended weekend camping. The optional rudder keeps windy conditions from standing in the way of your destination by giving added control.

Carolina 14.0 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Zone DLX Seat
  • Zone Knee/Thigh Pads
  • SlideLock Adjustable Foot Braces
  • Bow and Stern Hatches
  • Bungee Deck Rigging with Reflective Static Perimeter Safety Line
  • Molded Thru Handles
  • Bow and Stern Bulkheads

Carolina 14.0 Reviews

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I purchased this 2 weeks…

Submitted by: paddler419294 on 3/6/2024

I purchased this 2 weeks ago! I am 5' 11" and weight 234 lbs. I also have a leg that doesn't straighten all the way. The Carolina 14 is roomy and easy for me to get in and out. I have been using ADA ramps and have no issues with launching and returning using this kayak. I have been out for a short 1/2 hour paddle and a hour paddle. I find this boat comfortable and easy to paddle. I purchased this kayak for the leg room and ability to be able to shift my bad leg as need. I have a Captiva and it is not roomy enough anymore due to my bad leg.


I have owned this boat for a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/20/2020
I have owned this boat for a number of years and it is incredibly stable, tracks well and is like paddling an armchair! Mainly used on slow rivers but is capable of decent distances without undue effort. Would get another! I am 5'11, 200 lbs and it copes very well, never had a problem with the cockpit, it is roomy but take care when choosing a deck as it can be very tight.

I just getting Carolina 14…

Submitted by: Tonykawaguchi on 8/2/2020
I just getting Carolina 14 from my paddler friend. He has 8 Carolina 14 plus other kayaks. We been kayaking on sea rivers and lakes,He has a kayak experienced,I have a 20 years of experience for sit on tandem kayaks,the most time I kayak by my self so my back is messed up, but since I’m getting to single Carolina 14 kayak? 😱 it so stable durable and fast enough for me,I tried a 16 but not stable so overall ? 14 is the best value for me,Yes in deed! I’m a 62,180,5’10 also I’m not a competitor,more cries type.

Hybrid that allows for…

Submitted by: paddler834181 on 7/24/2020
Hybrid that allows for tacking on open water with the retractable rudder and being small and swift enough for a river. Comfortable with ample dry storage. Foot pedals for convenient rudder steering. Rudder can be retracted from the cockpit. Love this kayak.

It’s a nice little boat. I…

Submitted by: paddler770754 on 5/4/2020
It’s a nice little boat. I got to borrow one from a friend last weekend. Fortunately he had just bought it for his wife who is much shorter than I am. At 6’2” it was a very tight cockpit. Once I got in, it was fine. My feet went all to the way to the bulkhead, about 5” past the pegs. The boat handled well and the thigh pads really helped with stability. Unfortunately for me. The cockpit was just too small. But It was a beautiful day and the boat performed well.

My Carolina has been with me…

Submitted by: paddler534285 on 7/26/2019

My Carolina has been with me for a few years now and taken me on lakes, rivers and the ocean on the Northeast coast of the U.S. She's stable enough to hit the waves on the Long Island Sound around Westchester when the wind is blowing and whitecaps are stirring, and she's smooth riding up the inlets and rivers of Connecticut. But the most fun I've had with her is going paddling the waters around Cape Ann in Massachussets including the open water and the inland rivers and marshes where enjoying nature can be maximized! The only "beef" I have with her is her weight when I have to lift her on my SUV.


I've owned my Carolina for…

Submitted by: citydweller on 5/31/2018

I've owned my Carolina for several years now and have never felt any urge or need to replace it. We live near the Adirondack Park and paddle a pretty wide variety of waters. The Carolina is stable, tracks well and moves along pretty efficiently. The other big factor is that I'm 6' 5" tall and the Carolina fits my legs and feet very comfortably - can't be said of too many sit inside kayaks.


Bought this kayak pre-owned…

Submitted by: paddler237012 on 10/2/2016
Bought this kayak pre-owned and can't fault it, roomy boat and very stable, not the fastest boat around but great for touring speeds. The seat and thigh supports are perfect for me. Unlike some longer sea kayaks I have paddled I feel in control with this kayak. I use a Greenland paddle and have no problem getting to hull speed or with turning, overall mighty pleased with my purchase. I am 62 years old, 170lbs and can get it on the car roof with little difficulty... a keeper...

Overall a very good boat. My…

Submitted by: bobsoup on 9/19/2016
Overall a very good boat. My Carolina 14 is an ex-rental. It had spent 3 years getting abused and was more scratched than a vet tech when I purchased it for very little. Mine was a 2014 without a rudder. Despite accommodating hundred of butts before my own, it's a very comfortable ride. The seat is comfortable and my back doesn't ache after a days paddle. Stability is very good. This is a fairly flat bottomed boat designed more for stability than speed. That said the boat has sufficient speed nonetheless.

Tracking is great but turning can take a little effort. This boat paddles best with a little steam in the engine- keeping up a speed is effortless, starting and stopping it can feel a little sluggish though. There are two bulkheads the hatches are stretch to cover hatches. Despite 3 years in the sun they still fit snuggly. I do find a trace amount of water gets into the bulkheads (presumably through hatches) each time I paddle.

The foot rests are easy to adjust whilst sitting in the boat and seem secure yet easy to adjust. Weight-wise this is not difficult to get on and off car by myself or to the water. Most people shouldn't have problems.

Overall a very good boat. I won't need to upgrade for a long time. For reference I'm 5'11" and 210lbs.


Not perfect so no 10 but a…

Submitted by: jhbarn52 on 4/25/2016
Not perfect so no 10 but a dependable easy to paddle and comfortable boat. I am 6'3" 190 and the is plenty big for me and foot pegs that operate rudder are adjustable. I've had this boat that was bought used for about 3 years and paddle lakes and rivers in Texas mostly. Rudder help but boat paddles fairly straight to begin with. Lots of storage room with front and rear hatches and as long as you don't leave it upside down in the water for two days the compartments are dry. (Flooded river story where the river won and had to fetch the boat from flooded tree tops in 52 degree water after two days in the trees, that's cold water in south east Texas)

Like all stretch to fit compartment covers, a bit of a pain to take on and off but not as bad as some. Seat is comfortable for 25 - 30 miles trips which is about my limit. Roto-molded boat is tough but probably heavy to load for smaller folks. I would buy this boat again and looked hard for a composite version but found a composite Necky Manitou 14 in Austin so now my fleet is complete. Lighter Necky boat when rocks and shallow river water aren't issues and the Carolina for the tough duty tours when hull cracking might be a problem


I am 6'6" and 18 Stone, UKCC…

Submitted by: paddler236620 on 12/29/2015
I am 6'6" and 18 Stone, UKCC 3 star and Level 1 Coach. The Carolina 14 is best boat to paddle, High back & padded seat, loads of storage, good for sea, lakes/touring and good for weekends away. I do not have a drop skeg (not needed) but a drink holder would be good.

Been renting and trying…

Submitted by: paddler236526 on 9/21/2015
Been renting and trying various kayaks last 2 yrs for SW Florida coast inland and ocean paddles. Have a good core fitness level but have been having problems with my back after paddling several hours with many different models. Repeatedly keep going back to this Perception Carolina in the 14 ft. length. With rudder keeps tracking very true in ocean. With foot pegs placement, adjustment is easy, seat is comfortable and paddling many hours is a reality. I still need to get a whole day paddling and some overnights, but I've had numerous outings and all positive with this model. Enjoyable. Affordable in new or used that I've seen around.

I am 6'4" and found it really…

Submitted by: citydweller on 9/9/2015
I am 6'4" and found it really challenging to find a sit in kayak that fit me properly. The Carolina 14 had the right amount of leg and foot room, plus the cockpit opening is large enough so I can bend my knees occasionally on long paddles.

I do not have the rudder. I thought about adding one but am concerned it might shorten the foot peg distance giving me less effective legroom. Despite this I haven't found the lack of a rudder to be any real problem. There are times on windy days with waves that I know a rudder would help but I still get by pretty well.

I am very pleased with my choice


My kayaking is limited to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/1/2015
My kayaking is limited to lakes, and I have no interest in kayaking on river or in oceans. So, with that in mind, my wife and I researched kayaks for well over a year before we purchased. We rented and attended in-the-water promotional events, where they let you try out different brands and models. One of the boats we rented a lot was the Carolina 14, because that is one of the models available at our local lake.

We liked the Perception kayaks, and found that the 14s tracked very smoothly and you could work up a decent rate of speed, or just cruise along pleasantly. When we purchased our own boats, we stuck with the Perception brand, but went with the 12' length, because we thought if offered the most bang for the buck and the length was a little easier to transport. My wife liked the Tribute, because it was narrower and fit her better. I went with the Carolina 12. I could easily have been satisfied with the 14, however. Both are very nice boats, but the 12 simply had a more attractive price point. Other than that, you can't go wrong with the Carolina 14. I like them both. There are faster boats, and smoother ones, but they are also much more expensive.

The Carolina series represents a really good value for a boat that's comfortable, easy to handle, and durable.


I am 1.75m tall and weigh…

Submitted by: paddler236056 on 11/14/2014
I am 1.75m tall and weigh 96kg. I'm from the Netherlands. I own the Perception Carolina 14 now for a month and I'm deeply in love with it, I've had other kajaks before but no one was as perfect as this one. It look s great (mine is red with some orange) it's easy to handle and the chair is very comfortable. I can recommend this boat to all the bigger people who want to get on the water. Great boat with lot's of space. Even my athletic build husband wants to buy this boat now!

Very versatile and…

Submitted by: citydweller on 9/8/2014
Very versatile and comfortable kayak. I am 6'5" and when shopping I went to a dealer that let me sit in many in many different kayaks before test paddling. The Carolina 14 was the only not purely recreational, closed boat that really had the and leg or foot room that I need.

I've had the boat for 3 years now and have paddled slow rivers, ponds, small lakes and large ones. My Carolina has handled all very well. The only small drawback is that I wish it had more rocker to better handle waves wind windy conditions, but that's really not a big drawback unless you plan to spend a lot of time on larger lakes.


The Carolina 14 is my second…

Submitted by: bgvt on 7/27/2014
The Carolina 14 is my second choice boat, being much more unwieldy than my Eddyline. I've been glad to have it (and the skirt) when in 2' seas and chop, as it's much drier, but I always use the rudder - makes turning so much easier. But my biggest complaint is that both handles have failed. You are supposed to be able to use them to lift and carry it, right? The first one popped off because the locktight bolt hadn't been tightened; the second one because the bungie shredded. There's no excuse for not tightening nuts, and the cord to a handle should be cord, not bungie.
It's light for its size, and the price was reasonable, it does what I need when the water's rougher.

Love my Carolina, got lucky…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/9/2013
Love my Carolina, got lucky and found it pre-owned, I paddle lots of flat water including creeks with log jumping obstacles to twenty mile plus day trips, biolumes at night in salt water to purest fresh crystal spring water. This boat edges so well that even though it is 14 feet long it will maneuver well enough to easily maneuver in swift and twisting spring runs with ease.

This is a great all-around…

Submitted by: hts1220 on 10/29/2013
This is a great all-around kayak. We have had two of these for 5 years and have paddled on lakes, rivers, and coastal waters from New England to the Mid-Atlantic. Our kayaks have handled everything well and still look great. The only repair we have done is replace the small yellow seat back lever.

Durable, reliable and predictable. Have been in surf and the yak behaved very well. Still look great, not much color fade (and our kayaks are outside much of the time). We have looked at other kayaks, and may buy a couple of smaller kayaks for ease of transport and to use with friends and family, but (other than MUCH more expensive kayaks) have not seen a kayak for the price that is as well made and versatile as this one. Never regretted this purchase.
Rarely miss having a rudder and have not had any problem with the footbraces popping out.

9 out of 10 because the seat, while comfortable, could be better (but we have paddled 3 - 4 hours straight and not had a problem).


Lets be honest here; the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/2/2013
Lets be honest here; the Carolina 14 is for big fat folk (like myself - 250 lb 5'10) who want to get on the water, and can thus get their fat bottom and inflexible trunk-like legs in a Kayak. The Carolina 14 is the only choice (unless you want to paddle a bathtub). Perception designed the perfect boat for fatties, but the seat is ridiculous. The seat is for yogafied nimble-butts. If you are heavier (why else would you buy this boat) plan on installing a "sit-on-top: seat. It will cost you an extra $100 plus a full day of installing/tweaking.

This is a great day/weekend…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/3/2013
This is a great day/weekend touring boat. It is very stable, responds well (with and without rudder deployed). I am 6ft 1 and have no issues fitting inside. The storage capabilities are adequate yet not abundant. On week-long trips things are very tight but able to be done.

This is not a fast boat but gets you where you are going. I've owned mine for 10 years now and have played rough with it in small creeks and rivers taking it over rocks and trees. It shows all the scratches but I have no concerns over the wear and tear other than visually.


I recently bought the…

Submitted by: paddler235203 on 7/27/2013
I recently bought the Carolina used, to upgrade from a 10 ft Pelican. It is very stable, easy to paddle, and also very comfortable. Tracking with or without the skeg is beautifully straight. A very nice all around choice.

The Carolina 14, a great…

Submitted by: love2kayak on 7/18/2013
The Carolina 14, a great tried and tested kayak that wants to be on the open water. This kayak tracks beautifully and is very graceful in the water. The kayak is 14' long and 24" wide making it very stable even in choppy conditions. The kayak has sealed front and back bulkheads and has plenty of storage space for long weekend trips. The kayak edges well and the seat is quite comfortable.

If you're looking for a solid reliable touring kayak this is a good choice. This kayak is great for beginners and intermediate paddlers. This kayak however, does not lend itself to fast flowing small windy rivers and is very hard to control on the turns.

Overall, a great touring kayak that will give many seasons of reliable pleasure.


I've had my Carolina 14 for…

Submitted by: Dgremlin on 3/20/2013
I've had my Carolina 14 for about 2 years now. I can't say enough good things about this boat. I had previously been paddling a 10' rec kayak and the transition from it to the Carolina 14 was very easy.

The Carolina's initial stability is excellent. With the rudder, it tracks great and it paddles well, even in rough choppy water. The seat is very comfortable with adjustments to lift your thighs and the back has about 4" of adjustment up and down. For overnight trips it has a ton of storage space. In fact, on a recent overnight camping trip I chose it over my sea kayak just so I could take some extra luxuries.

If you're looking to upgrade from a smaller rec kayak, this boat would be an excellent choice.


I bought the Carolina 14 as a…

Submitted by: paddler234515 on 5/2/2012
I bought the Carolina 14 as a trainer for expedition paddling and find that the kayak is a smooth, straight runner that edges beautifully. I have only had it for a month, but the Carolina is my go to boat now. I had a Jackson Journey for about three weeks and finally sold it out of disgust.

There are a couple of things I would change about the Carolina though... first off, the foot pegs are a pain to lock, the rod bounces out too fast and I have to reset the pegs every time I go for a paddle. the hatches are a little small for a 14 foot kayak and the lack of a cup holder is evident. No rudder needed for this one though, it goes exactly where you are looking.


I bought this boat…

Submitted by: paddler234099 on 7/1/2011
I bought this boat approximately 4 years ago from the LL Bean outlet used, and I loved it from the moment I first sat in it. It didn't come with a rudder and I have only had a few occasions where wished I had one; to make paddling with the wind behind me a little easier, but all kayaks have that issue. I have taken this boat out in all weather and any where from a quiet still lake to the choppy and wavy ocean, and it performs like a champ every time. The only time I have had ever had issues is maneuvering it through a narrow winding 14' it just isn't built for that and when the boat is longer than the stream is wide turning around is interesting to say the least.

The storage areas at the front and back of the boat are great for day and weekend trips, although I would check the seals first if you are putting anything in there that you really don't want to get wet as mine do leak. The seat is comfortable but I do find that my butt hurts after a few hours of paddling, and it tracks well even without the rudder. I'm female, 5' 6" and I use a 240cm paddle. I feel like the lower height of the deck is a great advantage over other boats.

This was/is my first boat and I will never sell it even though I now need a boat with a bigger cockpit to accommodate my dog; my love of this boat is making everything else I try pale in comparison.


I am going to write this…

Submitted by: paddler234059 on 6/15/2011
I am going to write this review how I would want to read it. This kayak is amazing. I have it in blue and white and it looks super legit. The kayak is incredible fast and it is very very light. If you thought of getting an airlite kayak, it is not necessary. It has a very comfortable seat, thigh pads, and foot rests. I didn't get it with a rudder because I didn't like the one that came on it, but I will probably put one on it eventually. It turns very easy, yet tracks super well. It does like to try to whip a 180 when I paddle into the wind, but any kayak wants to do that.

I bought this boat because I moved from the ocean to a lake and didn't really need a sea kayak anymore (Perception Shadow). I couldn't even tell the difference between the two when it comes to rolling. Any roll I tried worked great, even hand rolling. The back hatch is big enough that when I take kids for rides they just rid in there with there legs extended. I would highly recommend this kayak.

If you are wondering why I didn't pick the other kayaks, here are my reasons for all the other main competitors. The Wilderness Systems Tsunami, that boat is straight up ugly to me, I have also heard horror stories about WS customer service. The Dagger Axiom was my second choice, but I didn't like the fact that it didn't have those lines on the bottom used for tracking.
Hope this is helpful!


This yak is so great! It fits…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2011
This yak is so great! It fits like a glove, moves swiftly in the water, is very comfortable, and there are just too many things to say about it. I am new to kayaking and feel so stable in this boat that I push myself, and the boat, past my comfort zone. I love it and would recommend it to ANYONE! I have been researching and demoing boats for about 1-1.5 years. It was my first boat, and a big investment, and I wanted to make sure I got the boat that suited me the most. As soon as I slipped into this boat it was like magic. I am about 5'8 250lbs. I was worried about my weight being a problem, but it was wonderful. Not even an issue! I have been paddling it so much this season I can’t keep my paddle out of the water. It pays to do your homework!

This is a great kayak plain…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2011
This is a great kayak plain and simple. I am a big guy at 230 pounds yet there is plenty of room inside, and it is very easy to get in and out of. There is plenty of storage and it has a nice little area behind the seat to stow stuff. The seat is very comfortable and also very adjustable. One caveat though, I took mine out yesterday for the first time in strong 20+ mph winds. It tracked well into the wind and even sideways but when the wind was behind me I had to constantly fight to keep it from turning broadside. I just ordered the rudder for mine. If you are in a windy area like I am, I highly suggest getting the rudder too. All in all I am very happy with my new boat.

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