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Overall a very good boat. My Carolina 14 is an ex-rental. It had spent 3 years getting abused and was more scratched than a vet tech when I purchased it for very little. Mine was a 2014 without a rudder. Despite accommodating hundred of butts before my own, it's a very comfortable ride. The seat is comfortable and my back doesn't ache after a days paddle. Stability is very good. This is a fairly flat bottomed boat designed more for stability than speed. That said the boat has sufficient speed nonetheless.

Tracking is great but turning can take a little effort. This boat paddles best with a little steam in the engine- keeping up a speed is effortless, starting and stopping it can feel a little sluggish though. There are two bulkheads the hatches are stretch to cover hatches. Despite 3 years in the sun they still fit snuggly. I do find a trace amount of water gets into the bulkheads (presumably through hatches) each time I paddle.

The foot rests are easy to adjust whilst sitting in the boat and seem secure yet easy to adjust. Weight-wise this is not difficult to get on and off car by myself or to the water. Most people shouldn't have problems.

Overall a very good boat. I won't need to upgrade for a long time. For reference I'm 5'11" and 210lbs.

For $200 this is a fantastic little 10ft Kayak. What you're not going to get: Storage Space (you won't camp with it) Dry storage (you'll need a dry bag... The dry storage hatch is just a loose plastic piece held down by the bungees)

Cup holders (there is a groove in the seat you could place a bottle but it won't stay put in rough water).

There's no knee braces, no rod holder, no oar holder...

.. But it's a fun kayak nonetheless.

It tracks remarkably well for such a cheap 10ft Kayak. It also turns well, it's responsive to your lean and body control.

You won't win races with it but it's zippy enough. It seems fairly resistant to scratching, has great stability and an easy access cockpit.

I'm not sure about connecting a skirt to this kayak, I have no experience with them. The opening is huge... I stayed dry on flat water.

The foot braces are easy to adjust and have a wide variety of positions. The plastic looks rather fragile on them to me though.

For a cheap 2nd Kayak under $200 I'm very happy.