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I've owned my Carolina for several years now and have never felt any urge or need to replace it. We live near the Adirondack Park and paddle a pretty wide variety of waters. The Carolina is stable, tracks well and moves along pretty efficiently. The other big factor is that I'm 6' 5" tall and the Carolina fits my legs and feet very comfortably - can't be said of too many sit inside kayaks.

I am 6'4" and found it really challenging to find a sit in kayak that fit me properly. The Carolina 14 had the right amount of leg and foot room, plus the cockpit opening is large enough so I can bend my knees occasionally on long paddles.

I do not have the rudder. I thought about adding one but am concerned it might shorten the foot peg distance giving me less effective legroom. Despite this I haven't found the lack of a rudder to be any real problem. There are times on windy days with waves that I know a rudder would help but I still get by pretty well.

I am very pleased with my choice

My wife and I bought Carolina kayaks a few years ago for paddling around the Adirondacks. she has the 12. It has been perfect for a variety of waters from Lake George to the Schroon River. they are stable, maneuverable and efficient. We are very pleased with them.

Very versatile and comfortable kayak. I am 6'5" and when shopping I went to a dealer that let me sit in many in many different kayaks before test paddling. The Carolina 14 was the only not purely recreational, closed boat that really had the and leg or foot room that I need.

I've had the boat for 3 years now and have paddled slow rivers, ponds, small lakes and large ones. My Carolina has handled all very well. The only small drawback is that I wish it had more rocker to better handle waves wind windy conditions, but that's really not a big drawback unless you plan to spend a lot of time on larger lakes.