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The Carolina 14, a great tried and tested kayak that wants to be on the open water. This kayak tracks beautifully and is very graceful in the water. The kayak is 14' long and 24" wide making it very stable even in choppy conditions. The kayak has sealed front and back bulkheads and has plenty of storage space for long weekend trips. The kayak edges well and the seat is quite comfortable.

If you're looking for a solid reliable touring kayak this is a good choice. This kayak is great for beginners and intermediate paddlers. This kayak however, does not lend itself to fast flowing small windy rivers and is very hard to control on the turns.

Overall, a great touring kayak that will give many seasons of reliable pleasure.

If you're looking for a kayak that's good for beginners to intermediate paddlers, the Dagger Alchemy 14 S or L is a great choice. The kayak is 14' long and 23" wide making it very stable even on large lakes and rivers. The design lends it self very well to those who want a kayak they can grow in (skill wise) with room to spare. The kayak edges nicely and the drop down skeg is a very nice addition. This kayak has a low deck, so on choppy days a spray skirt is recommended.

All in all this kayak is an all round fun day or short weekend tripper and will not disappoint.

If you're on a budget but still want a kayak that tracks and performs well this might be worth considering. The kayak is 13' long and 26" wide with a front and back sealed bulkhead and plenty of storage room for short weekend trips.

The kayak is very stable and perfect for beginners to intermediate. This kayak edges surprisingly well allowing the beginner to greatly improve there skills while feeling safe. The kayak gets a 9 rating because the seat is not that great. However a little foam in the right places resolves this problem.
Overall value for money this is a great choice.

The Dagger Catalyst 13.0 is still available, even though its listed as discontinued on the Dagger website. The only thing that's changed is the name, its now called the Conduit 13 and with a basic web search you will find that its readily available for purchase.