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We bought two of these (on sale) for ease of loading cartop and for an extra pair of kayaks when friends and family want to go paddling together. They have been solid performers for what they are: short(er) recreational kayaks. We already have two 14’ sea kayaks but found we were looking for something easy to load up for a quick paddle on small lakes and calmer rivers. If that is what you are looking for, you will not be disappointed. The seat is pretty good, it is very similar to the seat on our Perception Carolina kayaks. Foot rests are also the same as Perception, fully adjustable for our family that ranges from 5’5” to over 6’ tall. Overall gave five stars because they are very good value for the price point and you get the LL Bean guarantee. This review is NOT for the LL Bean paddles and cockpit cover that came with the package. The paddles are adequate, but we typically use our better quality paddles and save these for when we are putting all four kayaks on the water. The cockpit cover was also adequate for warm weather storage and transport, but it ended up shredding outside in the winter. Bought 2 Seals covers and are much happier with those. Bottom line: nice, fun, solid rec kayaks. Skip the paddle and cockpit cover package.

I love this paddle! It is the perfect weight (for me), well balanced, and beautiful. Yes, performance is the key when you upgrade your paddle, and this is a nice improvement over my capable Aqua-Bound Stingray fiberglass paddle. We also have an Aqua-Bound Carbon Stingray that is Itself an improvement over the fiberglass version. But the shape of the Werner blade is just different enough to provide more power and control in my stroke. Feathering is also good, nice adjustments for your stroke and weather conditions. And, while not the main consideration when buying a paddle, I have to commend the graphics which are beautiful. Many compliments on the look of the paddle, and I always add that it is a fine performer too. Bottom line: a worthwhile upgrade for an important part of your paddling experience.

Thule rack on Thule low profile crossbars have been mounted on two SUVs and a pickup truck over the last 6 years and we have never had any problem with kayak transport. Driving on city streets and highways (and the notoriously windy Chesapeake Bay Bridge) with no issues. The yaks are rock solid.

We use Thule straps to secure the yaks to the racks, and bow and stern tie down lines for extra security. It does take a little time, but worth it to know the car and kayaks will safely get to the launch point.
We also have a set of Yakima cradles that we bought before the Thule set up. Good, but not as solid as Thule.

Bottom line: a little pricey, but worth it.

This is a great all-around kayak. We have had two of these for 5 years and have paddled on lakes, rivers, and coastal waters from New England to the Mid-Atlantic. Our kayaks have handled everything well and still look great. The only repair we have done is replace the small yellow seat back lever.

Durable, reliable and predictable. Have been in surf and the yak behaved very well. Still look great, not much color fade (and our kayaks are outside much of the time). We have looked at other kayaks, and may buy a couple of smaller kayaks for ease of transport and to use with friends and family, but (other than MUCH more expensive kayaks) have not seen a kayak for the price that is as well made and versatile as this one. Never regretted this purchase.
Rarely miss having a rudder and have not had any problem with the footbraces popping out.

9 out of 10 because the seat, while comfortable, could be better (but we have paddled 3 - 4 hours straight and not had a problem).